How to Perform Change of Ownership for a DStv Decoder

Blank Dstv change of ownership form

If a Dstv product is changing hands, the change of ownership of the Dstv decoder must be done properly. Here is why you should do it, and the right way to do it.

A Dstv change of ownership will often involve the previous owner, the new owner, and a Dstv agent, as the mediator. Depending on the type of exchange (that is, if the product is purchased, gifted, or inherited), DStv may require the receipt of the item and the identity documents of both parties.

Blank DStv change of ownership form
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What are the Items needed for a Transfer of Ownership?

To change the ownership of a DStv, you’ll need the following documents:

  • A copy of your ID or driver’s license
  • A copy of the current owner’s ID or driver’s license
  • A completed change of ownership form
  • Proof of original purchase (if you are buying a second-hand decoder)
  • Letter of Authority to Own the Decoder (if you are inheriting the item)
  • 3rd Party’s ID and Proof of Bank Details (if you are not the one paying for Subscriptions)

You can get a dstv change of ownership form from the link: Form.pdf. Download the form and complete it. You’ll need the completed form to process the transfer.

As for the Letter of Authority to Own the Decoder, you can easily get it from the previous owner. This is usually required when you inherit your Decoder as part of a property. So if the owner is not available, the Executor of the property or estate should give you a letter affirming your rights to own the Dstv.

There are instances where a third party takes up the responsibility for the subscription fees. Dstv will require the ID and Proof of Bank Details of this third party. These documents will help DStv to confirm the identity of the person and their ability to make this payment.

Furthermore, it ensures the person is aware of what is going on and has actually agreed to take up that responsibility.


When is a Change of Ownership needed for DStv?

A change of ownership is needed mainly on three occasions: When you purchase a second-hand Decoder, when you inherit a Decoder, and when you receive a registered Dstv as a gift from someone.

Whenever a Dstv changes hands, it is advisable to your registration details. But there are occasions when this may not be necessary. For example, if I’m getting a Decoder from my dad and I’ve been the one who has been paying the subscription fees, going through this process may not be necessary.

But there are other times when it is necessary no matter how simple the transfer may be. We will discuss that below.

How to Change Ownership of DStv successfully

Once you get the items mentioned above – the identity documents of the previous and current owner, and the change of ownership form – in place, visit the nearest Dstv service center to complete your transfer. Depending on which is most convenient, you choose to perform this process either online or offline.

How to perform DStv change of Ownership Online

To do this online, put all the needed documents (mentioned above) in place. Complete them and scan them to your computer or phone. Once you have the required documents, send them to [email protected] or via fax at 011 577 4901.

Make sure the documents are completed and updated to avoid any complications. Also, ensure the previous owner of the item agrees with the transfer of the item and the change of ownership.

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How long does it take?

That depends on the type of exchange that will be done and the documents involved. It may take longer to process bank documents and verify Executor endorsements. Processing the change shouldn’t take long after the documents have been verified. On a normal day, it will take a couple of hours for Dstv to process and complete a change of ownership.

What happens if the previous owner is deceased?

If the owner is deceased, and a change of ownership is needed, you will need a letter from the Executor of the estate or property. This is not some serious task as it may seem. Simply walk up to the Executor of the property and ask them for a letter of endorsement or authority to own the Dstv decoder.

In my opinion, this may not even be necessary. If you were related to the deceased and have a way of renewing your subscriptions without any problems, then go ahead and use the decoder. Why go through all that trouble for a procedure you don’t need? [Published by]

Changing ownership online or offline; which is better?

If you can’t get to a Dstv service center or agency, then you should proceed to send the documents online via email or fax for the changes. But overall, it is better to apply for a change of ownership offline, in person at a physical location.

The first thing you should consider is your location. How does Dstv respond to queries online in your location? If the overall feedback is good, going through the process online won’t be a problem. But if you cannot vouch for DStv’s online customer care in your location, then it is advisable to find a physical Dstv service center to process the transfer.

Why you need to perform a Decoder Change of Ownership

The first reason you need to perform a change of ownership would be to grant the current owner the ability to perform any actions on the DStv at any point in time without any restrictions or unnecessary verification processes. As the rightful owner of a property, Dstv will process your changes without asking too many questions. But when you try to make important changes to what appears to be someone else’s property, then you may have to go through some verification processes. This is something that would have been avoided if you had done a product transfer for the item.

Secondly, you need to your registered information for security purposes. This is necessary if you are selling the decoder. In any case, there is a lot of personal information on every Dstv account. Access to your account will expose your name, email, phone, address, financial record, and much more.

Any good criminal who gets access to such information can do a lot of damage with it. It is a good idea to remove your personal information whenever your DStv changes hands, especially if you do not know the new owner.

For how many Decoders can I perform a Change of Ownership?

Based on information gathered from the DStv change of ownership form, you can perform this procedure for up to four DStv decoders at a time.


Necessary transfers are often needed when a DStv decoder is changing hands either through purchases, gifting, or inheritance. After completing the needed documents, you can either mail or fax them to DStv or walk into a service outlet near you for the procedure.

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