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DStv Premium Channels List 2022

DStv Premium channels list 2022 for customers in Nigeria

Here is the complete and updated DStv Premium channels list for 2022. This list is for residents of Nigeria only. There have been lots of changes over the last 12 months which made putting up a list more challenging. But we are glad two months into the year, we are here again to share the most comprehensive channels list as far as DStv is concerned.

The price for the DStv Premium package is N21,000 naira. DStv Premium has 214 channels, including audio outlets and radio stations. Here’s an overview of DStv’s most extensive subscription plan.

PackageDStv Premium
PriceN21,000 per month
Number of Channels214 channels

DStv Premium Channels list 2022

S/NDStv Premium ChannelsCodes
4.)M-Net Movies 1105
5.)M-Net Movies 2106
6.)M-Net Movies 3107
7.)M-Net Movies 4108
8.)Studio Universal112
11.)Universal TV117
13.)BBC Brit120
14.)Discovery Channel121
15.)Comedy Central122
16.)E! Entertainment Television124
17.)WWE Channel128
21.)CBS Reality132
23.)Discovery TLC Entertainment135
24.)Discovery Family136
25.)TNT Africa137
26.)Akwaaba Magic150
27.)Africa Magic Showcase151
28.)Africa Magic Epic152
29.)Africa Magic Urban153
30.)Africa Magic Family154
31.)Real Time155
32.)Africa Magic Hausa156
33.)Africa Magic Yoruba157
34.)Maisha Magic East158
35.)Africa Magic Igbo159
36.)Maisha Magic Bongo160
37.)Pearl Magic161
38.)Maisha Magic Plus163
39.)Mzansi Bioskop164
40.)Novela Magic165
41.)ZEE World166
42.)Star Life167
44.)ROK 2169
45.)CBS Justice170
46.)Discovery ID171
48.)BBC Lifestyle174
49.)Food Network175
50.)National Geographic181
51.)Nat Geo Wild182
52.)Wild Earth183
53.)Curiosity Channel185
54.)The History Channel186
55.)POP Central189
56.)Spice TV190
59.)Nigerian Idol197
60.)SuperSport BLITZ200
61.)SuperSport Grandstand201
62.)SuperSport Football Plus202
63.)SuperSport Premier League203
64.)SuperSport LaLiga204
65.)SuperSport Football205
66.)SuperSport Variety 1206
67.)SuperSport Variety 2207
68.)SuperSport Variety 3208
69.)SuperSport Variety 4209
70.)SuperSport Action210
71.)SuperSport Rugby211
72.)SuperSport Cricket212
73.)SuperSport Golf213
74.)SuperSport Tennis214
75.)SuperSport Motorsport215
77.)ESPN 2219
78.)SuperSport Maximo 1241
79.)SuperSport Maximo 2242
80.)e.TV Africa250
81.)NTA I251
85.)LAGOS TV256
87.)Galaxy TV258
88.)Wazobia Max259
89.)1 KZN261
90.)Tshwane TV262
92.)Wasafi TV296
93.)Cartoon Network301
95.)Disney Channel303
98.)Nick Jr307
100.)Disney Junior309
102.)PBS Kids313
103.)Da Vinci318
105.)MTV Base322
106.)Trace Mziki323
107.)Trace Naija325
108.)Afro Music POP326
109.)Sound City327
110.)URBAN TV328
111.)Trace Gospel332
112.)TRACE Jama333
113.)TRACE Muzika334
115.)Day Star342
116.)TBN Africa343
119.)Eternal Word Television Network348
120.)Dove TV349
121.)Lumen Christi350
122.)Sunna TV351
123.)Dominion TV352
124.)Citi TV363
125.)NTA 2369
126.)NTA Parliament370
127.)Emmanuel TV390
128.)BBC World News400
129.)CNN International401
130.)Sky News402
131.)SABC News404
132.)Newzroom Afrika405
133.)Al Jazeera406
134.)Parliamentary Service408
135.)CGTN News409
136.)CNBC Africa410
137.)Bloomberg Television411
138.)NDTV 24×7413
140.)Arise News416
142.)TVC News418
143.)NTA News 24419
144.)Channels TV420
145.)Joy News421
146.)RAI Italia430
148.)TV5 Monde Afrique437
149.)EuroNews French438
150.)EuroNews German445
151.)Deutsche Welle446
152.)CCTV 4447
153.)CGTN Documentary448
154.)CGTN French449
155.)B4U Movies451
156.)CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel480
157.)China Movie Channel481
158.)Zhejiang TV484
159.)Phoenix News and Entertainment485
160.)RTPi (P)525
161.)TV Mundial (P)680
162.)DMX – Adult Contemporary751
163.)DMX – Today’s Hits752
164.)DMX – Y2K Hits753
165.)DMX – 70’s Hits754
166.)DMX – 80’s Hits755
167.)DMX – Familiar Favourites756
168.)DMX – Soft Hits757
169.)DMX – Love Songs758
170.)DMX – Metro Blends759
171.)DMX – Cityscapes760
172.)DMX – Groove Lounge761
173.)DMX – House Party762
174.)DMX – House Party762
175.)DMX – Power Hits763
176.)DMX – Dance764
177.)DMX – Trots Afrikaans765
178.)DMX – Campus Rock766
179.)DMX – Alternative767
180.)DMX – Hard Rock768
181.)DMX – Classic Rock769
182.)DMX – Golden Oldies770
183.)DMX – 90’s Hits771
184.)DMX – Classic R&B772
185.)DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary773
186.)DMX – Urban Beat774
187.)DMX – Reggae775
188.)DMX – Modern Country776
189.)DMX – Traditional Country777
190.)DMX – Gospel778
191.)DMX – African Rhythms779
192.)DMX – Italian Contemporary780
193.)DMX – Smooth Jazz781
194.)DMX – Classic Jazz782
195.)DMX – Blues783
196.)DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals784
197.)DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals785
198.)DMX – The Light786
199.)DMX – Light Classical787
200.)DMX – Arias and Overtures788
201.)DMX – Chamber Music789
202.)DMX – Symphonic790
203.)DMX – French Contemporary791
204.)BBC World Service English850
205.)BBC World Radio 2851
206.)BBC African Languages852
207.)Voice of America853
208.)World Radio Network854
209.)Channel Islam Internationale865
210.)Radio France Internationale866
214.)TransAfrica Radio872

That’s the complete list of channels on DStv Premium. The list has been updated from last year. If you need to make reference to previous offerings then I recommend you have a look at the previous DStv Premium channels list.

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Get DStv Premium Channels list in PDF

Do you need a PDF version of the list? Having a PDF version of the list will allow you to view your channels list offline for as long as you want, anytime you want.

Click the download button below to load the PDF file. Once the file loads, select the download icon at the top of the screen to download the list.

Why DStv Premium?

Not sure if you should get Premium? Or just wondering why you should pay all that for entertainment? Here’s why.

  • Showmax: all Premium customers are given access to Showmax for free. Yes, you heard me. Showmax is free on DStv Premium. While others are paying thousands of naira for this feature, all you need to do is to download the Showmax app to start streaming endlessly.
  • Variety: with Premium, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on any sporting event or TV show. With most packages, you need to look deep into your entertainment needs before a careful perusal of the channels list to see if it can carry you for the month. It is not so with Premium. All you do is to activate to package and live the dream life.


It goes without saying, DStv Premium is the largest package in Nigeria. It is also the costliest package in the country.

With a bouquet of 214 channels, I don’t think you will find anything better when it comes to entertainment. DStv Premium covers all the entertainment categories you can think of.

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Get Premium today and you will have nothing to worry about tomorrow. Unending fun? I bet you’ll get more than that.

If you find any channels not available on this package, please drop a comment below.

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