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How To Get Disney Plus on DStv

get Disney Plus on DStv

In today’s world, quality entertainment has become an important need in every home. In a bid to give the best to customers, The Walt Disney Company Africa and Multichoice have partnered to let you watch the amazing Disney Plus VOD service on your DStv decoder.

Amid several channel displacements, Disney Plus is no doubt a great addition to DStv’s entertainment repository. We’ll learn how to watch Disney Plus, what the channel is all about and how you can get it for free while it is still available.

If you have a working DStv decoder with modern capabilities, such as the Explora Ultra, you can watch Disney Plus by adding it to your existing DStv subscription. If you don’t have a compatible decoder, you can still watch it on a mobile device or laptop.

Disney+ is a great add-on as there are over 1,000 titles to choose from on this network.

Some of the titles you’ll get include Thor: Love and Thunder, Toy Story 4, Dr Strange in the Multitude of Madness, Lightyear, etc.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney+ is a famous American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming platform owned and operated by the Entertainment Distribution division of The Walt Disney Company and Media. SourceWikipedia.

However, most DStv customers will be hearing this name for the first time.

But in reality, it is a popular TV streaming service and is home to many top shows from Pixar, Disney (if not them who else), Marvel, etc.

But Disney Plus is not coming to DStv as a regular channel. It will be added as a subscription so do not confuse it with the regular cartoon channel on DStv.

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This is a separate network on its own and is not in any way controlled by Multichoice. It has been made available on DStv because of the recent partnership deal between The Walt Disney Company and Multichoice in South Africa.

Disney Plus on DStv vs Standalone Disney+

One of the things DStv customers in SA and beyond should know is that you can have Disney Plus bundled in with a DStv subscription and you can also decide to go for a separate Disney Plus video-on-demand service.

It depends on what you want. So, you don’t have to own a DStv before you can get access to the platform.

However, you can only get the standalone VOD service if it is available in your country. And if you are in SA, you’re in luck — Disney Plus is available!

How to Get Disney Plus in South Africa

There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can get Disney Plus as a standalone VOD service
  2. You get can have it bundled into your DStv subscription.

To get Disney Plus as a Standalone VOD service:

  1. Go to
  2. Once you arrive, scroll down to “Chose a Plan”
  3. Select a plan. This will take you to the signup page
  4. Complete the sign-up to start streaming

To get Disney Plus on DStv:

  1. Go to the DStv Disney Plus page
  2. Select the bundle you want
  3. Enter your details and follow the prompt
  4. Start accessing Disney+ on your DStv Explora

Alternatively, you can choose the “Bundle via WhatsApp” or the “Bundle via Web” option to get this feature. You can also contact a DStv agent to get this done for you.

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Please note that Disney Plus is only available to DStv Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact subscribers. Anything lower than that, sorry, no show.

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What Channel is Disney Plus on DStv?

Disney Plus is not a DStv channel per se. It is a video-on-demand streaming platform (just like Netflix or Amazon Video Prime). For now, the only way to access this feature is by using a DStv Explora Ultra decoder.

The regular Disney on DStv is channel 303. But don’t confuse this with Disney +. They are two different things.

How much is Disney plus in South Africa

If you are using DStv, the price for Disney+ is R119 across the three packages where it is made available. With a DStv decoder, you can get Disney+ bundled into your subscription plan at R119 per month.

A yearly subscription comes with a discount. So instead of R119 per month, you can decide to pay R1,190 per year. This means you’ll be getting 2 months of Disney+ for free.

Note that you can only get Disney+ on DStv with three plans namely, Premium, Compact+ and Compact.

Is Disney+ Free on DStv?

The short and simple answer is: Disney plus is not free on DStv, not even on DStv Premium.

The only way to get it on DStv is to pay R119 and have it bundled into your subscription, whether Premium, Compact+ or Compact.

At launch, Multichoice decided to make it free for the first 3 months. If you are just hearing about this, too bad because the 3 months free subscription is about to come to an end.

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Conclusion: The Disney Plus service is a great addition to DStv. You can get it for just R119 per month on either Compact, Premium, or Compact+. Low-end decoders may not be able to get it. The only approved decoder for this feature is the DStv Explora decoder.

9 thoughts on “How To Get Disney Plus on DStv”

  1. Hi, I got the Disney channel 3months free from DStv. I’ve been watching on my mobile and it kicked me out asking for a subscription fee but my 3 months will only be up in December.

    1. Hi, I think you’re the first person to complain about this. If there are other users having the same problem please let us know. About this, I think something may have happened in-between. Did you update your app, change your phone, switch ISPs or something like that? Are you using a virtual network? Things like this could make DStv see you as a different person which will make them ask you to subscribe before you can continue using the app.

  2. Hi, I subscribed to Disney plus on my DSTV but I’m using DSTV Explora, so does that mean I won’t be able to view Disney on my DSTV or can I watch Disney on my DSTV?

    1. Hi, that’s not quite correct. Disney+ is an on-demand video platform which means that you can get it with a smart TV. But if you have a DStv Explora connected to your regular TV, you can install it on your decoder and watch it on that regular TV.

          1. Adebisi Abioye Thompson

            Please can you be a bit specific, I have a DStv Explora, not the Explora ultra, I have a smart tv and DStv internet compact package and I’ve subscribed to the Disney plus package, how do I go about watching or streaming it on my smart tv?

            1. Hi, Adebisi Thompson. I get your question. According to a DStv agent I talked to, you can only use Disney Plus on Explora Ultra. If I may ask, how were you able to subscribe to DisneyPlus, because looking at your name I can tell the package is not available in your region or are you in a different country?

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