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What’s the Difference Between DStv Compact and Compact Plus?

Difference between DStv Compact and Compact Plus

It is common for new and sometimes even old DStv customers to get confused about DStv Compact and Compact Plus. Even search engines get confused as well as they sometimes give results for Compact Plus when the user was in fact searching for Compact.

It’s time to clear the confusion. Just like other packages, DStv Compact and Compact Plus are two different packages and they both carry different entertainment features and prices.

When going through the items in the list of subscription plans, you’ll always find Compact Plus next to Compact. No DStv packages are separating these two plans in the pecking order. As such, when selecting a package, it is easy to get confused about the one you should go for.

So what are the things that make these two packages different from each other? A deeper analysis of Compact Plus and Compact will give us the best answer to this question.

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DStv Compact vs Compact Plus

The obvious difference between these two packages is that when it comes to entertainment, Compact Plus is bigger, and consequently more expensive than Compact.

The comparison table below will give you a clearer view of the packages:

PackageDStv CompactDStv Compact Plus
Channels215 channels234 channels
Duration30 days30 days

Upgrade and Downgrade

With DStv, you can only upgrade from a lower package to a higher package and you can only downgrade from a higher package to a lower package.

How does this work with DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus? It’s simple. One of the primary differences between the two packages is that DStv Compact Plus is higher and bigger than DStv Compact. Consequently, you can only upgrade from Compact to Compact Plus and you can only downgrade from Compact Plus to Compact.

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Compact Plus is bigger and also more expensive than Compact. The former is priced at R549 per month while the latter goes for R429 per month. Both packages have a life span of 30 days. However, depending on your location country-wise, the price of the packages may be slightly lower or higher.


Compact Plus has more channels (234 channels) than Compact which has 215 channels. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better. If you carry out a little research, you may find the smaller package to be the perfect fit for your budget and entertainment needs.

But you don’t have to go scouring web pages on the internet for information. You can find all you need about these two packages here on We have put together two thick and detailed resources on these two packages. Follow the links below to read them:

DStv Compact or Compact Plus: Which one should you choose?

comparing DStv Compact and Compact Plus

With over 6 plans to choose from, selecting the perfect package is a very common issue among DStv subscribers. But this becomes a very easy choice to make when you focus on two of the most important elements: Pricing and Available Channels.

There is no “one size fits all” DStv package. But when you consider just two things: (1) the price and (2) the channels available, making the right choice can turn out to be very easy and fun-filled.

Here are the things you should consider when choosing a DStv package:

  • How much are you willing to spend on entertainment? When you know how much your budget allows you to spend on entertainment, choosing between the two packages becomes a lot easier.
  • Does the Package contain the channels you love? Secondly, you also need to check the channels list to see if the package has all the channels you love. When you consider the pricing and entertainment features, you will find it easier to select the best DStv package.
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I recommend checking out the resources below for the complete and updated channels list for these two packages:

Are you subscribed to any of the two packages? Drop a comment below to let us know your best package and why you love it.

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