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DStv Padi Channels List 2021

Here is the complete and updated DStv Padi channels list for 2021. The subscription fee for this package is 1,850 Naira. This list is for residents of Nigeria only.

The Dstv Padi has 61 channels, including audio and radio stations. See them below.

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Dstv Padi Channels 2021
Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

DStv Padi Channels list 2021

1.TeleMundo (118)
2.Africa Magic Hausa (156)
3.Africa Magic Igbo (159)
4.Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
5.Televista (194)
6.Trybe (195)
7.B4U Movies (451)
8.Spice TV (190)
9.NatGeo Wild (182)
10.SS Blitz HD (200)
11.Arise News (416)
12.BBC World News (400)
13.CNC World (415)
14.Jim Jam (310)
15.Mindset (319)
16.AFRO Music English (326)
17.Trace Naija (325)
18.URBAN TV (328)
19.ONMAX (257)
20.Channels TV (254)
21.AIT (253)
22.Arewa 24 (261)
23.Galaxy TV (258)
24.LAGOS TV (256)
25.MiTV (255)
26.NTA 2 (369)
27.NTA I (251)
28.NTA News 24 (419)
29.NTA Parliament (370)
30.OGTV (260)
32.Sunna TV (351)
33.TVC News Nigeria (418)
34.WAP TV (262)
35.Wazobia Max (259)
36.Day Star (342)
37.Dove TV (349)
38.Emmanuel TV (390)
39.Eternal Word Television Network (348)
40.FAITH (341)
42.Lumen Christi (350)
43.SBN (345)
44.TBN (343)
45.TV Mundial (P) (680)
46.Cloud Plus (294)
47.eTV Africa (250)
48.Joy News (421)
49.K24 (275)
50.Wasafi TV (296)
51.BBC World Service English (850)
52.BBC World Radio 2 (851)
53.BBC African Languages (852)
54.Voice of America (853)
55.World Radio Network (854)
56.Channel Islam Internationale (865)
57.Radio France Internationale (866)
58.RAY FM (868)
59.Star (869)
60.Rhythm (870)
61.TransAfrica Radio (872)

That’s the complete Dstv Padi channels list. Padi is the cheapest Dstv package out there and it costs only 1,850 naira per month.

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But I wouldn’t recommend it for lovers of high quality entertainment. If you have interest in sports, movies, and music, then the DStv Padi bouquet is not what you need.

DStv Padi Channels list in PDF

Do you need a PDF version of the list? Having a PDF version of the list will allow you to view your channels list offline for as long as you want, anytime you want.

Click the download button below to load the PDF file. Once the file loads, select the download icon at the top of the screen to download the list.

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This bouquet is great for lovers of news and religious TV programmes. And it costs just about 20,350 Naira to have it for a whole year. It’s very cheap. But it’s also very limited.

Before you subscribe to this package, I suggest you look through the padi channels list thoroughly. Who knows? It may turn out to be the perfect fit for your entertainment needs. It’s actually none of my business but I doubt you’re going to fall in love with this package.

If you find any channels that are not available on this package please drop a comment below.

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