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How to Troubleshoot, Program, and Reset Your DStv B5 Remote Control

A dstv B5 remote control

Your DStv remote comes with a wide range of functions and it can be tough to figure out how to use all of them. Turns out, you don’t need to know everything. You only need quick ways to reset, program, and troubleshoot your B5 remote when the need arises.

Every DStv product comes with a user’s manual and the B5 remote control is no exception. The B5 remote manual is easy to use and includes everything you’ll need for the use of the item.

Yet for most users, the manual may still be difficult to follow. Here you’ll learn easy ways to effectively troubleshoot and program your remote.

Please note that this article is not a replacement for your remote manual. It’s only an easier presentation of the solutions to your remote problems.

DStv B5 Remote Programming

When it comes to programming, there are so many functions that it is sometimes confusing. But every specific button or combination of buttons will always solve a problem. You just need to know how to use them properly. We’ll start with resetting your remote.

(Note that the B5 remote model works only with DStv HD decoders. Unlike A7 remotes, B5’s cannot be programmed to work with your TV. They work more like B7 remotes.)

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How to Reset a DStv Remote (Model B5)

Resetting your remote is simply about restoring it to its default mode – the TV1 mode. To reset a DStv B5 remote, press and hold the i (that is, INFO) button until the green light next to TV1 blinks once. Once the green light blinks, your reset is complete.

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Most remotes come with specific reset instructions but the B5 model is an exception.

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How to Change Modes on Model B5

Your remote comes with 3 modes: Mode 1, the TV1 mode; Mode 2, the TV2 mode; and Mode 3, the TV3 Mode. Each mode has its specific function and you need the correct mode configurations when using XtraView.

To switch your B5 remote to TV1 mode (the default mode), press and hold the i button until the green light next to TV1 blinks once.

To switch your remote to TV2 mode, press and hold the BACK button until the green light next to TV2 blinks once.

To set your remote to TV3 mode, press and hold both the i and BACK buttons until the green lights at TV1 and TV2 blink simultaneously.

Which button is menu on DStv B5 Remote?

The menu button on a DStv B5 remote is the DStv button. Pressing the DStv button takes you to DStv Central which is the central menu for all contents and setting available on your HD decoder.

Model B5 remote showing menu button
Where to find the menu button on your remote.

Common DStv B5 Remote Control Problems

As complex as it may look, your remote can be fixed quick and easy. You just need to know the problem and what needs to be done to solve it. Here is how to go about it.

What to do if your DStv B5 Remote not working

If your remote is not working, the first thing you have to check is the battery. Weak or dead batteries are the most common problems found on remotes. Replace your old batteries with new ones and check your remote again.

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Another common issue is using your device in the wrong mode. Simply resetting your remote to the default mode can fix it.

If your remote doesn’t work after trying both solutions, try repairing your remote.

What to do if your Remote not Responding

If your B5 remote is not responding, it is most likely caused by an obstruction between your remote control and the decoder. Remove any object that is blocking the remote-decoder infrared connection and test the remote again.

If the remote is not responding and the lights are not coming up, then the batteries are either weak or dead. Replace old batteries with new ones and test your remote again.

How to Repair a DStv B5 Remote Control

Repairing your remote is easy and you can do it on your own. But you’ll need to open it first. To open a B5 remote, use a sharp object to gently pry it open by following the lining on the side of the remote.

Once the remote is open, take note of the arrangement of the parts so you can put them back together when you are done fixing it. I recommend you take pictures as a backup once you open it just in case you forget the arrangement.

Now that your device is open, inspect the printed circuit board for cracks. Also, ensure that the battery terminals are still connected to the circuit board and use a soldering iron to restore broken terminals if any. If the board is broken, you’ll need to get a new board.

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Now clean the board to remove any dirt on the contact surface. Also, check the button and position them properly. Be sure to replace weak and sticky buttons.

Now put your remote back together. Fix in new batteries and test it again.

Everything should be fine now.

For more ideas on repairs, see the complete guide on DStv remote problems and solutions.

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