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Get Mouthwatering Entertainment on AT&T’s DirecTV Ultimate Package

AT&T's DirecTV Ultimate

DirecTV Ultimate has gladdened the hearts of millions of homeowners in America. Although it is a pricey package, many Americans still prefer it to its counterparts.

What is DirecTV Ultimate?

DirecTV Ultimate package comes with 60+ HD channels, 55,000+ On-Demand titles available on DirecTV Stream, 200 hours recording on Genie, thousands of On Demand shows and movies, its own receiver, and an impressive array of exclusive programming from the world of sports and movies.

If you want your channels and programming both on HD and SD, you’re in the right place.

DirecTV has worked hard to make its value TV packages such as DirecTV Ultimate easy very entertaining.

Why it’s the best package for TV lovers

Its performance over the past few years is without a doubt impressive. Over the past 2 years, DirecTV has implemented many optimizations for a high-quality home watching experience.

However, it’s not all just fancy menu design and high definition content.

The functionality and flexibility of DirecTV’s set-top boxes are second to none, allowing owners to customize settings and manage streams for any type of home or mobile viewing.

Many homeowners and businesses even opt to add a home security setup.

Some of the highest praise for the DirecTV Ultimate is based on the sheer range of content available.

Where to get it

The DirecTV Ultimate package is sold through authorized satellite TV providers.

You can also order DirecTV online or buy the Ultimate package from the DirecTV website.

Pricing and Features

DirecTV Ultimate is expensive, as they say. It costs $84.99 when you’re purchasing for the first time. At that price, you’ll get over 200 channels with over 60 HD channels.

And if you prefer the streaming package, you can get DirecTV Ultimate’s streaming deal at $94.99 per month.

Also, you don’t have to miss any episode of your favourite shows. The Genie DVR allows you to record 5 shows at the same and has a storage capacity for up to 200 hours of TV in HD.

However, you have to be realistic when it comes to home entertainment.

For instance, the cost for a Digital cable package with an on-demand program costs $50 per month in some cities. The price for DirecTV Ultimate a single box is $84.99 per month.

That is a savings of $19.99 per month.

But, as you know, DirecTV also has the Choice package that offers similar channels and functions as DirecTV Ultimate, but it has a lesser number of channels compared to Ultimate.

So if the Ultimate package is a little too expensive for you, you can always go for the DirecTV Choice package.

AT&T’s pay-TV service seems good in most aspects and shows its potential to continue delivering exhilarating entertainment in years to come.

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