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How to Get DStv at a Low Price this Holiday


Hello, Holiday planner. I’ve great news for you this Christmas. And just in case you are thinking, how much it’s going to cost, a low budget is not even a problem. DStv is giving you a complete package which will include a Decoder, Dish kit, and a complete DStv Compact Bouquet at a ridiculously low price.

What did I tell you? Christmas doesn’t have to be boring. Even a low budget doesn’t get to have the final say.

Dstv holiday deal

And just to remind you or bring to your notice if you haven’t heard, you can now use DStv without having to buy a Decoder and dish.

You can simply download a DStv application to your smartphone, tablet, iPad, or Smart TV to enjoy amazing sporting events, movies, music, news, and all sorts of entertainment. You don’t even need to have a DStv account or smart card number.

All you will need is a device where you can download a Dstv application and register to start viewing. The application is free, all you will have to pay for is a DStv package – Premium, compact plus, compact, or any package of your choice.


Back to the story of the day. Now for as low as N18, 600 you can get a complete DStv kit with free installation included this Christmas. You will get a DStv HD decoder, a dishkit (this is the receiver dish you put outside the house and its LNB), a one-month free compact subscription, and you will also have the Dstv installed for you at no extra cost.

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Is this a good bargain? I’d say yes. Subscribing to DStv Premium alone is 18,400. Now DStv is giving out complete hardware including a compact package and free installation for just an additional N200. That’s mighty cheap. Also, you are not tied to a particular package.

Once the one-month free installation is out – I’m guessing that will take you through December and also a large part of the boring and hectic January we are heading into, even the intermittent lockdowns we have these days – you can always subscribe to a bouquet that fits your budget if the free compact package becomes too costly at the time.

There are other amazing packages at a lower cost, such as DStv Confam – 4,615, DStv Yanga at 2,565, and Dstv Padi at 1,850. And you are free to downgrade or upgrade to any package you choose at any time. Not sure which package to go for? Most times the confusion arises when you have no idea what channels are included in these packages.

No worries here. Ekemini Robert will be bringing you the complete Dstv channels list on So if you haven’t done it already, I advise you to sign up for our newsletter using the form on the right sidebar. If you are using a smartphone, just scroll down, find the form, and add your email to the list. That’s all we will need to notify you. We won’t need your name or any other personal information.

Now the thing about end of the year deals is that while they may trick you into spending like a fool, they could also save you a good deal of money in the long run. I want to let you in on a secret, shh don’t tell anybody. This is just between Ekemini Robert and you. I want to ask you as a business person to carve out a place in your yearly budget for end of the year deals.

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For instance something you would normally get at about 30,000 at other periods of the year, DStv is giving it to you for just 18,600. Consider the difference here. And it’s not just Multichoice, there are a lot of crazy mouth-watering deals out there too.

So if you want to save more money in the long run, consider putting aside some cash for these amazing end of the year deals. But before you go in for a deal, be sure to do good research because some “90% offs” are really just 3% off. Don’t fall for it.

Get all the information you need, consider other options, and compare them before falling for a deal. Resist the temptation to pay for what you have not planned for except it is necessary. Because sometimes we pay for things we don’t even need because the price seems attractive. Do have a wonderful holiday season.


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