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Where to Watch the Liverpool Versus Man City Match

Everywhere will be crowded and finding a good place, even the right TV channel to watch the Liverpool versus Man City game is what most people are doing right now. It’s the clash of the titans on Sunday and we all just can’t wait.

And it’s not just because two good teams will be tearing each other apart this weekend. It’s also the fact that this is one of the matches that will decide who wins the trophy at the end of the season.

You can watch the Liverpool versus Man City game at a sports viewing centre, bar, bet shop, or at home. If you own a pay-TV decoder like DStv, you can watch the match on the right sports channel. And if you own a smartphone, apps like Dstv Now and Project Free TV will give you a hitch-free streaming experience.

Crowd watching a Liverpool match
Crowd watching a Liverpool match. Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

Now we are going to look at the best ways to watch the #MCILIV showpiece on Sunday before talking a little bit about the big game on We will be looking at DStv channels that will show the game and streaming portals like Project Free TV and DStv Now.

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So where can you watch the Liverpool vs Man City game?


On DStv, you can watch the Liverpool versus Man City game on SuperSport Premier League (203). This channel is available to subscribers on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, and DStv Compact. Subscribers on other packages will need to check other sports channels available to see if they have access to the same programme.

The Man City vs Liverpool FA Cup semi-final match will be aired on SuperSport Premier League (DStv channel 203) and SS Variety 3 (DStv channel 208) at 15:30 (WAT); 16:30 (SAST).

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If DStv announces a list of channels that will be showing the match, we will update this page accordingly.

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Project Free TV

This is an app that allows you access to live TV wherever you are on the planet. It’s a smartphone app. But if you have Android TV, an Apple smartphone, or any other device compatible with applications then you can download this app and use it to stream the match. Will I get the live match? Yes.

The only tiny little snag would be finding the right channel. If you are good with navigating by reading labels, this won’t be a problem. Simply head over to the sports category and find the TV station showing live EPL matches.

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To download the project Free TV app, open the app store on your device and search for it. Install the app and open it. Find a sports channel and grab a chilled bottle of coke.

DStv Now

Did I tell you that you can now watch DStv without needing to buy a decoder? That’s the trending thing on DStv these days. It used to be that to have access to DStv programmes, even on the DStv Now app, you would need to buy a decoder and get registered.

It’s different now, all you need to stream channels on Dstv is a smartphone or a similar device like a tablet, Android TV.

With any of these, you can download the DStv application to start watching any channels you want. But you have to subscribe though. You may not need a decoder but you will need a subscription to gain access to premium channels. Otherwise, you will be stuck with free channels.

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If you are going to be doing this for the first time, I suggest you do it on time. Doing it on or before Friday would be great. Why? Because there’s a good chance you will run into some issues with installation, set up, and subscriptions. If you do it on a working day, it will be easier to get a hold of a Dstv agent to help you with that problem.

This is not something you want to do five minutes before the match because you have lightning speed internet. Remember it’s going to be a weekend, and on Sunday evening. If you have any problem with the app you may not find any DStv agent to help you fix it.

Also, if you try the app promptly you will know if you can use it for the match or not. So download the app, set it up right away, and get yourself all set for the big clash.

The good thing about using an app like the DStv now or Project Free TV is the fact that you can watch your match anywhere, anytime. Most people hang out with friends on Sunday. But you wouldn’t want to miss the match because you are out with friends. With a smartphone app, you can kill two birds with a stone. You can watch the Liverpool versus Man City game on your phone while sitting out with friends.

An event like this brings a lot of people together. As a result, streaming from an app or smart TV has many benefits. Firstly you have all the control in the world. You can watch the match while on the move, even on a bus. And in this age where you look at the next coughing guy like some armed robbery suspect, being able to stream football matches in a less-crowded area is always a good thing.

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And wearing a mask for almost two hours straight in a crowded space is no easy task. Talking about the match with friends could be difficult when you have a mask on. So streaming in a less crowded place has benefits.

Social Viewing Centers

Nobody wants to be stuck at home watching such an important match alone. You want to be able to brag about your team with fans. Watching a football match at a viewing center allows you to meet other football fans and relate with them even though you may be seeing each other for the first time. And it’s always fun. It’s hard to watch a football match without hearing funny comments now and then.

You can watch the Liverpool vs Man City game at a bar, soccer viewing center, and betting shops. But don’t forget to go there with your face mask.

In the end, we’ll have to watch the game to find out. Remember you can watch this match on DStv, Project Free TV app, DStv Now, or at a social viewing center. Keep things simple. Don’t forget to go out with your mask.

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