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3 Reasons why you need a DStv now App

Your Dstv app is like an ever-present extension of your Dstv. While I do not agree with having your entertainment app on your smartphone, some people may need it. Let’s look at key reasons and instances where you need a DStv application on your smart device.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea of having this app on your smartphone. Know this: if you download it but find out that you don’t need it, you can always uninstall the app anytime. The file size is just 20MB.

DStv now interface

Before we get to the reasons you need a Dstv app, let’s clear the air on which app you will need for the live streaming of movies and TV shows.

If you go to the app store and make a quick search for “DStv” you will find at least two DStv applications. That can be confusing. Most people will be like “Ekemini, which app should I download now?”

Let’s look at each application separately so you know the one you’ll need. We’ll start with the myDStv app.

myDstv app

mydstv app install

This is the Dstv application you’ll need to make payments, clear error codes (let’s hope that works), manage your account, and change your package whenever you want to. That’s what the myDStv application allows you to do.

The good thing about this app is that you won’t need to locate a local Multichoice store to make changes to your account.

You can make payments, change a package, and manage your DStv account setting and general information from a smartphone, tablet, or even an intelligent TV. That’s what you get from myDStv.

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DStv app

Dstv now app install

The other Dstv application you will find on an app store is the DStv app. This is the application you need to stream DStv channels online. With this app, you can watch sports, movies, news, live TV, and even catch up on your favourite TV shows.

This app is made specifically to meet your streaming needs, while the myDStv app is made for account management, payments, and error codes.

Now that we know which application we will be downloading, let’s see why you need a DStv app. The first reason will shock you. Here we go! Reason number 1.

So you don’t fight with your husband

As humans, we are programmed to either fight or take flight. And when it comes to getting our share of home entertainment, the former seems to be the more preferred option. You may think, “Kemi, why women?”

I really do not want to be biased about anything but experience most times turns out to be the best teacher. In my experience with entertainment, women seem to be the ones who always start a fight when they don’t like the channel on screen. And sadly, they always win.

Not because they are more powerful. It’s kind of hard to explain why they win. Let’s leave it there so I don’t get into trouble.

We have instances where there is just one TV available and each partner has an interesting show to watch on separate channels. There are days when a champions league match or an announcement clashes with a TV show. In that case, nobody has to lose out. A DStv application can help.

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Instead of fighting, as most women do, simply download a Dstv app, log in with the same details, and watch whatever you want on your smart device.


The other reason you may need a DStv app is that you can watch a show anytime, anywhere. And even when you miss out, you can use the catch-up feature of the app to recapture the experience. You won’t have to feel funny about changing your schedule just to catch up with a show you love. With a DStv app you can watch it anytime you want.


Admit it; some TV shows need you to give them more attention. Instead of watching it with the crowd where you surely won’t enjoy a thing, you can always watch it on a smart device from your Dstv app. Sometimes you may just skip the show if the atmosphere isn’t conducive, then watch it later in a calmer environment.

What to do if you don’t want a DStv now app

There are times when you may want to watch dstv from a smart device without downloading the application. That’s no problem. You can always connect to your DStv account on a browser to see your favourite shows.

Most phones come with browsers. An example of a browser is chrome, opera, safari, and the rest of them.

To watch Dstv, open a browser on your device, then go to

When the page loads, sign up for a DStv account online. If you already have an account, simply log in to start viewing.

The downside to Watching from a DStv app

The obvious downside to watching shows from a dstv app is data charges. Psychologically, it’s hard to stop a show once you’ve started watching. So you risk spending more data than originally planned.

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