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How to Activate Free-To-Air Channels on DStv for Eutelsat 36B

DStv free to air channels on E36B

Satellite TV Subscribers hooked up to the Eutelsat 36B (E36B) satellite can now enjoy Free-To-Air channels at no extra cost. If you’re wondering how you can benefit from this information, here is how to activate Free-To-Air channels on a DStv installation using the E36B.

We already have a detailed guide on how to set things up if you are connected to the Intelsat 20 (IS20) satellite. The settings for IS20 do not work in certain countries so be sure to see that article if you are not hooked up to E36B.

What do you need for this setup?

  • You have to ensure that your DStv dish installation is well set up and the signal strength is in the 80s. This is the recommended signal quality so you don’t miss out on receiving a few channels.
  • Also, your decoder must have the MPEG-4 capabilities because most free to air TV networks are now encoding their signals using MPEG-4.
  • You’ll also need a working DStv remote control to make the changes.

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Now let’s get started installing the free channels on your DStv for the E36B satellite.

Setting up FTA channels on DStv for E36B


On your Remote Control, go to Menu by pressing the Blue DStv button.


Navigate to Settings and select Satellite Settings.


On Satellite Settings, select Additional Networks.


On Additional Network, you will find Networks numbered from 1 to 5. Do not touch anything on Network #1. We’ll be making changes on Network #2 all the way to #5.

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  • Apply the following on NETWORK 2:

Then apply Scan this (Scan all✖).

  • Making changes to NETWORK 3:

Apply Scan this✔ (Scan all✖)

  • Make the following changes to NETWORK 4:

Apply Scan this✔ (Scan all✖).

  • Apply these to NETWORK 5:

Then Scan this✔ (Scan all✖)

Now that you’re done entering the settings and frequencies for E36B, change from “My DStv Channels” to “All Channels.” To see the additional free channels you now have, press 100 on your remote, use the directional buttons to navigate to the left and you’ll find the added TV channels with four-digit logical channel numbers.

For subscribers using the HD decoder, see this guide to learn how to unlock free channels on a DStv HD set-top box.

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Free-to-air channels on Eutelsat 36B

Eutelsat 36B satellite is a geostationary satellite operated by EUTELSAT. It was launched over a decade ago and it provides a wide range of services for millions of people across Asia, Russia, Africa and other parts of the globe.

EUTELSAT satellites provides broadband internet services for businesses, as well as free-to-air TV channels to all homes.

A general LNB is capable of receiving analogue signals sent to your home by Astra, Hotbird, Eutelsat or any type of satellite; however, if you want to watch any of the free-to-air channels on E36B you will need an LNB connected to an MPEG-4 DStv decoder.

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These are the kind of DStv decoders that will enable you to decode the signals received from the satellite. Once you have the devices in place, follow the instructions above set things up.

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17 thoughts on “How to Activate Free-To-Air Channels on DStv for Eutelsat 36B”

  1. Hello sir… I have zappa decoder 6s, tracked and installed channels on it, received them (moreplex free channels) but the screen is blank…what could be the problem?
    Using E36B.

    1. No, @Yusuf. Most of the sports channels are from satellites different from Eutelsat. You will need an installer to help you set up specific sports channels that are on other satellites such as Astra, Azerspace, Hotbird and others.

  2. Hello, I’m located in Uganda we use E36B, with the settings Provided network 3 and 4 scanned but 2 and 5 failed due to signal.
    For the channels scanned I can’t watch any of them.
    Any solution, please?

  3. Hi, please after I entered the fields of ntwk 2-5 I mistakenly used “scan all” instead of “scan this” and now nothing is showing, please can you help me out on this?

  4. Hello, I have 100% strength and 82% quality. I have already tried your process but it is telling me my channels are blocked. Can you help me, please?

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