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How to Troubleshoot, Program, and Reset your DStv B6 Remote Control

A DStv B6 Remote Control

Whether you just bought a new DStv you’re trying to get your head around your remote or you have an issue you want to fix, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to program, troubleshoot, and reset a B6 remote.

Note this: When programming your remote, follow the instructions carefully. If you make a mistake, start all over and if possible, clear programming to make sure you don’t install the wrong instructions on your device.

DStv B6 Remote not working

If your DStv remote is not working, here are a few things you can do to fix it.

  1. Give the remote a clear path to the decoder.
  2. Try changing batteries.
  3. Reset the remote. This will clear all programming and restore it to its default state.
  4. Open the remote and clean it.
  5. If it still won’t work, buy a new remote.

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Remote Flickering Red

Solving this problem can sometimes be as easy as replacing your batteries. If that does not work, try to reset the remote. If both options fail, the ultimate solution is to carry out full repairs on your remote. You can learn how to do that in troubleshooting a DStv remote.

DStv B6 Remote Programming

There are lots of functions when it comes to programming a remote. What you want to achieve with programming will determine the combination of functions. A B6 remote can be programmed in several ways for your Decoder and your TV as well.

Programming a DStv Remote control for your TV Set

DStv B6 remote programming with a TV remote
Place the remotes on a flat surface, making them to face each other at a distance of about 1 centimeters.

Dstv remotes like the A6, B6, and others can be programmed to work with your television. The B6 even has built-in functions that allow it to work with some Sony TVs right out of the box. Here is how to make your B6 remote work with your TV set. This will allow you to turn on/off your TV and also control its TV/AV mode.

Standby buttons on DStv B6 remote
B6 standby/power buttons.
  1. Press and hold both ARC and TV standby button for at least three seconds. Release them when the power button flashes twice before showing solid red. This puts the remote in a programming mode.
  2. Press the TV standby button. The LED will change to orange. At this point, the B6 is ready to receive power on/off instructions from your TV remote.
  3. Now put your TV remote directly opposite your DStv remote and press the power button on your TV remote. Your DStv remote will flash green and go back to red.
  4. Now press the power/standby button on your DStv remote to save programming.
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Now you can switch your TV in and out of standby mode with your newly programmed DStv remote. If you have other devices such as a sound system, you could try to programme your B6 to make it work with these devices too. However, please note that your DStv remote is not a universal remote and may not work with other devices in your home.

How to reset DStv B6 remote

Carrying out a reset on your remote is easy. Note that resetting your B6 will clear all programming you have installed prior to this time. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Hold both the ARC and the TV Standby buttons till the LED blinks twice. This usually happens in about 3 seconds.
  • Then press 2 or any other number between 2 and 9. The LED will blink green a few times to confirm the reset.

At this point your reset is complete and every programming you set on the remote will be removed. So if you had any settings on it and you’re not sure how to get rid of it, a simple reset will clear programming and get your remote back to its default state.


There are a lot of functions on our devices that can make using them a lot easier but most of us do not know how to find and make use of these functions. Articles like this will help you learn more about your B6 remote control and how to make the most of it.

And when it comes to durability, Multichoice items are durable but they can only last long if you take good care of them.

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