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DStv Padi Channels List 2022

DStv Padi channels list 2022 for customers in Nigeria

After two months of research, we are excited to bring you the complete and updated DStv Padi channels list for 2022. This list is for residents of Nigeria only.

The subscription fee for the Padi package is 2,150 Naira. The DStv Padi has 111 channels, including audio and radio stations. See them below. Here is an overview of what you’ll get when you purchase DStv Padi.

PackageDStv Padi
PriceN2,150 per month
Number of Channels111 channels

DStv Padi Channels list 2022

S/NDStv Padi ChannelsCodes
4.)Africa Magic Hausa156
5.)Africa Magic Yoruba157
6.)Africa Magic Igbo159
7.)Pearl Magic161
8.)Mzansi Bioskop164
9.)Novela Magic165
10.)CBS Justice170
11.)Discovery ID171
12.)National Geographic181
13.)Curiosity Channel185
14.)The History Channel186
17.)SuperSport BLITZ200
19.)NTA I251
23.)LAGOS TV256
25.)Galaxy TV258
26.)Wazobia Max259
27.)1 KZN261
28.)Tshwane TV262
30.)Wasafi TV296
33.)Trace Naija325
34.)Afro Music POP326
35.)URBAN TV328
36.)Trace Gospel332
37.)TRACE Muzika334
39.)Day Star342
40.)TBN Africa343
43.)Eternal Word Television Network348
44.)Dove TV349
45.)Lumen Christi350
46.)Sunna TV351
47.)NTA 2369
48.)NTA Parliament370
49.)Emmanuel TV390
50.)BBC World News400
51.)Parliamentary Service408
52.)Arise News416
53.)TVC News418
54.)NTA News 24419
55.)Channels TV420
56.)Joy News421
57.)CCTV 4447
58.)B4U Movies451
59.)DMX – Adult Contemporary751
60.)DMX – Today’s Hits752
61.)DMX – Y2K Hits753
62.)DMX – 70’s Hits754
63.)DMX – 80’s Hits755
64.)DMX – Familiar Favourites756
65.)DMX – Soft Hits757
66.)DMX – Love Songs758
67.)DMX – Metro Blends759
68.)DMX – Cityscapes760
69.)DMX – Groove Lounge761
70.)DMX – House Party762
71.)DMX – House Party762
72.)DMX – Power Hits763
73.)DMX – Dance764
74.)DMX – Trots Afrikaans765
75.)DMX – Campus Rock766
76.)DMX – Alternative767
77.)DMX – Hard Rock768
78.)DMX – Classic Rock769
79.)DMX – Golden Oldies770
80.)DMX – 90’s Hits771
81.)DMX – Classic R&B772
82.)DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary773
83.)DMX – Urban Beat774
84.)DMX – Reggae775
85.)DMX – Modern Country776
86.)DMX – Traditional Country777
87.)DMX – Gospel778
88.)DMX – African Rhythms779
89.)DMX – Italian Contemporary780
90.)DMX – Smooth Jazz781
91.)DMX – Classic Jazz782
92.)DMX – Blues783
93.)DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals784
94.)DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals785
95.)DMX – The Light786
96.)DMX – Light Classical787
97.)DMX – Arias and Overtures788
98.)DMX – Chamber Music789
99.)DMX – Symphonic790
100.)DMX – French Contemporary791
101.)BBC World Service English850
102.)BBC World Radio 2851
103.)BBC African Languages852
104.)Voice of America853
105.)World Radio Network854
106.)Channel Islam Internationale865
107.)Radio France Internationale866
111.)TransAfrica Radio872

There you have all the channels you will get on the Padi bouquet. It remains the cheapest and most affordable DStv package in Nigeria.

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Much has not changed when it comes to the TV networks you will get on this package. Here are a few things you should know about The DStv Padi package:

  • To start with, there is no sports channel on this package. The only sports channel you will find is SS Blitz. And SS Blitz as we all know does not show live sporting events. So if you’re here for sports, DStv Padi is not the package you should go for.
  • With just two (2) Kids and Teens channels (JimJam and Mindset), Padi may not be the best for the children.
  • Padi is a great fit for those who are primarily in need of local news and documentaries. If all you want is to stay informed on what is going on within the country, then go for Padi.
  • You’ll also get lots of audio channels to keep you entertained when you have nothing to watch.

DStv Padi Channels list in PDF

Do you need an updated PDF version of the list? Having a PDF version of the list will allow you to view your channels list offline for as long as you want, anytime you want.

Click the download button below to load the PDF file. Once the file loads, select the download icon at the top of the screen to download the list.

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Padi is the most affordable DStv package out there. Although you may not get much in the way of entertainment, this package will help keep your budget in shape while you ensure there is something to watch when the living Tv is turned on.

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While most people won’t have a second look at the Padi bouquet, I suggest you have a close look at the channels listed above first before discarding this package.

“One man’s food is another man’s poison” is still a valid proverb. You may discover that while this package is useless for others, it may just be the perfect fit for you.

If you find any channels that are not available on this package please drop a comment below.

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