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How to Troubleshoot, Program, and Reset Your DStv A7 Remote Control

A dstv a7 remote control

One of the tools you need to have a great TV time is a remote control. But you also need to know how to use it properly. Here is all you need to know on troubleshooting, programming and resetting a DStv A7 remote control.

The A7 remote model only works with the DStv HD and the Explora decoder models. It can also work with some modern TV sets if properly programmed.

If you own a decoder, there’s a good chance you already have a manual for each component. But it may be difficult to find the solution to your problem as most users find manuals too difficult to understand. This article will help you with common A7 remote programming and reset problems.

However, this article is not meant to replace your A7 remote manual. It’s just about making everything simple, and easy to understand and follow. It is created to help where your manual doesn’t quite give you what you need.

The first thing you’ll learn is how to reset your remote to factory settings. This comes first in case your DStv is already malfunctioning due to wrong programming instructions.

How to Reset a DStv A7 Remote Control

STEP 1: Press and hold Standby and Options buttons together until the LED blinks red twice.

STEP 2Press 9 for one red blink, then 8 for another red blink, then press 1 for 2 red blinks.

STEP 3Press OK for at least 3 seconds to get 4 red blinks, indicating that your A7 remote reset is complete.

That’s how to clear programming and restore your remote to factory settings. If you make any mistake while going through the steps, you may restore the last pre-programmed codes on your device.

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If this happens, I recommend you restart your device and follow the steps properly till the end to avoid any complications.

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How to Change Modes on an A7 Remote Control

Your remote control may misbehave if it is in the wrong mode. It comes with 3 modes: 1, 2, and 3. Mode 1 is the default mode.

To change the mode of your remote, follow the steps below:

  1. Press and hold the INFO and BACK buttons together.
  2. The lighting on the Standby button will blink twice to confirm the change.

The colour of the light indicates the current mode on the remote. Red blinks stand for mode 1, green blinks indicate mode 2, and orange blinks confirm mode 3.

Now, if you press and hold the INFO plus the BACK button and you get two green blinks, this means you have set your remote to mode 2. To change the mode of the remote again, repeat steps 1 and 2 until you get to the desired mode.

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What to do if Your DStv A7 Remote is not working

More often than not an irresponsive A7 remote is caused by dead batteries. If your remote is not responding, Press the DStv button and the Standby button will light up. If the Standby button does not light up, this means your batteries are dead. Replace the batteries with new ones and try again.

Replacing the batteries can also help if your A7 remote is blinking red randomly. A flickering red light on the standby button sometimes indicate that the battery is weak.

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If your remote refuses to work after replacing the batteries, this means there is a problem with the remote and you have to fix it.

However, if you are getting the lights but the remote won’t work, I recommend you clear programming. You can also try changing the remote back to default mode.

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Common Remote Programming Questions

These are the answers to some common questions users have about programming a DStv A7 remote control. This will give you more understanding of what you are doing. But if you still have difficulties, let me know in the comments section below.

What is the Default Mode of the A7 remote control?

An A7 remote control has 3 modes and you can either set them to mode 1, 2, or 3. The default mode of your remote is mode 1.

How do I know which mode I’m currently using?

To know the mode Your A7 remote is using, when you press any key, check the lighting on the Standby button. Red light indicates that your remote is in mode 1 (the default mode), a green light shows it is in mode 2, and an orange light shows it is in mode 3.

Where is the Standby button on a Dstv remote?

The standby button on your remote is the power button. It is the button with the power icon and you can find it at the top of the DStv remote. This is what a power/standby icon looks like:

Why do I have programming when I didn’t set them?

The obvious answer would be that someone else did it. But if you are living alone, you may have inadvertently pressed the buttons while laying or sitting on the remote. It could also be that your buttons are sticky and are touching themselves. This can cause your device to program itself. Anything beyond that, you may have to start thinking about changing your keys.

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How to Care for Your Remote

  • Change the batteries on time. Never leave the batteries in it if you are travelling for a long time.
  • Do not hit or shake the remote.
  • Do not apply too much pressure on the buttons so they can last longer.
  • Reduce backlighting time to prolong the life span of the battery.
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries with an A7 remote control.

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