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Free-to-air (FTA) Sports Channels with Satellite and Frequency

Free to air sports channels

Whether you’re streaming or using cable, premium sports networks can be pricey and it’s the reason many homeowners decide to look for free to air alternatives.

Here are 15+ free to air sports channels where you can get premium sports entertainment, football matches, athletics and more for free.

Many of us pay a lot of money on monthly subscriptions when we can get more channels without having to pay more. This is primarily because a lot of satellite dish owners do not know that at the right frequency, they can hook up to any satellite in the world and receive free-to-air channels.

All you need to do is to get an installer to position your dish and connect it to the satellite you want. Once this is done, you can change the settings and use the right frequency to receive sports channels like the ones you have below.

So if you have everything in place and are ready to get going, use the details below to get free-to-air sports channels.

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Free-To-Air Sports Channels

Here is a collection of free-to-air sports networks with their frequencies, polarisation (POL), registered satellites, satellite position (POS), and symbol rate (SR).

Sports ChannelSatellite (POS)Freq. (POL)SR
Sports ConnectIntelsat 20 (68.5E)12722 (H)30000
Sharjah SportsEutelsat 8 West B (8.0W)11013 (H)27500
CBC SportsAzerSpace (45.0E)11555 (H)30000
SportyStuff TVAstra 2G (28.2E)11538 (V)22000
FreeSportsBelintersat 1 (51.5E)11130 (H)30000
ACI Sport TVHotbird 13C (13.0E)12577 (H)27500
RAI SportEutelsat 5 West B (5.0W)11179 (V)35300
RAI Sport+ HDEutelsat 5 West B (5.0W)11179 (V)35300
Sport ItaliaEutelsat 9B (9.0E)12341 (V)31400
Super TennisBelintersat 1 (51.5E)11130 (H)30000
Top Calcio 24Eutelsat 9B (9.0E)12111 (V)31400
Sport 1Astra 1M (19.2E)12480 (V)27500
Eurosport 1Astra 1L (19.2E)12226 (H)27500
Africa Sports TVEutelsat 16A (16.0E)10804 (H)30000
Trace Sport StarsIntelsat 11 (43.1W)4185 (H)20709
Fox Sports NewsABS 3A (3.0W)10972 (V)30000
Marquee Sports NetworkGalaxy 13 (127.0W)3960 (V)30000
Tennis ChannelGalaxy 13 (127.0W)3960 (V)30000
Claro SportsStar One C411010 (V)27900
PX SportsSES 143965 (R)10416
AI Rabiaa Sport TVEutelsat 8 West B (8.0W)12604 (V)27500

Now that is a long list of sports channels to choose from. We’ll update the list as more channels are released on the satellites.

How to Activate FTA Sports Channels

You can activate FTA sports channels with the right dish installation using a modern decoder with MPEG-4 capabilities. As such, you will need a modern decoder to decode the signals as most modern TV networks have adopted MPEG-4.

You also have to make sure your dish is directed to the right satellite. You will only be able to receive channels from a satellite if your dish is within the transmission range.

Improper dish installation is a common reason many homeowners are unable to receive free channels even when they have the right parameters.

Once you have your installation in place, getting the channels is the easy part.

Caution: Take note of the default settings before making changes so you won’t have problems if you make a mistake during setup.

  • Simply head over to the settings area, change the frequency, polarisation and symbol rate to match the channel(s) you want to receive.
  • Depending on the type of set-top box (that is, decoder) you have, you could have to option to enter several frequencies and matching symbol rates before proceeding to scan for channels.
  • Check your channels list and you will find the free sports channels available on those frequencies.

If you are using a DStv, check this article to learn how to set up free to air channels on your current dish installation.

35 thoughts on “Free-to-air (FTA) Sports Channels with Satellite and Frequency”

  1. Hi on my Dstv Explora there’s no additional network, there’s only home network. How can I get Additional Network I have done all settings but nothing.

    1. Hi, Theresa. DStv recently pushed out an update that removed the Additional Networks option from all Explora decoders. All DStv Explora decoders are reporting the same problem. Based on the information we have now, you will need an HD decoder for the FTA settings to work. However, I recommend you try restoring your Explora to factory settings to see if things change. Please let me know your results when you do that.

  2. Please, I’m an installer, is there any of the above frequencies to which I can get access to watch the world cup? If yes please let me know…

  3. Hi, please… I’m trying to set up free to Air channels.
    Can I use just a 90cm dish and what satellites do I connect to and what is the position and others? Please put me through. Thanks.

      1. Wow, I find this interesting. Is there any free-to-air channel capable of airing some top football league matches, like premiership, la liga, champions league and so on?

          1. King, an installer is a man or lady that comes around to fix your dish and decoder. They’ll climb the roof to put up the dish and then use the necessary tools to find satellite positions for the dish. Then they’ll come down to scan the decoder and make sure everything is working properly.

  4. I tracked belintersat with most of the channels free but they don’t show nor talk, I use a hd decoder, what could be the problem?

    1. Well, depending on the make of your decoder, you may have difficulty receiving channels encoded with modern technology. It may also be caused by the position of your dish or the LNB you are using. I suggest you get a professional dish installer in your area to help you set things up.

      1. Hello am trying to connect to the free to air channels but after entering all the necessary things and I press scan this it’s not showing anything what could be the problem and it’s also showing parameters are probably incorrect what must I do to have them correct because my signal strength is at 100%and my signal quality is at 60%

  5. Hi I’ve been logged to this channels for about a month but after a month those are no longer playing I’m back to 100 again what could be a problem if I may ask?

  6. Thank you for your article. I am Chanda, trying to get FTA Satellite TV channels. As a learner it is not so easy but you are there for us. Keep it up.

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