How to Activate Free-To-Air Channels on a DStv Dish Installation

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Do you know you can gain access to more channels on DStv than the ones you normally get without having to pay more? There are lots of hidden free to air channels on every satellite dish installation. Here’s how you can get yours.

Recently on Facebook, I stumbled on an article that opened my eyes to hidden uses of DStv I never knew existed.

That’s how I met Mredjo IDyan. He’s an installations expert from Cape Town who loves helping subscribers with dish and installation issues. He shares a lot of his work on his Facebook group and has contributed a lot to help me make this article for you.

So let’s get into it. But what do you need for the activation? You’ll need a working remote control and a properly installed dish and a DStv decoder, preferably HD. Decoders such as Explora 4us and 4s.5u.6s. I’m assuming you have these already so let’s get going.

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Here is how to discover and activate lots of FTA channels on your current installation.


On your Remote Control just go to Menu by press the Blue button.


Then select Settings and go to Satellite Settings.


On satellite settings, there is Home Network and Additional Network. Now select Additional network.


On Additional Network, you will find Networks numbered from 1 to 5.

Here’s where you’ll need to pay proper attention. Do not change any frequencies on Network #1. Simply put “YES” where there is “NO.” These are the operating frequencies for your decoder so do not alter them. We’ll start making changes from Network 2 to Network 5.


  • Making changes on NETWORK 2 for Commec IS20, KLN, Limpopo TV, 1kzn TV & Others. On Network 2, apply the following changes.
FREQUENCY11514 or 11170
POLARISATIONVertical OR Horizontal

Then apply Scan this (Scan all✖).

  • Making Changes to NETWORK 3 for Ifilm, Loveworld, Press News, Talent Sport, Hossana tv and many more:

Apply Scan this✔ (Scan all✖)

  • Make the following changes to NETWORK 4 for Limpopo TV, Christ TV, Angel TV, Mercy TV, prophet Shepard Bushiri, Eagle TV, and more.
SYMBOL27500 Or 30000

Apply Scan this✔ (Scan all✖).

  • Apply these to NETWORK 5 for Khudunga, Access TV, BTV Test channel, France 24, NOW, BTV Digital, and BTV mobile
FREQUENCY12633 or 12657 for sound
SYMBOL RATE16166 or 4883 for sound

Then Scan this✔ (Scan all✖)

New free channels have been added to Network 2/5. Apply the following setting to get them.

Enable NetworkYes
Use NITYes
Symbol Rate1600

Once you are done, be sure to change from “My DStv Channels” to “All Channels” then press 100 and scroll left you will see all the channels that are coming before channel 100. The added channels will have four digits as shown in the image below.

Free to air channels listed on Dstv
Free-To-Air channels listed on Dstv with four-digit reference numbers. Image Credits: Mredjo IDyan.

If it won’t scan automatically and it’s showing you that your parameters are incorrect, it means one of two things: either your signal strength is low or your LNB is not properly positioned. If that’s the case, you’ll need to find an accredited dish installer at your location to assist you.

If you need help, drop a comment below. But if you are in Cape Town, you can always hook up with Mredjo IDyan on Facebook and he’ll help you sort things out.

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