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DStv or Openview: Which one should you buy?

DStv or Openview: Which one should you buy?

You’ve heard of Openview and there a good chance you already know a lot about DStv. But you are still not sure which one you should settle for.

Look no further. This article will answer any questions you may have about the subject and help you choose with ease, although it may come down to having to combine the two products.

The Openview television service had a slow start after its introduction 9 years ago. But it is quickly going mainstream and is now getting the attention of DStv customers. Even intending DStv customers are wondering if they should go for Openview instead.

An Overview of Openview and DStv

The first step to making the right decision is getting to know the two products and what they are all about.

DStv is a satellite television company that provides pay-TV services to residents of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Customers can connect and watch DStv by buying and installing a DStv decoder and dish.

Alternatively, they can sign up to DStv online and stream TV content on a smartphone, tablet or PC, without having to own a Decoder or dish.

Openview on the other hand is another satellite TV company that is delivering TV content to its customers via a decoder and dish installation. Both companies render similar services to their customer. Let’s look at the main differences.

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Pricing: Openview versus DStv

To use DStv, users have to subscribe to any of their monthly plans. There are six packages for most countries at monthly prices for everyone to choose from. Depending on how much you have budgeted to spend on entertainment, you can always choose a package that won’t break your budget. View all DStv packages.

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But Openview is completely free. All you will ever have to buy are the Openview decoder and dish. And once installed you can watch lots of free channels without any additional costs.


This is a very important area and also a strong factor when it comes to deciding with TV service you should go for.

Some people love DStv and will keep paying for it just to get sports channels. Others have settled for Openview because they are satisfied with the free channels they are getting.

To know which to go for, you will need to know the cost of the dstv package you want to go for. This will help you know if you should go for DStv or settle for Openview’s free channels.

There are lots of channels on DStv plans to meet your need. So whichever you choose to pay for, there is a good chance you’ll be okay with it.

Also, you’ll have to check out the channels on Openview to know if they can meet your entertainment needs.

For example, Openview has just one sports channel. There are also a few documentary channels and movie channels. But they may still be okay for you. it all depends on what you are willing to settle for. Check out the Openview channels list.

But if you want quality entertainment, I suggest you get dstv and forget about it as they are the best when it comes to entertainment in Africa.

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Picture Quality

Nothing is separating the two companies on this one. 

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DStv has already established herself when it comes to delivering high-quality pictures. Openview pictures are great too if you are using the new HD-capable decoders. 

Additional features

Now let’s look at some of the extra features you can get to make entertainment more enjoyable.


With a DStv Explora decoder, you can set up your device to record TV programs and movies, especially when you won’t be around to see them live. Once recorded, you can always replay them anytime you want.

The new Openview decoders are also capable of recording TV programs. You’ll need an Openview PVR stick to use this feature. You can either use the 32GB or the 64GB PVR stick.


Both DStv and Open view decoders come with built-in pausing capabilities. This means that you can pause a live TV program by hitting the pause button on your remote. There is no difference between the two products on this one.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

While this feature has no bearing on entertainment, you may want to know about it. DStv has a Wi-Fi connector but its primary function is to provide internet for the Explora for access to Catch Up and Showmax.

But Openview has introduced a new product that has gotten a lot of attention in the past month. It’s called Openview Connect. With the Openview Connect internet dongle, you can provide internet access for up to 10 devices in your home.

Extra View

It’s no longer news that with DStv Xtraview, you can connect other devices to one DStv account and watch different channels at the same time. Also, you could connect two or more DStv decoders to one (primary decoder) and watch different channels at the same time, all on a single subscription.

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Openview is yet to offer such services to its customers.

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In the end, the final decision will depend largely on what you need as a person.

Openview is free. And that’s great because you won’t have to pay when you travel. This means you won’t have to worry about paying for entertainment and not have time to enjoy it. Openview is also great if you want a TV service for the kids.

The only downside with Openview is that it has few channels.

But if you want top-quality entertainment, I suggest you buy DStv and subscribe to any of their affordable packages.

Where can I buy Openview decoder?

With just R599 you can buy an Openview decoder either at Pep Stores, Checkers Hyper, PNP Hyper, Takealot, or from Search Your Deal.

How much is a DStv Decoder?

There are different types of DStv decoders and the prices are different for each of them. A DStv HD (Single View) costs R549, a DStv Explora (Model 3B) costs R999, and a DStv Explore Ultra costs R2299.

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