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How to Troubleshoot, Program, and Reset your DStv A6 Remote Control

A dstv a6 remote control

It’s been a hectic day and you’ve managed to escape the chaos and run back home for your favourite TV programme – a heated UCL match or one of those mind-blowing TV shows. Getting home with that zeal, you sort of magically appear in the living room and the first thing you pick up is your DStv A6 remote.

Then you simultaneously switch on your decoder and TV set before getting yourself a nice sitting position. At this point, you can’t take your eyes off the TV and decoder as you can barely wait for them to come on. Meanwhile, your thumb is randomly dancing around the OK and Grid buttons.

Finally, everything is properly loaded and you quickly try to select your favourite TV channel. But just then, your remote refuses to respond. You apply more pressure on the buttons and even try to shake it to get it to work but nothing happens. And in a matter of seconds, all your excitement has turned into fury.

Hey! Don’t break your remote just yet. Every problem has a solution. Here is how to fix, program, and reset a faulty DStv A6 remote to bring it back to life.

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A6 Remote not Working

Your remote could malfunction for several reasons. When it is an A6, there are a few things to check and a few changes you can apply to make it work again.

If your A6 remote is not working, the problem with your device could be any of the following:

  • a connectivity problem;
  • weak or dead batteries;
  • broken or sticky buttons;
  • wrong programming instructions.
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Whatever the case may be, here’s what you can do.

Quick fix for your DStv A6 Remote

  1. Clear the line of sight between your remote and the decoder by removing any object that may be in front of your decoder.
  2. Weak or dead batteries can be a problem for your remote. Replace the batteries in your remote and test it again.
  3. If it won’t work but the green light is still blinking, press and hold the INFO button for three seconds to restore it to mode 1. If this doesn’t work, reset it and clear programming.
  4. If some buttons are not working or the remote is completely dead, open it, clean it, dry the parts and put them back again. Test your remote. It should work now.

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How to Program DStv A6 Remote

In this section, we’ll look at how to go about a DStv A6 remote programming. The programming features will help you save specific instructions to your remote and decoder so you can create a controlled and customized recording and viewing experience for yourself. Let’s start with the mode switching feature.

How to Switch Modes

Your device can function primarily in three modes: 1, 2 and 3, where mode 1 is the default mode. Here is how to switch modes on an A6 remote control.

To switch to mode 1, press and hold the INFO (i) button for 3 seconds. To switch to mode 2, press and hold the BACK button for 3 seconds. Finally to switch to mode 3, press and hold both INFO and BACK buttons for 3 seconds.

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How to reset DStv A6 remote

You will need both hands when carrying out a reset. Here is how to delete all programming on your remote and reset it to factory settings.

  1. Press and hold ARC and STANDBY buttons for 3 seconds.
  2. While holding the ARC button, release the STANDBY button.
  3. While holding the ARC button, press 9949.
  4. Finally, release the ARC button to complete the reset.

Remote Functions

There are myriad functions and combinations on your A6 remote. Putting all of them in a single programming article will make things very confusing.

To learn the functions, you’ll have to make use of the manual. Follow the underlined link displayed here to download the resource: DStv A6 remote guide. If you still can’t find what you need, download the advance manual here: Advanced A6 remote Manual pdf.

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Just like any other electronic device, a DStv remote control can also get broken. Sometimes everything on the remote including the LEDs will stop working. At other times, certain buttons will malfunction.

Let’s consider the partial disfunction. When the disfunction is partial, some buttons such as the volume, zoom, and pause buttons may malfunction.

At other times, you may find it skipping or changing channels on its own. These partial problems are usually caused by a dirty circuit board or sticky buttons. In such cases, you’ll have to open up the remote to fix this. See the article on how to fix DStv remotes to learn more.

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Also, remember your A6 remote can only work with your DStv Explora decoder. If you want it to work with another device like your TV set, you’ll have to programme it to start using timed sequences and relays.

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