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DStv Compact Channels List 2021

DStv Compact channels list 2021 for customers in South Africa

Here is the complete and updated DStv Compact channels list for 2021 and the current subscription price. This list is for residents of South Africa only.

The price for the Compact package is R409 per month. This is the new subscription fee to the mass increase in bouquet prices announced at the beginning of the year. There are 219 channels on DStv Compact, including audio and radio stations.

New Resource: DStv Compact Channels List 2022.

Activate free channels on DStv
PackageDStv Compact
PriceR409 per month
Number of Channels219 channels
CountrySouth Africa

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DStv Compact Channels List

1.DStv (100)
2.M-Net Movies 3 (107)
3.M-Net Movies 4 (108)
4.Studio Universal (112)
5.ITH (114)
6.M-Net City (115)
7.Vuzu (116)
8.Telemundo (118)
9.BBC Brit (120)
10.E! Entertainment Television (124)
11.FOX (125)
12.Ginx eSports (127)
13.BET (129)
14.MTV (130)
15.Lifetime (131)
16.CBS Reality (132)
17.TLNovelas (133)
18.Discovery TLC Entertainment (135)
19.Discovery Family (136)
20.TNT Africa (137)
21.eMovies (138)
22.eMovies Extra (140)
23.kykNET & Kie (145)
24.Africa Magic Epic (152)
25.AfricaMagic Family (154)
26.Real Time (155)
27.Moja Love (157)
28.Mzansi Magic (161)
29.Mzansi Wethu (163)
30.Mzansi Bioskop (164)
31.Novela Magic (165)
32.ZEE World (166)
33.Star Life (167)
34.ROK (168)
35.e.TV Extra (195)
36.Annual Nigerian Festivals (198)
37.Telemundo (507)
38.TV Record (515)
39.VIA (147)
40.Discovery ID (171)
41.Honey (173)
42.BBC Lifestyle (174)
43.Food Network (175)
44.The Home Channel (176)
45.HGTV (177)
46.Travel Channel (179)
47.People’s Weather (180)
48.National Geographic (181)
49.Nat Geo Wild (182)
50.WildEarth (183)
51.Ignition TV (189)
52.Spice TV (190)
53.SABC 1 (191)
54.SABC 2 (192)
55.SABC 3 (193)
56.e.TV (194)
57.Soweto TV (251)
58.Bay TV (260)
59.1 KZN (261)
60.Tshwane TV (262)
61.Cape Town TV (263)
62.GauTV (265)
63.Lesotho TV (292)
64.NTA i (299)
65.TV Mozambique Internacional (701)
66.BLITZ (200)
67.SuperSport PSL (202)
68.SuperSport Premier League (203)
69.SuperSport LA LIGA (204)
70.SuperSport FOOTBALL (205)
71.SuperSport VARIETY 3 (208)
72.SuperSport VARIETY 4 (209)
73.ESPN (218)
74.WWE Channel (236)
75.TellyTrack (249)
76.Cartoon Network (301)
77.Boomerang (302)
78.Disney (303)
79.NickTOONS (308)
80.Disney Junior (309)
81.JimJam (310)
82.eToonz (311)
83.PBS Kids (313)
84.ZooMoo (314)
85.Da Vinci (318)
86.Mindset (319)
87.KyKNet Nou (146)
88.Channel O (320)
89.Mzansi Music (321)
90.MTV Base (322)
91.TRACE Urban (325)
92.TRACE Africa (326)
93.Sound City (327)
94.One Gospel (331)
95.Trace Gospel (332)
96.Dumisa (340)
97.FAITH (341)
98.Day Star (342)
99.TBN Africa (343)
100.iTV Networks (347)
101.Emmanuel TV (390)
102.BBC World News (400)
103.CNN International (401)
104.eNews Channel Africa (403)
105.SABC News (404)
106.Newzroom Afrika (405)
107.Al Jazeera (406)
108.Russia Today (407)
109.Parliamentary Service (408)
110.CGTN News (409)
111.CNBC Africa (410)
112.Business Day TV (412)
113.NDTV 24×7 (413)
114.Euronews (414)
115.africanews (417)
116.RAI Italia (430)
117.Beste van Nederlands (431)
118.RTPi (435)
119.TV5 Monde Afrique (437)
120.Deutsche Welle (446)
121.CCTV 4 (447)
122.Adult Contemporary (751)
123.Today’s Hits (752)
124.Hot Traxx (753)
125.70’s Hits (754)
126.80’s Hits (755)
127.Familiar Favourites (756)
128.Soft Hits (757)
129.Love Songs (758)
130.Metro Blends (759)
131.Cityscapes (760)
132.Groove Lounge (761)
133.House Party (762)
134.Power Hits (763)
135.Dance (764)
136.Trots Afrikaans (765)
137.Campus Rock (766)
138.Alternate Rock (767)
139.Hard Rock (768)
140.Classic Rock (769)
141.Golden Oldies (770)
142.90’s Hits (771)
143.Classic R & B (772)
144.Urban Adult Contemporary (773)
145.Urban Beat (774)
146.Reggae (775)
147.Modern Country (776)
148.Traditional Country (777)
149.Gospel (778)
150.African Rhythm (779)
151.Italian Contemporary (780)
152.Smooth Jazz (781)
153.Classic Jazz (782)
154.Blues (783)
155.Beautiful Instrumentals (784)
156.Contemporary Instrumental (785)
157.New Age (786)
158.Light Classical (787)
159.Arias And Overtures (788)
160.Chamber Music (789)
161.Symphonic (790)
162.Metro FM (801)
163.Channel Africa (802)
164.Good Hope (803)
165.Ikwekwezi (804)
166.5FM (805)
167.Lesedi FM (806)
168.Ligwalagwala (807)
169.Lotus FM (808)
170.Motsweding FM (809)
171.Munghana Lonene FM (810)
172.Phalaphala FM (811)
173.Radio 2000 (812)
174.SAFM (814)
175.Thobela FM (815)
176.trufm (816)
177.Ukhozi FM (817)
178.Umhlobo Wenene FM (818)
179.X-K FM (819)
180.Groot FM (820)
181.LM Radio (821)
182.Hot 91.9 FM (822)
183.Mix 93.8 FM (823)
184.Channel 7 (825)
185.Radio Islam (826)
186.BBC World Service English (850)
187.BBC Afrique en Français (851)
188.BBC African Languages (852)
189.Voice Of America (853)
190.World Radio Network (854)
191.Trans World Radio (855)
192.Talk Radio 702 (856)
193.Classic FM (857)
194.Jacaranda FM (858)
195.YFM (859)
196.Chinese Radio International (860)
197.Kaya FM (861)
198.Channel Islam International (865)
199.Radio France Internationale (866)
200.Radio Wave (867)
201.Radio Energy (868)
202.1485AM Radio (869)
203.Radio Veritas (870)
204.Radio Vlaanderen internationaal (871)
205.TransAfrica Radio (872)
206.Link FM (875)
207.Radio Kosmos (876)
208.Jozi FM (878)
209.94.7 Highveld Stereo (879)
210.94.5 Kfm (880)
211.Radio Pulpit (882)
212.NNR (883)
213.Capricorn FM (884)
214.Cape Talk (885)
215.Pretoria FM (887)
216.Radio Pretoria (887)
217.Ubuntu Radio (888)
218.Power FM (889)
219.Maisha Magic Movies (141)

Channels Updates!

As for updates, check the list above for the updated version of the DStv Compact channels list 2020. Maisha Magic Movies (channel 141), DStv’s latest addition to their list of movie channels is available to all subscribers on Compact. Tune in to start enjoying new movies.

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Watch the 2021 UEFA Champions League on DStv Compact

The new football season is here and you can watch live UCL matches on SuperSport: your world of champions. The DStv Compact channels that will show the UEFA Champions League include SuperSport Premier Soccer League (202), SuperSport Premier League (channel 203), SuperSport La Liga (channel 204), and SuperSport Football (channel 205).

Repeats will be aired on the same channels after the live matches.

DStv Compact Channels list in PDF

Do you need a PDF version of the list? Having a PDF version of the list will allow you to view your channels list offline for as long as you want, anytime you want.

Click the download button below to load the PDF file. Once the file loads, select the download icon at the top of the screen to download the list.

Movie Channels on Dstv Compact

While some of the movie channels can only be viewed on Premium and Compact Plus. There are still a lot of options for users on this package. Customers on Compact will get M-Net Movies 3, M-Net Movies 4, Studio Universal, ITH, M-Net City, Vuzu, Universal Channel, Telemundo, BBC Brit, E! Entertainment Television, FOX, Ginx eSports, BET, MTV, Lifetime, CBS Reality, TLNovelas, Discovery TLC Entertainment, Discovery Family, TNT Africa, eMovies, eMovies Extra, kykNET & Kie, Africa Magic Epic, AfricaMagic Family, Real Time, Moja Love, Mzansi Magic, Mzansi Wethu, Mzansi Bioskop, Novela Magic, ZEE World, Star Life, ROK, e.TV Extra, Annual African Festivals, SET Asia, B4U Movies, ZeeTV, Star Plus, Sun TV, Star Vijay, Colors, SET Max, and TV Record.

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For more entertainment options, go for ShowMax. Those two items will give you more movies and TV shows for your family and business. BoxOffice is also a great complement for the Compact package if you are using DStv Explora or a PVR decoder.

Recommended Article: Compact versus Compact Plus.

Sports Channels on Compact

Since broadcasting networks like SuperSport are still paying a lot for coverage of live sporting events, you may have to be on the pricey packages to get the best of sports. But DStv compact customers will still have good sports channels such as BLITZ, SS PSL, SS Premier League (dedicated soccer channel for the Olympics), SS LA LIGA, SS FOOTBALL, SS VARIETY 3, SS VARIETY 4, ESPN, WWE Channel, and TellyTrack.

SuperSport Channels

Channel NumberName
202SuperSport Premier Soccer League (PSL)
203SuperSport Premier League
204SuperSport La Liga
205SuperSport Football
208SuperSport Variety 3
209SuperSport Variety 4

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20 thoughts on “DStv Compact Channels List 2021”

  1. DSTV compact package paid but most of my channels are missing, ie African magic, ROK, and Arewa 24 amongst others, why will the money be increased and channels are cut off without notice, why?

    1. Hi, J. Shadrack. This question is for Multichoice, not us. However, we know how you feel and we are doing our best to show you how to get FTA (if you can take advantage of it). Also, this list is outdated. Please visit our homepage to see the updated DStv compact channels list.

  2. Hi. Can viewers watch Mnet for free at 6pm on compact everyday?
    If I have the access package, can I pay extra for Mnet only?

    1. Hi, @Zack! First thing is to check your signal strength. Also, confirm due date to ensure your subscription is still active. The problem is caused by one of those. And if you have a signal problem, contact an installer to correct your dish and connection settings for you.

      But if everything is fine, try rescanning your decoder to bring back the channels.

      1. Hi Sir/ Madam

        I’m Deaf person. I’m dissatisfied my Compact package did not get some channels such as SABC 1,2,3, StUniHD, MLoveHD, eMovEHD, eMovHD and eTVEHD. My channel. I paid the Compact on Wednesday.

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