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Which DStv Channels will Show the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final?

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The 2021/2022 UEFA Champions League (UCL) experience is set to come to an exhilarating end in Paris. As the custom is for DStv, the UCL final will be aired live on selected SuperSport channels. This article contains the TV programming details on all the Champions League matches, including exact times and the DStv channels that will show the matches.

The UEFA Champions League channels on DStv are SuperSport Grandstand (201), SuperSport Premier League (203), Supersport PSL (202), SuperSport Variety 1 (206) & 2 (207), and SuperSport La Liga (204). Other sports channels will only be able to show repeats and highlights.

The packages that will show the Champions League final include DStv PremiumCompact Plus, and Compact. The final match will be played between Liverpool and Real Madrid at the Stade de France in Paris at 8:00 PM (WAT/GMT +1) which is also 9:00 PM (CAT/SAST).

As usual, most of the matches will be played from around 6:00 PM (WAT/GMT +1) which is also 7:00 PM (CAT/SAST) in the evening. DStv will bring you live matches beginning with the match between Ajax Amsterdam and Besiktas Football Club.

There are lots of top teams on show, which also means we will be having some very exciting clashes right from the start of this competition. If you are using DStv, you are in the right place. All the fixtures and times will be covered here and on our Facebook page also.

Here are some interesting encounters you should look out for in this season’s UCL:

  • Group A: This promises to be a very exciting group right from matchday 1 and the matches you should look out for include PSG/Manchester City, PSG/ RB Leipzig, and RB Leipzig/Manchester City.
  • Group B: The match to look out for in this group is obviously the Liverpool/Atletico Madrid match as the reds will be looking to get their revenge against the Spanish side.
  • Group D: The stand out fixture in this group will certainly be the matches between Real Madrid and Inter Milan.
  • Group E: Bayern Munich/Barcelona is the clash to look out for. It’s kind of hard to forget the 8-2 defeat Barcelona got the last time they face Bayern Munich and the FCB fans will be hoping Koeman’s side can do something to get some respect back.
  • Group H: Now that Allegri is back at Juve, we are expecting to see a very tough Juventus side this season. The UCL fixture to look out for in this group will be the Chelsea/Juventus match.

Which team do you think will win this one? It’s too bad Arsenal did not make it to the Champions League again this year and we are not sure when they will return. Here is my prediction: Manchester City will bounce back to win the trophy for the first time. You don’t think so? Drop your predictions in the comments session.

2022 UEFA Champions League Matches on DStv and the Channels showing them

The final Matchday of the UCL is upon us. Here fixture, kick-off time, venue and the DStv Channels showing the live event.

UEFA Champions League Final: Saturday, 28th May 2022

The UEFA champions league final between Liverpool and Real Madrid will be played in Paris at the Stade de France stadium. The opening ceremony will take place at the same venue and is billed to begin 15 minutes before the match.

Here are the TV programming details for the UCL final on DStv.

UCL FinalKick-off timeChannel
Liverpool vs Real Madrid20:00 (WAT); 21:00 (CAT)SuperSport Premier League and Grandstand

Repeats for the fixture above will begin at 23:00 WAT (that is, GMT+1) and 00:00 CAT (GMT +2). CAT is also the same as SAST.

SuperSport channels showing Champions League today

Now that you know the SuperSport football channels that will be showing the UCL on DStv, finding them shouldn’t be a problem. Here are their numbers on DStv.

SuperSport channelsChannel Number
SuperSport Grandstand201
SuperSport PSL202
SuperSport Premier League203
SuperSport La Liga204
SuperSport Football205
Supersport Variety 1206
Supersport Variety 2207

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UCL on DStv Now and Showmax

If you are not at home, you can stream Champions league matches on DStv Now or on Showmax Pro.

With DStv now, you would need to subscribe to either PremiumCompact Plus, or Compact to see live UCL matches. DStv Now is available on the web and as a mobile app.

Showmax Pro gives you access to the SuperSport channels that will be showing live matches. Sign in to the Showmax Pro platform anytime to start streaming.

2022 UEFA Champions League Final on GOtv

GOtv will also air the UEFA champions league final on the GOtv Max and GOtv Jolli packages. It is recommended you go For Gotv Max because you’ll have more channels to choose from if one goes bad on the final day.

The GOtv channel that will show the live UCL final between Liverpool and Real Madrid is SuperSport Premier League.

Since reactivation can sometimes take up to 12 hours, do well to subscribe 24 hours before time so you don’t miss the live event.

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11 thoughts on “Which DStv Channels will Show the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final?”

  1. I shall be overseas for the UEFA Champions League Final on Saturday 28th May, and will not be able to watch the match live. Do you know if DSTV will repeat the match after it is finished, and (if so)at what time and on what channel it will be shown? Do you know if, having a DSTV Premium contract, I shall be able to pick it up on my laptop or iPhone, whilst overseas (in England)? Thank you. Guy.

    1. Hi, with a Premium contract you’ll surely be able to watch the final and repeats from any part of the world. Simply download the DStv Now app for the Apple app store, and log in with your details to start streaming.

      As for the DStv channels showing the UCL final and repeats, there’s no way of telling for now. There are too many TV programmes DStv needs to schedule before then, as such, they can’t start assigning channels for the final one month before the time.

      But, say, about a week or few days to the final, we’ll know which channels will air the event and the ones that will show the repeat then we’ll update this page with the details. Simply come back here when you need information and we’ll have them ready for you.

      1. Please, my subscription is ending on 23rd of this may, is there a way I can pay half payment just to watch the final match on 28 without paying for the full subscription package for one month.

        If there is no way, except to pay for the full subscription,

        If I decide to subscribe for padi or yanga package instead of my compact plus package, will I still be able to watch the final?

        1. Hi, Ernest. There’s no way you can pay half of the subscription price. DStv has not given us pay as you go till now so don’t expect them to allow you to pay half the money. They have given me a discount. So the first thing you should do is to check MyDStv App first. You may find a discount there. I currently have a 50% discount for the DStv Compact Package. One of the channels on DStv compact will surely air the UCL final so I recommend you go for Compact. For now, it’s hard to tell if you can watch the final on DStv Yanga. We will only know that a couple of days to the event.

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