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Openview Connect: Get Internet Service for Your Home

Openview Connect

With an incredible 10 gigabytes of free data, Openview (OV) brings internet service to your home with Openview Connect (OVC or OV Connect). Here is all you need to know and how you can get your home connected with an Openview decoder and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

What is Openview Connect?

Openview connect (also called OV Connect or OVC) is an internet service by Openview delivered to the end-user through a data dongle and set-top box connection.

But how does it work? Openview Internet works like any other internet service delivered through WiFi. It delivers internet to your home using a Vodacom-powered wifi dongle. Once the dongle is plugged in and activated, a user can then access the internet by connecting to the dongle’s internet sharing technology.

And for this article in most instances, we will be replacing Openview with OV for easy reading. Don’t be confused when you see it, they both mean the same thing.

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How to Set Up Openview Connect

Openview connect setup schematics
Schematics for an Openview internet connection setup.

Setting up the internet for your home is easy and anyone can do it. The items you’ll need for this installation include a decoder, a Connect hub, an internet dongle, and an Openview remote control for the decoder in use. Let’s get started.

Step 1

Start by connecting the power adapter to the Openview decoder. This is done by simply connecting your power supply adapter to your decoder. When you’ve connected it to a power source, use your remote to turn off the decoder, if it was already turned on.

Step 2

Connect the Openview Connect hub. Your OV connect hub is the spherical white base that hosts your OV connect dongle. You can connect it to the decoder by plugging its USB cable into the USB port at the back of your OV decoder. Also, be sure to insert the OV data dongle into the OV connect hub.

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Step 3

Turn on the decoder. Once your decoder is on, wait for 5 seconds for the Openview data dongle to initialise and connect to the appropriate network. Make sure your TV is turned on and set to the proper AV input or HDMI selection. This is to ensure that you can follow up on the initialisation process which will be displayed on the screen once you turn on the decoder.

Step 4

Activate the data dongle. To do this: press menu on your remote control; go to “Settings;” go to “WiFi Hotspot Status;” press “OK” to select. This will display an OTP prompt on the screen. To get your OTP, dial *120*6843# and enter the Hardware ID (HW ID) displayed at the back of your Openview dongle. Enter the generated OTP and press “OK” to confirm and activate your dongle.

Step 5

Recharge your Openview connect account. OV Connect’s ISP is Vodacom. To recharge your OV Connect account, navigate to “Recharge” under the “WiFi Hotspot Status” option, and press “OK.” Enter the number on the recharge voucher and press “OK” to activate. You can also load data on your dongle online or via USSD using the mobile number displayed in the “Home Network Status” page, under “WiFi Hotspot Status.”

Step 6

Connect your devices to the internet. Once everything is set, you can connect any device (such as a smartphone, tablet, iPad, or laptop) to your OV Hotspot using a username and password. You can find your username (also known as SSID) and password in the “Home Network Status” page, under “WiFi Hotspot Status.”

Openview Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot Specifications

WiFi Hotspot2.4 GHz
Connectivity4G LTE
Connection Speed150 Mbps
Compatible decodersNA9200, KSTB2143, and KSTB2184.
ISP ProviderVodacom

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Openview Connect Data Bundles

Bundle SizePriceValidity
50MBR51 Hour
1GBR121 Hour
20MBR51 Day
60MBR91 Day
100MBR151 Day
250MBR271 Day
1GBR291 Day
100MBR177 Days
250MBR357 Days
500MBR607 Days
1GBR807 Days
2GBR1207 Days
50MBR1230 Days
200MBR2930 Days
350MBR4930 Days
500MBR6930 Days
1GBR8530 Days
2GBR15930 Days
3GBR22930 Days
5GBR34930 Days
10GBR46930 Days
20GBR69930 Days

Zero-rated Browsing on OV connect

With Vodacom’s ConnectU, you can visit zero-rated websites for free. Even when you have no data bundle, you can still browse the internet using Vodacom’s ConnectU platform. This will give you access to sites on health, jobs, social content, and education.

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ConnectU is already a well-known feature among Vodacom customers. Well, the good news is that it will also work when you are using the Openview Connect Wi-Fi.

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Where can I buy Openview Connect Internet Dongle?

You can buy Openview Connect dongle at Checkers Hyper, PNP Hyper, or from Search Your Deal. The PVR stick will also be available there. It is advisable to buy from a partner store in order to get 10 gigabytes of free data.

How much is Openview connect?

The internet WiFi dongle costs R599 only. You can get it at any Openview service outlet near you or any of the stores mentioned above.

How do I connect my smartphone to Openview Connect Hotspot?

To connect your smartphone to the Openview connect WiFi Hotspot, go to Settings and locate the “WiFi” option under “Network & Internet” on your smartphone and turn it on. Find your Open view connect WiFi name and select it. Enter the password for your decoder and connect to the internet.

What is my Wi-Fi Hotspot name and password?

You will find your Openview connect WiFi Hotspot name (also known as SSID) and password under the “Home Network Status.” Press the Menu button on your remote, navigate to “Settings,” select “WiFi Hotspot Status,” and then select “Home Network Status.” There you will find your WiFi name (SSID) and password.

How do I check my Openview Connect data balance?

To check your data balance, Press the “Menu” button on your remote, navigate to “Settings,” select “WiFi Hotspot Status,” and then select “Balance.”

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Why is my internet not connecting?

Connection errors are either caused by an empty balance or a poor connection. Start by checking your balance. If you still have data, check your signal strength. If your signal strength is low, it could be caused by bad weather or a faulty connection. If the weather is okay, check and ensure that the dongle is properly connected then restart your decoder.

Caution: While checking for faulty connections, disconnect Openview from the power source to avoid damaging the device or electrocuting yourself.

How many devices can I connect to my Hotspot?

You can connect up to 10 devices on your Openview Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot.

How far can the connectivity go?

Your WiFi router can go as far as 150 feet. Since you will be using your decoder indoors, this is the approximate distance it can cover.

How do I recharge my Dongle online?

To recharge or load data online, use the mobile number linked to the Vodacom sim card in your dongle. Using your mobile number, you can recharge online using a banking app or any other top-up service.

How do I recharge my Dongle using USSD?

Using your local bank’s USSD feature, you can recharge or load data to your dongle. Initialise USSD banking and follow the prompts to buy data for the mobile number linked to the sim card in your dongle.

What is my Openview connect mobile number?

To find the mobile number connected to the sim card in your Openview Connect dongle, press “Menu” on your remote control, navigate to “Settings” and select “WiFi Hotspot Status.” There you will find your OV connect mobile number.

How much is Openview at Pep Stores?

The price for an Openview decoder at Pep Stores is R599. A 64gb PVR stick costs R299 and a 32gb PVR stick costs R199.

35 thoughts on “Openview Connect: Get Internet Service for Your Home”

    1. It depends on what you’ll be using: if you use the decoder only, you can do without the Vodacom coverage. But if you need to use the internet on Openview, you’ll have to get the Vodacom coverage through the Openview internet dongle.

    1. Since you said you stay in a different country, I recommend you follow the same steps as outlined above, but use any of the ISPs available in your region for the setup. You can check with either Vodacom, Comnet or Econet.

  1. I just want to know…if I got an ovh decoder and buy the dongle ..can I unplug the dongle and plug it in maybe in someone else’s decoder who does not have a dongle but a smart TV ..

  2. I have if ovhd. And a normal tv, not smart tv. Can this product turn my tv into smart tv? So that I can Google, youtube etc

  3. Rick Solomuzi Mkhwanazi

    Will the Openview WiFi work if use it to connect to another decoder, specifically DStv Explora, without buying the Openview decoder?

    1. Hi, Rick. Sincere apologies for the late reply. This is a great idea. Nonetheless, the problem is that while setting up OV connect, you’ll need to activate the data dongle and to do this, you’ll need to follow certain instructions and key them into your OV decoder to complete the process. So unless you have a way to bypass that, you won’t be able to use the OV connect WiFi with a DStv Explora.

      The simple answer to your question is: No, the Openview WiFi won’t work with a DStv Explora.

  4. Good day, will I be able to watch netflix on my TV if I have the openview dongle? So I buy the dongle, at one of the shops, I install it, do I still have to buy monthly data bundles?
    Thank you

    1. Good day, Scaife! How are you today?

      Connecting Openview won’t be a problem. All other devices and softwares will work just fine, you just have to connect them properly.

      For the second question, you may be eligible for 10 Gigabytes of free data. But when you exhaust the free bundle, you will have to start buying data bundles to continue using OV internet. Please scroll up to see the data bundle/pricing table in the article.

    1. Hi, Elvis!

      You’ll have to find a way to get better signal else you may not enjoy the product.

      But there are situations where a router or an internet dongle like OV connect, can boost the signal. That being said, there’s no way of telling unless you test it.

      And unless you have a way of testing OV connect’s internet connectivity without buying it, it’s still a gamble as it stands and you’ll have to decide if you can spend the money on it and then maybe have to sell it out if it doesn’t work as expected.

  5. I am already on contract with Telkom for my WiFi signal, will this work on the new decoder, also I already have a Openview decoder with the PVR and should I buy the New decoder
    Thank you.
    (Email and phone number shielded by website administrator)

    1. Hi, Vernon D.!

      Openview Connect is using Vodacom and OV connect comes with it’s internet dongle. However, if you have a way of connecting your Telkom to your OV decoder, then go ahead.

      As for the decoder, the compatible models are NA9200, KSTB2143, and KSTB2184.

      Check your decoder model and let me know.

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