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How To Get 8.3% Off On Your DStv Subscriptions

Did you know that 8.3% of your yearly DStv Premium subscription can pay for your smartphone data charges for 6 months? Here is how to get 8.3% off on your DStv subscriptions.

This will be most beneficial to businesses and anyone who subscribes to DStv regularly. For some of us, DStv subscriptions prices are very high because many of us spend just about an hour daily watching TV. So we end up paying for what we do not use.

The best answer to this problem would be a pay-as-you-go feature but DStv is yet to give us that. Pay-as-you-go would allow us to pay only for what we watch. But that is not the case with current packages. Once you subscribe, whether you watch it or not, your money will be gone after 30 days.

Making dstv subscription on smartphone
Get 8.3 percent off on Dstv subscriptions. Image Credit: Pexels

Sometimes you may be forced to travel for an emergency after subscribing. The pay-as-you-go feature would allow you to come back and continue where you stopped. But that’s not the case now. If you leave your subscription untouched due to circumstances beyond your control, then after 30 days, it’s gone and there is nothing anyone can do about that.


But it’s not all doom and gloom, my friend. There is a way to save 8.3% of your DStv subscriptions. That is one of the many reasons why you read That is what I will be sharing with you in this article.

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Your location does not matter. Whether you are in Nigeria or South Africa or any other part of Africa using DStv, here is how to get 8.3% off on your DStv subscriptions.

There are many ways to do this. I will share all of them so you can choose from the most convenient option. Here you go.

Use a Payment App

This method can get you even more than 10% off DStv subscriptions. Good payment apps come with daily rewards and you can use your rewards for Airtime purchases, electricity bills, Cable TV subscriptions, and much more.

Let me suggest a few apps that will help you earn cash rewards, discounts, and coupons on your DStv subscriptions.


palmpay app users
Use PalmPay app for Dstv subscriptions and enjoy amazing discounts. You can use this app for cable TV subscriptions, airtime top-up, electricity bills payment and more.

PalmPay now has over a million users. You may have heard of it already. You can use this app to send money, top-up airtime, pay cable TV bills, fund betting accounts, buy data, and more. So there are several ways to use the cash rewards that you get from using the app.

I will be making an in-depth article on how to make and save money on your smartphone using the PalmPay app so please subscribe to the newsletter to get updates from

For every cable TV payment you make through PalmPay, you will get a 2% discount. But that’ just at the basic level and it’s great for individual cable TV users.

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If you want to get an 8.3% discount on DStv payments, use the yearly payment feature. This option is great for regular DStv users and business owners. These are the people that make subscriptions all year round and getting over 8.3% of their money back is a very good thing.

To get an 8.3% discount DStv subscriptions on PalmPay app, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your PalmPay app
  2. Select TV
  3. Choose Pay TV
  4. Select DStv Subscription
  5. Choose a 12-month Subscription, for example, DStv Compact-12 months
  6. Choose a payment method
  7. Confirm details and make payment

That is the first way to get huge discounts on your payments. With most payment apps, you get discounts when making payments.

Apart from Palm Pay, there are a lot of smartphone apps out there that give discounts and rewards for purchases. Ekemini Robert will be sharing them in subsequent articles. To get regular updates on new articles, please sign up for the newsletter on the right sidebar. If you are using a smartphone, please scroll down to find the newsletter subscription form.

The second way to get your discount is through a one-time 12 months payment.

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One-Time 12-months Payment

If using a payment app is not applicable in your region, a one-time payment is the to way to go.

For users in South Africa:

If you still have difficulty getting the discount, please contact your local DStv agent and they will help you get it.

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