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Compare DStv South Africa Packages: Channels and Pricing

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DStv packages can be pricey, as such, it is good to know the cost and contents of the package you are paying for. In this article we will go over all the DStv subscription options, cost, content and we will also provide the updated channels list for each bouquet.

There are currently 7 DStv packages in South Africa and that is the second-highest when it comes to packages for a single country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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As such, making a choice can be difficult. You don’t have to panic, though. Here is a collection of all the DStv packages, pricing, and other details that will help you make the best decision.

DStv Packages and Prices

PackagePriceNumber of channels
DStv PremiumR879 per month255 channels
DStv Compact PlusR579 per month234 channels
DStv CompactR449 per month215 channels
DStv FamilyR319 per month181 channels
DStv AccessR129 per month156 channels
DStv EasyViewR29 per month131 channels

You can find more information on each of those packages below.

To jump to a package with a channels list, select any of the options below:

Let’s get started!

DStv Premium; DStv Compact Plus; DStv Compact; DStv Family; DStv Access; DStv EasyView
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DStv Premium Package

Premium is the best you can get from DStv when it comes to entertainment. DStv Premium costs R879 per month with 255 TV and audio channels. See the resources below for the updated channels list.

Recommended Resources:

This package is best enjoyed when combined with other devices and features, like a PVR decoder and XtraView. And as expected, the price is on the high side for most of us.

But there are just myriad entertainment options on Premium. And it can be difficult for an individual to consume alone. This package is best for businesses; where you can connect two or more decoders to one subscription.

A premium bouquet is also a good option if you will connect more than one decoder, most likely from different rooms in your house. You will also get the most of a premium subscription if you make use of the extra-view feature.

With Extra View, you can watch DStv on more than one medium using the DStv app. This allows several individuals to stream different channels on a single subscription on standalone devices, such as a smart TV, tablet, smartphone, or Android TV.

Television channels you’ll find on DStv Premium but may not find on any other package include: M-Net (101); M-Net Movies 1 (104); M-Net Movies 2 (106); M-Net Movies Pretty Deadly (111); Discovery Channel (121); fliekNET (149); M-Net Plus 1 (901); BBC Earth (184); SS GRANDSTAND (201); SS RUGBY (211); SS CRICKET (212); SS GOLF (213); SS TENNIS (214); SS MOTORSPORT (215); SS MAXIMO 1 (241); and Bloomberg (411).

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DStv Compact Plus Package

DStv Compact Plus is another great entertainment option. At a price of R579 per month, Compat Plus is loaded with 234 channels guaranteed to bring you quality entertainment 24 hours a day.

For a complete list of channels, check out the resources below.

Recommended Resources:

This package comes very close to giving you the best treatment. It falls short of the Premium package but not by much.

But it’s still a great entertainment option. Let’s face it: why pay a higher subscription fee when you can get all you need with Compact Plus?

You’ll still get movies, Sports, news, music, documentaries, TV shows, and many more.

Channels you will find on Compact Plus but not on lesser packages include: 1Magic (103); Comedy Central (122); Timeless Dizi (123); kykNET (144); AfricaMagic Urban Movies (153); CBS Justice (170); Curiosity Channel (185); The History Channel (186); SS VARIETY 1 (206); SS VARIETY 2 (207); SS ACTION (210); ESPN 2 (219); Nickelodeon (305); Cbeebies (306); Nick Jr (307); MTV Music 24 (323); Sky News (402).

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DStv Compact Package

In South Africa, DStv Compact costs R449 and it’s packed with 215 TV and audio channels. For a comprehensive list of channels, check out the resources below.

Recommended Resources:

The compact package stays in the middle of the park. This bouquet does not contain all the channels on DStv but also, it has more entertainment options than three lesser bouquets below it.

DStv Compact
Image credits: DStv

For packages like the DStv compact, it’s advisable to go through the channels list before paying for it. Since it does not contain all the DStv channels, looking at the available options will help you decide if you can settle for it or if you will do better when you pay for a bigger package, like Premium or Compact Plus.

One thing you must know if you are a movie lover is that African Magic Urban Movies is not available on this package. The History Channel (186) and Curiosity Channel (185) are also missing.

Channels available on Compact but not on lesser packages include: M-Net Movies 3 (107); Studio Universal (112); ITH (114); M-Net City (115); BBC Brit (120); E! Entertainment Television (124); FOX (125); Ginx eSports (127); BET (129); MTV (130); Lifetime (131); Mzansi Magic (161); ROK (168); Annual African Festivals (198); Telemundo (507); TV Record (515); Discovery ID (171); Honey (173); BBC Lifestyle (174); Food Network (175); HGTV (177); TV Mozambique Internacional (701); SS Premier League (203); SS VARIETY 3 (208); ESPN (218); WWE Channel (236); Disney (303); CNN International (401); RAI Italia (430); Beste van Nederlands (431); RTPi (435); TV5 Monde Afrique (437); Deutsche Welle (446).

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DStv Family Package

The DStv Family package costs R319 and it comes with 181 TV and audio channels. DStv family is similar to Compact but comparatively has a lesser number of entertainment options to choose from.

Recommended Resources:

But when you need DStv for specific purposes, such as information or entertainment, and personal use, the family package can easily be the best fit for you.

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You can get sports, news, movies, and much more. While it is true that this package can be a great option if you are looking to meet specific needs, you will need to look carefully at the channels list to be sure this is the best for you. There is just no point wasting money on premium packages if you can meet all your needs with this bouquet.

Is Mzansi Magic (161) available on Dstv Family?

About a year ago, DStv removed Mzansi Magic from the Family package. This channel is now only available to subscribers on Compact and higher bouquets. If you need it, then you have to upgrade to a higher package.

Also, SS Premier League (203) and CNN International (401) are not available on DStv Family.

The TV channels you’ll find on DStv Family but not on lesser packages include: ME (115); TLNovelas (133); Discovery Family (136); kykNET & Kie (145); AfricaMagic Family (154); Moja Love (157); Novela Magic (165); ZEE World (166); Star Life (167); VIA (147); Travel Channel (179); National Geographic (181); WildEarth (183); Ignition TV (189); SS LA LIGA (204); SS FOOTBALL (205); Boomerang (302); NickTOONS (308); ZooMoo (314); KyKNet Nou (146); TRACE Urban (325); TRACE Africa (326); Trace Gospel (332); Euronews (414).

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DStv Access Package

In South Africa, the DStv Access package costs R129. It comes with 156 TV and Audio Channels. If you are looking for something small but big enough to meet a specific TV entertainment need, DStv access is one of the best options for you.

Recommended Resources:

This package is great for users who want more of informational content than fantasies. Lovers of news and documentary channels are better off with cheaper packages like DStv access and Family.

That being said, you will still get entertainment options for sports, music, movies, and general entertainment.

TV channels available on DStv Access but not on easy view include: DStv (100); M-Net Movies 4 (108); Telemundo (118); CBS Reality (132); Discovery TLC Entertainment (135); Africa Magic Epic (152); Mzansi Wethu (163); Mzansi Bioskop (164); The Home Channel (176); Nat Geo Wild (182); Spice TV (190); NTA i (299); SS VARIETY 4 (209); TellyTrack (249); Cartoon Network (301); Disney Junior (309); PBS Kids (313); Da Vinci (318); Channel O (320); MTV Base (322); Sound City (327); One Gospel (331); Dumisa (340); BBC World News (400); Russia Today (407); NDTV 24×7 (413); africanews (417).

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DStv EasyView Package

The DStv EasyView package costs R29 in SA and it comes with 131 TV and audio channels.

Recommended Resources:

The Easyview channels bouquet is the smallest and also the cheapest local DStv offering for South Africans. Consequently, you need to have a close look at entertainment options before going for it.

This is because it has a narrow range of channels to choose from. But then, if you want to meet a specific TV need, EasyView could be the best for you. This works well in situations where your entertainment needs are also really narrow.

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15 thoughts on “Compare DStv South Africa Packages: Channels and Pricing”

  1. Buthelezi Sifiso V.

    Hi, I’d like to exchange my packages, Compact channels to my Easyview decoder and also Easyview channels to Compact decoder. (vice-versa)

  2. Hi, which package has channel 195?
    I’m so sad it’s no longer playing in my package. I cannot believe it!

  3. Good day. Does your package R119- Access include TBN channel(341) and wrestling channel. Can you include the Showmax for r49 on this package?

    1. Hi, Beatrice! Yeah, it does include the TBN channel but it doesn’t have the wrestling channel. As for Showmax, you can only get Showmax for R99 on DStv Access. The 50% discount (R49) is for users on Compact, Compact Plus and Premium.

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