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DStv Yanga Channels List 2021

Here is the complete and updated DStv Yanga channels list for 2021. The subscription fee for this package is 2,565 Naira. This list is for residents of Nigeria only.

The DStv Yanga has 106 channels, including audio and radio stations. See them below.

New Resource: DStv Yanga Channels List 2022.

DStv Yanga channels 2021
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DStv Yanga Channels list 2021

1.EVA + (142)
2.Zee World (166)
3.TeleMundo (118)
4.Africa Magic Family (154)
5.Africa Magic Hausa (156)
6.Africa Magic Igbo (159)
7.Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
8.ROK 2 (169)
9.ROK GH (164)
10.Televista (194)
11.Trybe (195)
12.E! Entertainment (124)
13.Africa Magic Epic (152)
14.M-Net Movies 4 (108)
15.B4U Movies (451)
16.Spice TV (190)
17.Discovery Family HD (136)
18.Real Time (155)
19.NatGeo Wild (182)
20.SS Football (205)
21.SS Blitz HD (200)
22.Al Jazeera (406)
23.Arise News (416)
24.BBC World News (400)
25.CGTN News (409)
26.CNC World (415)
27.EuroNews (414)
28.Cbeebies (306)
29.Disney Junior (309)
30.Nickelodeon (305)
31.PBS Kids (313)
32.Jim Jam (310)
33.Mindset (319)
34.HIP TV (324)
35.POP Central (189)
36.Sound City (327)
37.MTV Base (322)
38.AFRO Music English (326)
39.Trace Naija (325)
40.URBAN TV (328)
41.ONMAX (257)
42.Plus TV Africa (408)
43.CHANNELS TV (254)
44.AIT (253)
45.Arewa 24 (261)
46.Galaxy TV (258)
47.LAGOS TV (256)
48.MiTV (255)
49.NTA 2 (369)
50.NTA I (251)
51.NTA News 24 (419)
52.NTA Parliament (370)
53.OGTV (260)
55.Sunna TV (351)
56.TVC News Nigeria (418)
57.WAP TV (262)
58.Wazobia Max (259)
59.Day Star (342)
60.Dove TV (349)
61.Emmanuel TV (390)
62.Eternal Word Television Network (348)
63.FAITH (341)
65.Lumen Christi (350)
66.SBN (345)
67.TBN (343)
68.TV Mundial (P) (680)
69.Maisha Magic East HD (158)
70.Newzroom Afrika HD (405)
71.Africa News (417)
72.Citi TV (363)
73.Dominion TV (364)
74.Maisha Magic Bongo (160)
75.SABC News (404)
76.Cloud Plus (294)
77.eTV Africa (250)
78.Joy News (421)
79.K24 (275)
80.Wasafi TV (296)
81.CCTV 4 (447)
82.CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel (480)
83.CGTN Documentary (448)
84.CGTN French (449)
85.China Movie Channel (481)
86.Deutsche Welle (446)
87.Hunan TV (483)
88.Phoenix News and Entertainment (485)
89.RAI International (430)
90.RTPi (P) (525)
91.NHK (431)
92.Shanghai Dragon TV (482)
93.TV5 Monde Afrique (437)
94.Zhejiang TV (484)
95.NDTV 24×7 (413)
96.BBC World Service English (850)
97.BBC World Radio 2 (851)
98.BBC African Languages (852)
99.Voice of America (853)
100.World Radio Network (854)
101.Channel Islam Internationale (865)
102.Radio France Internationale (866)
103.RAY FM (868)
104.Star (869)
105.Rhythm (870)
106.TransAfrica Radio (872)

Please note that the list above is an updated version of the DStv Yanga channels list 2020.

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DStv Yanga Channels list in PDF

Do you need a PDF version of the list? Having a PDF version of the list will allow you to view your channels list offline for as long as you want, anytime you want.

Click the download button below to load the PDF file. Once the file loads, select the download icon at the top of the screen to download the list.

Dstv Yanga with XtraView

DStv xtraview is a popular viewing feature that allows you to view dstv on two or more devices at the same time. You can do so using your smartphone, tablet, even your smart TV. Using xtraview is simple. But you have to subscribe to a package first. In this case, all you want to do is to subscribe to the Yanga package. Once your account has been activated, you can use that account to access your favourite channels on all the devices you want to use.

How much is DStv Yanga plus Xtraview?

There is no additional cost for using extra view with any Dstv package, as such, you can get Dstv Yanga Xtraview at a cost of N2,565 per month.

What channels do you have on Xtraview

Contrary to what is popular among subscribers, there are no additional channels when using Xtra view. You still have access to the same TV stations Dstv Yanga + Xtraview channels as you would with the normal subscription.

Popular Dstv Yanga xtraview channels include, Zee World (166), Africa Magic Family (154), M-Net Movies 4 (108), NatGeo Wild (182), SS Football (205), Al Jazeera (406), Disney Junior (309), Nickelodeon (305), Channels TV (254), and Lagos TV (256).

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That’s the complete Dstv Yanga channels list. This is the bouquet that dismissed DStv access in the most populous black nation in the world. The good thing is that it is one of the cheapest packages available.

But on the other hand, you’ll have to pay more attention to detail. Since you get a limited number of TV channels, you’ll have to look at the list carefully before making payment. Go through the list, see the available programmes, then decide if this is the best for you.

If you find any channels that are not available on this package please drop a comment below.

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16 thoughts on “DStv Yanga Channels List 2021”

  1. Please tell me what is the difference channel- wise between the N5300 confam package and the yanga N5850 package

  2. Last month I tried recharging my subscription @ N2,565 monthly through my bank but but it returned N2285 as deducted . Major problems now is some channels does not show especially; air, AMIgbo, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera Zee world, etc

      1. I paid for dstv Yanga yesterday and till now is yet to work, what could be the problem because this is more than 24hrs?

        1. Hi, Oluwaseyi. Send out reactivation instructions. If you’ve done so already, you just have to wait. Sometimes reactivation takes longer than we expect. You may just have to send out reactivation instructions again. You should also contact the customer and ask them to reactivate your DStv Access account.

      1. I did a subscription of 2565 which is yanga package but channel 198 and 309 is not showing and from the package was slated that is part of it

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