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How to Unlock 200+ Free-To-Air Channels on DStv HD Decoder

Young woman setting up free-to-air channels on a DStv HD decoder

Would you love to get more channels on your DStv at no extra cost? I bet you do. But a lot of people do not know how to go about it. In this article, you will learn how to unlock free-to-air (FTA) channels on your DStv HD decoder in a few simple steps.

Before we get started, here are the items you need to get free channels on your DStv:

  • A DStv HD decoder with MPEG-4 capabilities, installed on is20 satellite. You will need a decoder with MPEG-4 capabilities for free to air channels. If you are not using an MPEG-4 capable decoder, you won’t receive audio on most channels.This is why many people complain of sound after setting up free-to-air channels.
  • A remote control compatible with DStv HD decoders. That could be an A7, a B5, B7, an all-in-one DStv remote or any other compatible remote control.

Now let’s get started installing those channels. Don’t forget to check out our FTA sports channels.

How to Install Free-To-Air Channels on DStv HD Decoder

The following settings will take you through step by step on how to get free channels on HD.


Go to Menu by pressing the Blue “DStv” button.


Then select Settings and go to Satellite Settings.


Select Additional Networks.


On Additional Networks, you will find Networks numbered from 1 to 5. Do not change any frequencies on Network #1. Simply put “YES” where there is “NO.” You will start changing the settings from Network 2 all the way to Network 5.


  • Go to Network 2 and apply the following changes:
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FREQUENCY11514 or 11170
POLARISATIONVertical OR Horizontal

Then apply Scan this (Scan all✖).

  • Apply the following settings to NETWORK 3:

Apply Scan this✔ (Scan all✖)

  • Make the following changes to NETWORK 4 for Eagle TV and more.

Apply Scan this✔ (Scan all✖).

  • Apply these to NETWORK 5:
Enable NetworkYes
Symbol Rate1600

Once you are done, press “Options” on your remote. Locate Channel Group and change it from “My DStv Channels” to “All Channels.” Save your changes, then press 100 and scroll left, you will see all the channels that are coming before channel 100.

The channel numbers for the added channels will carry four digits.

Are you having trouble setting up Free channels?

Sometimes you may find that the decoder won’t scan automatically. If this happens and it’s showing you that your parameters are incorrect, it means one of two things: either (1) your signal strength is low or (2) your LNB is not properly positioned.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to find a certified dish installer at your location to assist you.

Are you not getting sound on free channels? After setting up free channels on DStv, you may find that some channels are muted. Most of these channels will appear 2 to 3 times on the channels list. One will have audio and the other will be muted. Find the one that comes with audio and select it.

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The other apparent reason you may not get audio is using the MPEG-2 decoder. Most channels won’t give you sound on such a decoder and the setting may not even work. Upgrade to a modern MPEG-4 DStv HD decoder for best results.

This is because in the last two years, 2021 and 2022, most FTA channels have taken up new audio encryption technologies. To conquer these settings and get proper sound, you need a good decoder and the best signal strength for the frequency you’re using.

If you are having problems with the free channels set up, drop a comment below. Have fun!

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253 thoughts on “How to Unlock 200+ Free-To-Air Channels on DStv HD Decoder”

  1. Hi.
    I have paid my subscription but before that I used to watch free channels. There’s E04-4 since yesterday and it’s failing to connect! The addition network is not there again, only Home network. What should I do?

    1. Hi, Shadreck. We’re actually living in interesting times with DStv. The fact is, DStv has removed the Additional Networks setting and have sent software updates to all compatible decoders. We have a few solutions you can try. Please visit the home page at and you’ll find the article.

  2. Hi Kemy,
    Thanks for your kind assistance. I managed to get the free channels but they’re not working. It says this channel is blocked because it’s unavailable on your package or your subscriber is suspended. What do I do in this case?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Mr P. First of all, ensure you have scanned all the frequencies provided. Also, Check and be sure you are connecting to IS20. If you’ve done these and it’s still not working, then you’ll need an installer to help you get the free channels.

  3. Hi Mr Robert

    My name is Akani, thanks for your help, I managed to get the free to air channels, I know that some of the channels don’t have sound, there’s this particular channel that i love so much and it also doesn’t have sound, it is channel 1350 (Blessed tv).

    Any chance you can help me get the sound, even if it’s just for this channel only.


  4. Please, I tried these settings but they couldn’t work for me. It indicates that my network parameters are incorrect. The quality too shows nothing. Are there any unique settings for the HD decoders?

    1. Hi, Stephen. The primary problem here is that the parameters are not for your country. This error message comes up when the FTA codes are not compatible with the network. It also appears when your signal strength is poor.

  5. Hi, I’m using model 8s decoder. I want to add the free channels on my dstv and also I’m currently subscribed to family package.

    In case I made an error. Does it affect my current subscription?

    1. Hi, Mcmorlac! It won’t affect your subscription. Just follow the instructions carefully and don’t make changes to Network 1. Start with Network 2 as outlined in the article above.

  6. May you kindly assist. On network 2 it’s showing a signal after scanning I’m having channels like F2324 which cannot play.

    Also when I tried adding the details for network three. It’s showing an on and off signal then refuses to scan may you kindly assist.

  7. Hello bro, after finishing all the settings, it’s telling me that “this channel is blocked because it is unavailable on your package or your subscription is suspended.” Please, help me out.

  8. Hola, Eke! I’m using an HD 8S Decoder and I need your help with eTV channel and SABC channel frequencies, my guy.

  9. Is free to air accessible to zee-world, nollywood tv, and other action movies? If yes, what are the names of these channels and it frequencies?

  10. Wow setting work perfectly. May the Lord use you and bless you more. I can now access a lot of Christian TV channels. Thank you much appreciated

    1. Hi, Elijah. It probably a signal issue. Enter the settings again and rescan.

      If the channels are not back, get an installer to check it for you. The dish may have shifted or maybe for some other reason your signal is not strong enough.

  11. Hi Mr Robert, I must say I find this quite interesting. You’re doing a great job, I really appreciate you on this. Please I haven’t tried these settings (am just coming across them now), but I would like to ask how would I know if my decoder is MPEG-4 capable for better channel audio? I can’t find it written on my decoder. I currently have a Dstv decoder HD model 8S and a model B8 remote. Am I good to go, sir? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, Kenny! We’ve not had much luck with model 8S decoders. But it’s a modern decoder and I’m sure it is capable of decoding any kind of signal. Try out the settings and let me know how it goes so I can give you more information.

      1. Hello! Okay, thanks for your swift response, Mr Robert. How are you doing today? I tried all the settings from Network 1 – 5 as instructed but unfortunately, I can’t understand why the “Save This” button option won’t click, it’s not effective on all the settings I tried. Please is there still hope or do I need to get a specific decoder? I have screenshots sir, maybe that can allow you to assist better. Thanks.

  12. Hi, I’m Herijuel! I have followed all steps but can’t still get any FTA channels. What could be the problem, please?

  13. Hi bro, Henrick here. I am using the DStv Hd decoder, which satellite can be used to track those FTA channels? Also, can I get sports channels through this configuration?

  14. Good evening. Are there settings for channel 195 on dstv? They are stopping all the sabc channels from the end of this month and we’re watching a series on channel 195. I don’t know what the channel number is in Openview.

    1. Hi, Dyvnn!

      To unblock PG:

      1. Select Press the Menu button to display the Menu
      2. Go to Settings
      3. Select Parental Control
      4. Select PG settings
      5. Enter your PG PIN
      6. Set Global Blocking to “No Block”
      7. Go to Select Block Channels and choose “Unblock All Channels”
      8. Then use the menu or back button to exit the interface.

      Your channels should be cleared now.

  15. Hi brother may I thank you for your vast tech knowledge first.
    I’m using an STB model HS 6100
    Problem is it does not play SABC And ETV channels it only shows or plays FTA CHANNELS Plus all radio stations.
    It desplays Error 67 when I’m trying to use SABC And ETV channels.
    What can I do

    1. Hi, Andrew. The channels will play even when you have no active subscription. However, SABC frequencies are not working for everyone at the moment. Finish the settings and let me know how it goes.

  16. Hi ekemini i have tried to install the free network but they couldn’t i dont know why because i m using HD Decoder and the dish is lS20 pls email me my brother for help

  17. Thnk you for your help, So by the way is there any help that you can assit me with because I tried to double and thrice the channels bt all of them do not have the audios or there is no solution for that

  18. Thank you for these helpful tips. Can I use the same codes you posted? Cox I did but it’s not working. Please help me out thanks

  19. Hie i am using Dstv Is20 6s and most of may free channels are not producing sound thus btv, now, btv test, Africa XP Promo, Afriwood, Romanza, True African, Lol

    1. Yes, Lwazi, it is legal. Free-To-Air channels can be viewed by anyone with the right equipment. The DStv decoder you bought is your own. You also bought the dish and LNB. Now that they are yours you can use them however you want, even to receive free channels. Please see this article on FTA channels to learn more.

  20. Hello sir i haven’t paid the dstv so i have been following your instructions my decorder is dsvt HD model 65 but nothing works for me

  21. Hi,thanks for your informative articles,I have a dstv decoder dsd 1132 and I have tried hard to add channels but after scanning it reverts to channel 100.Am I missing something plis help.

  22. I have a dstv decoder dsd 1132 or dsd3u,will it work to install fta channels.Also can you recommend me the best fta decoder to watch channels like TRT World,

  23. Hello there
    I am using IS20 in SA and I want to get Chosen TV ,I have done what the article says but I still can’t find it other Christian channels have been added though but not Chosen TV channel ,please help me out

    1. Hi, Kinfe! Unless you’re willing to redirect your dish to the Eutelsat 8 West B satellite, you won’t be able to get KanaTV on a DStv installation. Note that doing this will make you lose most or all of your DStv channels.

          1. Thank you for all the information. As an installer I’ve learned a lot, would love to learn more, sir.

      1. Hello, Deon. It’s not a code you need to enter. It is just the channel number for the free channels. Unlike your regular DStv channels that come with 3 digits, the FTA channels carry four digits.

      1. Frequencies for Zodiak TV, Times TV, and Mibawa TV on DStv:

        Zodiak TV:
        Frequncy: 11888
        Polarisation: Vertical
        Modulation: DVB-S
        Symbol Rate: 30000
        FEC: 5/6

        Times TV:
        Frequency: 11888
        Polarisation: Vertical
        Modulation: DVB-S
        Symbol Rate: 30000
        FEC: 5/6

        Mibawa TV:
        Frequency: 11928
        Polarisation: Vertical
        MOdulation: DVB-S
        Symbol Rate: 30000
        FEC: 5/6

          1. You won’t find premium sports channels on free frequencies. That being said, you will still find a few sport channels on the free frequencies above. Follow the instructions in the article to set up your system for the free channels. You find just what you need.

    1. Hi, I have installed an old PVR decoder. I haven’t subscribed for DStv.
      How can I get free to air channels especially radio Islam ( need the frequencies and all settings).
      Channel 100 working perfectly.

      Thank you

    2. Hi. Is it true that new decoders are locked and cannot access public channels? I was told by the installer that only on explora and old decoders can be accessed.

    3. Why the channels that have added none of them is playing….should I search again??
      Many of the channels have added but none of them are showing……..

      1. It the setting match, yes. You’ll have to try the setting below first. If you don’t find all the SABC channels, let me know so I can send you other SABC frequencies.

        Frequency: 11010
        Ploarisation: Vertical
        Modulation: DVB-S
        Symbol rate: 30000
        FEC: 5/6

        1. Hello, I’m Letting, an installer. I used the frequency 11010/30000. The pictures are OK but the audio is not available. What could be the problem on dstv model 5S HD?

        1. My satellite IS20 but I tried to apply these frequency and symbol rates but still network is not picking but when I check the network status is very good

        1. Hi, I want to add channel Back to Christ TV the symbol Rate is 30.00 Msps. My remote doesn’t allow me to put it. And Msps. Can you please assist?

          1. Hi Robert, I’m kindly asking for correct perimeters to use for free to air channel on DStv decoder model 4S.
            Kind regards.

          1. Here is the SABC 1 settings and frequency on DStv:

            Frequency: 11010
            Polarisation: Vertical
            Modulation: DVB-S
            Symbol Rate: 30000
            FEC: 5/6

            eTV Setting and frequency:

            Frequency: 11474
            Polarisation: Horizontal
            Modulation: DVB-S
            Symbol Rate: 30000
            FEC: 5/6

                  1. Good day my Brother, I use Zappa( IS20) sabc channels says: does not belong to this network, kindly assist 🙏

                  1. Hello there I am using Dstv model 4U decoder and I put in those frequencies but I can’t get SABC 1 and Etv and Btv and F24 don’t have sound why?

                  2. Hi, Robert thanks a lot I managed to get other free channels but I’m failing to get SABC and etv. It says “this decoder does not belong in this network” please assist.

                1. I have a 6s decoder however I’m unlucky it’s stopping on network 4. When I press scan this there is no response.

              1. Dear Sir

                Re dstv FTA settings for christain network called Kruiskyk.

                I have setup the FTA cannels sith the settings get on your website under your topic Unlock fta channels on dstv hd decoder.

                After I scan the networks 2-5 I don’t see the THE AFRIKAANS CHRISTIAN CHANNEL KRUISKYK ON THERE AND ALSO THE NEWS CHANNEL FRANCE 24.


                WERNER KEMP
                GQEBERHA (Prev.Port Elizabdth)


                1. For France TV, use the following settings on one of the Networks:

                  Frequency: 12634
                  Polarisation: Vertical
                  Symbol rate: 16170
                  Modulation: DVB-S2
                  FEC: 5/6

                  For Kruiskyk TV, use the following on one of the Networks:

                  Frequency: 11514
                  Polarisation: Vertical
                  Modulation: DVB-S2
                  Symbol rate: 28750
                  FEC: 1/2

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