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The Most Useful Features of Your DStv Now App

To make the most of your smartphone apps and features, you need to learn how to use them. Here are the useful DStv now application features that will help you get the most out of your subscriptions.

So put on your DStv application now let’s get started. If you do not have the application, let’s get it installed right away.

Young man using a DStv Now app
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Installing a DStv Now App

To install the DStv app, launch the app store on your device. Whether you are using a smart TV, an Android device, an iPhone, or a tablet, there’s a good chance DStv has created an application for the OS you are using. Once the app store is open, search for “DStv.” On most app stores, you will find two DStv apps. These are “DStv” and “myDStv.”

Installing Dstv now app

For live stream, you’ll need to download the “DStv’ app – the one we’ll be looking at in this article. Once you’ve installed the app, launch it. When you open the DStv app for the first time, you’ll have to register or sign in if you already have an account.

Learn the difference between the DStv and myDstv app.

The app is fairly easy to use. But you could still be missing out on some really useful features if you can’t find them or use them properly. The key is knowing what features the app has and the problems they are supposed to solve for the user. That is just what this article is all about on

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Here are the most useful DStv now smart device application features and how to make most of them.

Live TV

Live TV channels on the DStv Now app

By default, the live TV tab helps you stream live DStv channel broadcasts. The first view displays your recently viewed TV channels. But it doesn’t end there. There are 8 more tabs where you can find live TV channels to watch.

The other columns include All channels, Sports, Documentaries, Kids, News, Religion, Music, and Entertainment. Simply select a category or tab to view the channels under it. You could use the All Channels option, but finding the channel you want may be difficult since this option displays all the channels available on your subscription.

The easiest way to find a channel and watch it live is by looking for it in the right category. For example, if you want to watch a sporting event you’ll want to go to the Sports category. And if you want to see a movie or TV show you can find it in the Entertainments section.

Catch up

This is the tab you open when you need to catch up on live TV programmes you may have missed. If your subscription includes this feature, you should be able to find TV programmes saved for you on catch up.

And if you haven’t been using DStv catch up, you may need to activate that feature right away. Catch up can save a lot of time. Catch up allow you to go about your daily activities freely without having to worry about missing a TV show. See the top reasons you need to download a DStv Now app for more information on this.

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Have you ever watched a TV show or movie and feel like watching it again? It happens a lot of times. The downloads option on the DStv app is like a dream come true for situations like this. It allows you to download video content using your DStv app. Once downloaded, you can watch it anytime from your DStv app using the downloads option. This way, you won’t have to stream it over and over again.

It works with a DStv Explora decoder but now you can also use the download feature on your DStv app.

Using the Downloads option, you can also watch downloaded content from other devices. Say, you downloaded a show to your laptop but you happen to be using it at the time and a friend or relative wants to get access to that show. That’s no problem. They can always use another device, such as a tablet or smartphone to access the content.

TV Guide

When you need the DStv programme line up so you know what movies and events you can watch during the day, use the TV Guide. The TV guide displays all the programmes Dstv will be showing on each channel and the time of the day each TV programme will go live. This information will help you set reminders for movies and events that interest you.

To access the DStv guide on your DStv Now app, click on the More button if you are using a smartphone application. There you will find the TV guide.

To know the programmes schedule for that day, select any channel of your choice and the lineup will be displayed under it.

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The TV guide also displays the number for each channel you are looking at. This will allow you to use the app to find good programmes. Then you can find the channel number and navigate to it easily on your remote control.


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