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Not Getting Sound on FTA Channels? Here’s The Solution

Sound on satellite TV channels

Getting great FTA channels without paying a dime to watch them is easy. However, based on findings, one of the most common problems with some of them is sound. In this article, we’ll discuss the common causes of this problem and how to fix the sound for your FTA channels.

One of the most common problems with FTA channels is that some of them will be encoded with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC/AAC+) which makes them incompatible with most receivers. To solve this problem, you need a digital receiver with MPEG-4 capabilities and balanced signal quality and strength of at least 58%.

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Why you’re not getting good audio

Without the proper receiving equipment, it can be difficult to get sound on some FTA channels

However, you could have the best equipment and still not be able to get any form of audio from the free channels. Let’s take a closer look at this problem and the best solutions you can apply to fix them.

The solutions presented here apply to DStv decoders as well as any other FTA you may be using.

Improper Connections

If your audio cables are not properly connected, you won’t get any sound from the decoder. 

Solution: Check your cables and make sure they are firmly plugged into their respective ports.

Low Signal Strength and Quality

If the audio on your FTA channels is affected, low signal strength or signal quality can also be a problem. You’ll have to ensure you have signal strength and quality of about 58% and above.

Have you noticed how I’m always using strength and quality together? This is because you need a balance between the two parameters.

If your signal strength is so high but the quality is somewhere around 40% you still won’t get the best reception for your FTA channels.

Solution: Having a balanced signal strength and quality is key to getting high-quality channels. Get your dish properly aligned so you can get the proper signal quality and strength.

Incompatible LNBs

Using an incompatible LNB can also be a problem. Many users get the wrong kind of LNB for their decoders and end up having trouble with reception.

Solution: Choosing the right LNB for the channels you are trying to get is very important. But since you are not an expert in these kinds of things, it can be difficult to know what works and what doesn’t.

The best solution is to get a professional installer in your area to check your installation and prescribe the best components for your needs.

Channels encoded with AAC

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is an audio coding standard with higher quality and capabilities. It was designed to succeed the MP3 audio.

Most of our devices have been designed to play MP3 audio. As such if you have a decoder that is unable to handle AAC or AAC+ audio, you won’t get any form of sound.

An example of a channel with AAC encoding is the Limelight TV channel. Another channel using AAC for its audio is Life TV.

Solution: To solve this problem, get a modern decoder. It doesn’t have to be a DStv decoder. You can complement your DStv setup with an FTA decoder.

Ask an installer about FTA decoders in your area and they’ll get one for you. You may not need to buy a new dish as your old dish can still be used for installation.

That’s how to fix sound issues on your decoder.

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  1. Hi, I’m Ayanda from South Africa.
    I put the code you provided for France 24. I also did get BTV and now but france 24 is not working and the other channels have no audio please help.
    Thank you.

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