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MyDStv app Download in 4 Easy Steps

Every DStv owner needs the MyDStv application for simple self-service procedures such as clearing of error codes, account balance checks, and update of personal information. Here is how to download the MyDstv app to your smartphone.

MyDStv app allows you to solve common DStv problems without the help of a customer service agent. You can download MyDStv app by visiting the app store on your smartphone or tablet. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

My DStv app download

Download for Android

Here is how to download the MyDStv app for your Android device in four easy steps:

  1. Open your Google Play Store app
  2. Search for MyDStv
  3. Touch the install button and wait for it to download
  4. Click on Open to launch the app

If you have difficulty following the written instructions above, watch the video below.

Learn how to download myDStv app.

That’s all. You can log in now to start using the application’s self-service features.

Download for iOS

myDstv app download for iPhone

To download MyDStv app for your iOS device, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the App Store app
  2. Search for “MyDStv” using the search tab
  3. When you find it touch the GET button
  4. Enter the required access key to confirm the installation, and wait for it to download
  5. Once the installation is complete, find the app and launch it.

You can now login to your applications using your name and smartcard number.

Looking My DStv App for windows? The application is not yet available on Windows, it’s only available on Android and iOS.

MyDStv App features

MyDStv comes with lots of useful features for the customer. Let’s look at each of them.


This is the default tab on the application. It displays the name and profile photo of the user.

You can upload or change your profile photo from here. Simply click on the photo icon above your name, select a photo from your device and upload it to the application.

The next time you log in, you will find your photo displayed on the app.

There is also a shortcut for you to change your package. If at any point in time you want to downgrade or upgrade your current dstv package, you can use the MyDStv app.

The default tab also gives you an idea of what to watch with a dedicated What To Watch panel. On the What To Watch panel, you can find the latest movies on Box Office, series and movies on ShowMax, live sports, and realities.

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Fix Error Codes tab

Touching the FIX icon, next to the ACCOUNT tab takes you to the Fix Error codes tab. There are times when you pay for a package but the decoder doesn’t get to receive upgrade instructions. At that point, you will need to fix the E16 4 error code.

This is where the app can help you out. Simply navigate to the FIX tab and follow the prompts to clear the error codes.


Next to the FIX tab is the PAY button. This is where you can pay for DStv subscriptions. You can also view your payment history to see how much you have spent on entertainment in recent months.

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Message Icon

The message icon is located at the top left corner on the home screen of the myDStv app.It gives you access to your account inbox where you can view alerts and available offers.


MyDstv App not working

As the case may be for any product, there will be an occasion where the application won’t work. Here are a few reasons why MyDStv app may not work and what you can about it.

Poor internet connectivity. The application is not designed to function without an internet connection. If your internet is bad or unavailable, the app will not work.

To solve this problem, ensure that your internet connection is turned on before attempting to launch the application. Also, be sure the connection is strong enough to download app features from DStv’s server.

Server error. There are times where you have good internet but the app still malfunctions. This is usually caused by some server error. When the application is unable to download features and updates for the origin server, the app will not work properly.

myDStv app error
There are times where you have good internet but the app still malfunctions. This is usually caused by some server error.

How do you solve this problem? At this point there is no way to determine how long it will take for DStv to perform an update on the application. The best solution is to find an alternative self-service option for your problem.

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Whether you want to clear errors, make a payment, downgrade, or upgrade a subscription, there is an alternative option for you. You can find them below.

Other DStv Self-Service options

Apart from using MyDStv to solve problems on your own, there are other self service options available. Let’s talk about each of them.


Whether you want to make enquiries or change a package, you do it using the DStv WhatsApp platform. If you are not already connected, the DStv WhatsApp online platform for your country and connect to it for your self-service activities.


Another way to make payments and clear error codes is by using a USSD code. USSD codes can come from DStv or your local bank.

If it is from DStv, then you will most likely have one central USSD code for the entire country. With a Dstv USSD code, you can clear error codes after making payments.

If the code is from your local bank, the most you are likely to get is the option to make payment. Some banks have specific codes for DStv while others have bank codes that contain pay-TV payment options. Whichever one you have, dial it and follow the prompts to make payments or clear error codes.

If all else fails, then get a customer service agent or a DStv agent to solve your problems.

What is the Difference MyDStv and DStv Now

The difference between MyDStv app and dstv now
The difference between MyDStv app and dstv now.

On, we have a few articles that show the difference between the DStv now app and My DStv.

There is one major difference between the two DStv applications. The DStv Now app is for the live streaming of DStv channels while MyDStv is for self-service and managing of user accounts.

On the App Store, the Dstv Now app has the DStv logo in blue, written on a white background, while MyDStv app logo is the app name written on a deep blue gradient background.

Those are the two major differences. So if you want to stream DStv live, use the DStv now app and if you want to manage your account and perform self-service duties, then go for the MyDStv app.

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Do I need MyDStv app?

That depends on your personality. If you a DIY kind of person, then you will need to download MyDStv app.

You may not need this application if you have other ways of managing your DStv account online.

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Why is MyDStv app not downloading?

Poor internet connectivity. If you are having problems downloading the app, the first thing you should check should be your internet connection. Even when the download has started, it will stop halfway once you go offline.

Insufficient Memory. You will not be able to get new apps from the App Store or Google PlayStore if you don’t have enough space on your device. If you are having problems with My DStv app download, check for the error message. If it says you do not have enough space on your device, then get to your file manager, find files you are no longer using, and delete them to free up some space for the new application.

Outdated OS. Tech companies make minor updates to their Operating systems several times a year and send them to your device. But sometimes, most likely every year, they make major OS updates that are only available on new devices.

When major OS updates are introduced, app creators also switch to making applications that will only work on the new OS. And if you are using an outdated OS to download an application that has been created for an updated OS, you won’t be able to install it on your old device.

When you are facing such a problem you will likely get a message from your device saying the application is not compatible with the device.

At that point, you will need to upgrade your OS. But when you cannot upgrade your OS, then you will have to get a new device carrying the latest version of the operating system.

That’s how to download MyDStv app for your smartphone or tablet in 4 easy steps. Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions below.

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