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The Best Android TV Apps 2021

Making money is never easy. Watching TV shouldn’t be. Here are the best free Android TV apps for your smartphone and Android TVs.

But hey! Who needs a free entertainment app these days? Why should you even have one?

Free android TV apps for 2021
The best free android TV apps for 2021. Image Credit: Pexels

For most of us, cable TV subscription packages do not meet our needs. You get too little for your spendings. And if you are constantly streaming, data charges are additional costs to your entertainment expenses.

Another reason you should consider getting a free Android TV app for your smartphone would be flexibility. You also get to have more options for your entertainment needs. TV apps come with a mix of both local and foreign channels.

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Most of them come with exciting channels you’ve never known. So what’s the point of getting stuck paying for the same kind of content every year when you can get something extra for free?

So what exactly do you get with free TV apps? Everything: movies, TV shows, sports, news, music, general entertainments, and cartoons. The picture quality is great too.

Here are the best free Android TV apps for your smartphone. Please note that the apps are not arranged in any particular order.

Project Free TV

project free tv app

Project Free TV gives you great entertainment at no cost. Popular categories include Live TV, Sports, Music, Entertainment, news, and TV shows.

Apart from live shows, the app comes with a good number of movies. The movie database gets regular updates and all movies are in HD.

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Visit the app store on your smartphone or Android TV to download and install Project Free TV. Once you’ve installed it, launch the app to start watching right away. It’s that simple. You can always sign or login if you already have an account but all that is just not necessary.

To watch a channel, open the app, and select any channel to start watching.

The default view is filled with randomly picked TV programmes, but you can always explore by genre. Choose a genre you would like to see out of the available 23.

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free tv app interface

To watch live TV, select the live TV tab at the bottom of the screen to start enjoying.

Watch out for ads. Each time you open a channel, it displays an ad first. You can dismiss the ad at the top left corner of the screen after about 4 seconds to start watching.

Project Free TV has a 3.5-star rating from 32 reviews and it has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

I would love to add more options to the list but for now, I’m afraid there is just one free TV app that’s actually worth downloading. There is just no point wasting your time on apps that won’t work. That’s Ekemini Robert for you and that’s what is all about.

I will be updating the list as I find more. Remember to sign up for newsletter so you don’t miss out on these updates.


As you go in search of free TV apps, realise you won’t get a lot of good ones. And even when you get one to work for you, don’t expect the premium treatment. After all, it’s free.

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Also, don’t forget to factor in data charges when using a streaming app, whether free or paid.

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