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The Complete Openview Channels List

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When you get Openview (also known as OV or OVHD), you get lots of TV entertainment options in HD without having to pay for them. But what channels are they going to give you? Here is the complete and updated Openview channels list for all subscribers.

The list gives you the name on one side and the number on the other. So if you already have OVHD installed in your home, you can always use your remote to navigate to a given number to see if the name matches the number displayed.

The first table you’ll find below gives you the Open view TV stations you’ll get (for free), while the second table shows the radio stations available.

Tip: Enter a channel name or number in the search bar to jump to available matches.

Openview Channels List 2022

Channel NameChannel Number
OV Default100
SABC 1101
SABC 2102
SABC 3103
E TV104
E Extra105
eMovies Extra107
People’s Weather115
eNews & Sport120
France 24121
SABC Sport124
Glow TV140
SA Music135
Soul Music136

Those are the TV channels available on the Open View channels list. If you own a DStv, you can also get lots of free-to-air channels on your current installation. All you need are the right settings and frequencies and you will get lots of FTA channels to enjoy.

Read this article to learn how to set it up.

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Channel Updates!

Good news everyone! Are you having trouble watching Eif on DStv? Look no further. You can watch all Episodes of Elif every Wednesday on eExtra (Openview channel 105).

Radio Stations on OpenView

Bok Radio601
LM Radio602
GAgasi FM603
Heart FM605
Radio Pulpit607
Kaya FM608
TransAfrica Radio609
Metro FM610
5 FM611
Good Hope FM612
SA FM614
Lotus FM616
Umhlobo Wenene618
Lesedi FM619
Ikwekwezi FM620
Thobela FM621
Munhana Lonene622
Motsweding FM624
Tru FM626
XK FM627
Channel Africa628

OpenView Channels List versus DStv Channels List

There can never be a direct comparison between Openview stations and the ones on DStv. This is primarily because DStv is a PayTV service with premium packages while OV is completely free.

As matter of fact, with OV, the only thing you pay for are the dish, decoder, and an installation fee if you have to hire an installer.

As such, we can only make TV station comparisons between the two in terms of free channels. To do this, we will use a simple table to compare the availability of channels on the two television service providers.

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Availability of Free Channels: DStv versus Openview

TV ChannelOpenviewDStv
SABC 1AvailableAvailable
SABC 2AvailableAvailable
SABC 3AvailableAvailable
Soweto TVNot AvailableAvailable
E TVAvailableAvailable
E ExtraAvailableNot Available
eMoviesAvailableNot Available
eMovies ExtraAvailableNot Available
Bay TVNot AvailableAvailable
1 KZNNot AvailableAvailable
eRealityAvailableNot Available
RewindAvailableNot Available
StarLifeAvailableNot Available
Tshwane TVNot AvailableAvailable
People’s WeatherAvailableNot Available
eNews & SportAvailableNot Available
Cape Town TVNot AvailableAvailable
Gau TVNot AvailableAvailable
Lesotho TVNot AvailableAvailable
France 24AvailableNot Available
DBE TVAvailableNot Available
SABC SportAvailableNot Available
eToonzAvailableNot Available
MindsetAvailableNot Available
Glow TVAvailableNot Available
SA MusicAvailableNot Available
Soul MusicAvailableNot Available
SUPA TVAvailableNot Available

With the information gathered from the comparisons table above, we’ve discovered that there are 21 free TV services on Openview, compared to 11 free TV services on DStv’s cheapest package.

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But it doesn’t really matter which satellite TV service you use when it come to free channels. With the right frequency and settings, you can align your dish to get lots of free-to-air channels at no additional cost.


There are no monthly fees on Openview. The things you pay for are the decoder and dish which come at a net cost of R1,499.

Openview Pricing

OVHD DecoderR599
Decoder + DishR1499
OV RemoteR149

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18 thoughts on “The Complete Openview Channels List”

  1. Hi, I recently bought an OpenView decoder, but it just won’t work, I use to have top TV before, does it mean I should get a DStv dish?

  2. I do have an openview decoder I’m using but eRewind and eOV and SUPA TV is not showing, I don’t know why. I tried to press 109, and 150 on the remote is not available. What is going on exactly?

  3. Good day!

    I have a problem with my OpenView. I used to have eTV channels but now they’re not connecting. So I scanned the channels from scratch now all my eTV channels are gone. Is this a personal issue or maybe these channels have also been closed on OpenView? Thanks.

    1. Hi, Nomfundo. eTV channels are still available on Openview. You also have to check: Are you only missing eTV channels? If other channels are missing also then you need to fix your installation. You could also contact Openview to lay complaints.

  4. I would like to know if the openview and dstv decoder can use the same dish or does each decoder need its own dish?

  5. Hi,
    I would like to change from dstv to open view. I understand that I will have to buy a new decoder. Do I have to buy a new dish as well, or can I use the dstv dish?

    1. Hi, Naome. Ask your installer to use the DStv dish for the Openview connection. You don’t need to buy a new dish. You may need an LNB if the old one isn’t working. But use the old dish.

  6. Good day! I have the full DStv package and pay R839 per month. The package and all other packages are so structured that we don’t watch most of the channels because it’s either not the viewer’s culture or a language they understand. But still, we are forced to take the package. Now the most viewed channels are deleted, why? So you force us to purchase an OpenView decoder as well. Is that to pay part of my full package subscription fee for those who can not afford to pay?

    Or is Multichoice going to come after a few months and say, “Oh OK, now Openview is an extra fee per month?” Because that adds up to an amount again – which we already can not afford.

    If I now purchase an Openview decoder can it be connected to my primary decoder or to the Xtra view decoder?

    If I have the OpenView decoder installed to either one of my other decoders, can I record the series showing on open view to my primary or Xtra view decoder if they are being broadcasted at the same time?

    Can you please try and notify me urgently regarding the above matter and questions, since there are a few excellent series on ETV 195 which were taken off and I definitely would not like to miss.

    I will be actually just purchasing the Openview decoder for the most viewed series on 195, and sorry to say those series are in Afrikaans with English titles but are still viewed by the whole nation. I noticed it as I read all the complaints on the media and FaceBook. So I’m really not sure why you took them off. This might mean you will lose a lot of viewers to the OpenView channels.

    So the main question after all the complaints: will you bring those channels back to the full DSTV package? And if not, will you start charging the OpenView subscribers a monthly fee after purchasing the unit?

    Looking forward to hearing from you a.s.a.p. before I go and purchase the OpenView decoder.

    Kind regards.
    Brigitte van Wyk.

    1. Hi, Brigitte. Welcome to Dish Portal. Thank you for your detailed reaction.

      Firstly, I want you to know that DStv and OpenView are two separate TV providers run by different companies. Whatever you do on Openview has nothing to do with DStv. But unlike DStv, there are no monthly payments on Openview.

      And you cannot connect your Openview subscription to a DStv decoder. That’s not how it works. When you buy Openview, you buy the dish and decoder just like you do with DStv.

      So you cannot use your Xtra DStv decoders on Openview and you cannot connect them for recording and download. You can only download what you watch on Openview if their decoder allows you to do so.

      As for the removed channels, there is no way of telling if the channels will be brought back.

      I hope I’ve answered your questions. Let me know if you have more questions.

      Best regards
      Ekemini Robert

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