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Where to watch the US presidential Inauguration on DStv and Mobile

If you’ve never seen the Inauguration live before. You can do so now and you don’t have to be at Capitol Hill to have a view. You can watch the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States live on DStv.

At noon today (GMT -8), the 20th day of January 2021, the US will be inaugurating their 46th President. History will be made as Senator Kamala Harris will become the first African American; the first Asian American and the first female Vice President of the United States.

This historic event will feature the outgoing President and Vice President, Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence, respectively, as well as the incoming, Joe Biden (President) and Kamala Harris (Vice President). The event will also feature important members of the United States government and most importantly the Chief Justice of the Supreme of the United States who will be swearing in the new President.

White House United States
The US welcomes a new president on the 20th of January. This year, they will swear in their 46th President, Joe Biden, and their first female Vice President, Kamala Harris. White House Photo by Aaron Kittredge from Pexels.

The recently invaded Capitol Hill is the venue. Preparations are underway and millions from around the world just can’t wait to see this colourful event. Apart from the Oath of Office which will be taken by the incoming US President, this event usually features colourful activities, parades, and the move from the Capitol Hill to the White House by the newly elected president.

It will also be interesting to see how this event is going to be handled by the Inauguration Committee at this time when the world is battling to curb the effects of the Corona Virus.

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You don’t have to be left out. You can watch the Inauguration of the President of the US on DStv on the following channels:

  • BBC World News – Channel 400
  • CNN – Channel 401
  • Sky News – Channel 402
  • Aljazeera – Channel 406
  • Arise News – Channel 416
  • Channels TV – channel 420

DStv Packages you can watch the US Presidential Inauguration

The next challenge is knowing if your current subscription will allow you to view those channels. These are all news channels on DStv. So if you are searching for this on your channels list or the DStv guide, you just have to navigate to the news section. You can find the complete list of all DStv packages on Dish Portal.

Let’s start with Premium. Needless to say, DStv premium has all the news channels where you can watch the US presidential Inauguration. And if you want to upgrade, I suggest you do it now to take advantage of DStv’s ongoing offer: when you upgrade, DStv will bump you up to a package one step higher than the one you paid for. So all you have to do now to get DStv Premium is to Subscribe to DStv compact plus. Once you do this, DStv will offer you a higher package which is the DStv premium.

Can you watch the Inauguration on Compact Plus? Let’s check the Compact plus channels list. On the list, you’ll find all the news channels where you can watch the event. So, the answer is yes. You can watch the event on compact plus on any of the six channels listed above.

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DStv Compact is the same as compact plus and premium. You can watch the event too on DStv compact as it contains all the channels needed.

How about DStv Confam? DStv Confam does not have all six supported channels but you can still watch the event. On Confam, you still have, CNN, BBC, Arise News, Aljazeera, and Channels and you can see the event on any of those channels.

Can you watch this event of DStv Yanga? While DStv Yanga does not have CNN, you can still watch the US presidential inauguration on BBC, Arise News, Aljazeera, and Channels TV.

How about Dstv Padi? If you are subscribed to the DStv Padi bouquet, you can watch this event on the Arise News channel. Those are the TV stations on DStv where you can watch the swearing-in of the president.

Beyond that, this is the best time to upgrade. If you do so now, DStv is offering a free push to a bouquet (one step) higher than the one you paid for. Say, you upgrade to DStv Compact Plus. Once you do that, DStv will give you a free move to DStv premium at no extra cost.

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Watch the Inauguration on a Mobile App

And it doesn’t matter where you are. If you have a smartphone or any other smart device, you can watch the swearing in on mobile using either the DStv app or the free TV app.

For the Dstv mobile app users, it’s fairly simple. Find any of the news channels listed above and you can stream the inauguration live on your smart device.

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For those using the free TV app, you can stream the swearing-in on any of the international news channels available on the app. If you do not have the free TV app, see the article on free TV apps in 2021 to learn how to download and use the smartphone application.

What time is the US presidential inauguration?

The US presidential inauguration will commence at noon at Capitol Hill. Since the swearing-in is taking place in Seattle, Washington, you can make the conversion to your local time. Here is how to do it.

The local time for Seattle Washington is at GMT -8. Say you live in West Africa where the local West African Time is GMT +1, that means you are 9 hours ahead of Seattle. So at your local time, the inauguration will take place at 9 PM WAT. Don’t miss it.

Oh, wait! It’s going to clash with the Man United-Fulham game. Here is how to watch both events at the same time. This may help you avoid fighting with anyone for a Dstv remote.

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