Common DStv Decoder Problems and Helpful Solutions

A DStv decoder

Is your DStv Decoder giving you problems and making it harder for you to have fun? Don’t pout. Every problem has a solution. Here are the common DStv decoder problems and helpful solutions you can apply to solve them.

I’ve also included PDF formats of DStv decoder manuals at the end of the article and several ways to care for your decoder so they can perform better and last longer.

While I do recommend getting the help of a professional when you need to, do well to observe the steps they take to test and fix your decoder. Some of them may try to get you to buy a new decoder even when the old one is still working so make sure you keep an eye on things when you are getting help.

You could also learn one or two skills that will help if you find yourself in a similar situation when they are not around.

Here are the most common decoder problems and the DIY steps you can take to fix them. Feel free to drop a comment if you need more help.

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Decoder Showing an Orange Light only

If your decoder is showing an orange light and refuses to respond to any changes you make to it, then your device is either damaged or the power supply is malfunctioning.

At first, resist the urge to buy a new power supply or decoder right away. Start by testing your decoder with another power supply to see if it will work. You can do it at a friend’s place or take it to a Multichoice service outlet and watch them check it for you.

If the problem is with the power supply, replace it. If the decoder is damaged and it is still within the warranty date, ask the agents to replace it for you. Also, if you have been paying for your insurance, you could get a new decoder without having to pay for it.

Decoder not working after Loadshedding

If your dstv decoder is refusing to start properly after loadshedding and is showing the orange light and probably blinking red and green, here is what you can do. Press and hold the power button on the decoder for about 30 seconds. The lights will blink and the device will load and start properly.

If this does not work, remove and put back the HDMI properly and test it again.

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DStv Decoder Blinking Yellow Light

If your decoder is blinking or showing you a yellow light and is also refusing to power on properly, take it to a service outlet and inspect it as they check it for you. Most times this will solve the problem and you won’t have to pay anything.

However, if that doesn’t solve it, you can always have them check the device and rectify the fault. Remember to use your warranty or insurance coverage before going ahead to pay for anything.

DStv Decoder Blinking Red Light

If your decoder is blinking red or giving red flashes, you most likely have a power supply problem. Firstly, test your decoder with a new power supply adapter. If it works, buy it and replace the old one.

I do recommend testing the device first because if you don’t, you may end up buying a new power supply for no reason. Performing a test will help you confirm the source of the problem and the best solution for it.

But if you do not have the time, go ahead and get a new power supply as this is known to be the most common cause of red flashes on a decoder.

DStv Decoder not switching on

If you can’t power on or switch on your decoder properly, there could be a lot of reasons why you are unable to do so. Start by checking the light on the decoder. Depending on the lights that are showing or flashing as the case may be, you will be able to tell what the problem is so you can find the proper fix for it.

When it comes to the kind of lighting you have on the decoder, there is no generic solution for this, if you are specifically having trouble switching on the decoder, here is what you can do.

Press and hold the power button on the decoder for about 30 seconds, doing so until the lights begin the blink. Once the lights blink, the decoder will boot and resume loading. If this does not work, test the power supply and replace it with a new one. Most times changing the power supply adaptor will fix the problem.

But if there are no lights at all on the decoder, it means that the decoder is either faulty or not getting any supply of power.

Start by checking the power supply. Check the adapter first. Is there a light on the adapter? If the answer is yes, then it’s probably working (that is, supplying power) but the decoder is not functioning. Now, remove the power supply from the decoder, wait a few seconds, fix it back firmly then check the decoder again.

If the adapter is working properly but you are not seeing any lights at the front then it simply means that you have a faulty decoder and you need to replace it.

DStv Decoder Not scanning

Scanning prompt

Are you stuck at 0% and wondering why your DStv decoder is not scanning? Here are a few suggestions that could help:

Faulty LNB. This can be a problem. Inspect your LNB and be sure it is still in good condition. It could have been damaged for some reason, one of them being lightning. And if there is a wound on it, then that could allow water inside it. In that case, there’s a good chance it has gotten wet and damaged if it has been raining.

If the LNB is faulty, get a new one, but make sure it is compatible with your DStv so it can work properly.

Due to the technical details involved, I recommend getting the services of a professional installer when you are changing your LNB.

If your device is not scanning, the problem could also be the RF cable. Either the cable is damaged or not properly connected. Inspect it. Make sure it is in good condition and is also well-connected. Once you are done, reboot your decoder and try scanning it again.

If all your efforts fail, then it could also be the alignment of the dish. Something may have caused the dish to shift from its original position. If that’s the case, correct it or contact an installer to fix it for you.

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What to do if your decoder gets wet

If your DStv decoder gets wet, the first thing to do is to get it out of the liquid as fast as you can. If the water or liquid collects inside the device, find an outlet and drain it out immediately.

Once this is done, quickly find an electronic technician who can open and dry it for you. It would be great if you find a DStv agent but any electronic technician can help you dry it if you are stranded.

Don’t allow the liquid to remain inside it because it will begin to spoil the electronic components inside the device. Also, do not just try to put it under the sun or in front of a fan as some people do when their phones get wet.

This is wrong. If the water has gotten inside the decoder, some portions will not get dried unless opened and dried properly with a suitable heating or drying equipment.

Important Safety Measures for your DStv Decoder

  • Proper ventilation is recommended. Do not place anything on or around the decoder, thereby cutting off airflow to the device. Make sure it gets proper ventilation and do not block the holes and openings that allow air into the decoder. A constantly overheated decoder can develop faults.
  • Always disconnect your DStv before cleaning. Also, use a dry cloth to avoid getting water or moisture into the device.
  • Do not move or disconnect your DStv decoder while it is switched on or during a recording. This can cause damage to the decoder’s internal hard disk.
  • Whenever you put off the decoder, wait for at least 30 seconds before disconnecting the cables.
  • Make sure no liquid gets into your device. If your decoder gets wet by accident, quickly locate an electronics technician so they can open it and dry it for you.
  • Always use recommended power supply adapters. An incompatible power supply may damage your device.
  • Never attempt to service or repair the decoder on your own. Unless you are a trained technician you may end up biting more than you can swallow. Try not to get choked.
  • Use a proper earthing installation to guard against lightning.

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Helpful Resources on DStv Decoders

Here are links to DStv decoder manuals in PDF:

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        1. Hi, Sammy! If you look at the article you’ll see I recommend you test your decoder with a new power supply first before buying. If you only go out there and purchase a new one you may end up finding out you still have another problem. Please, always try to read our articles properly before taking action.

          At this point, I recommend you take out the decoder so a DStv agent can work on it. Again, it would be nice to check it at a trusted electronics shop first to see if they can fix it for you. Because there is a good chance a certain agent will just recommend you buy a new decoder even when the new one can be fixed. Best of luck, Sam.

        1. Disconnect the power supply and leave for some time, then reconnect and check. Also, check the video cable, audio cable, and coaxial cable from the dish. If the problem persists, then you’ll have to take it out for testing.

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