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Try These Top Solutions If Your DStv Now App is not Working

Fixing errors on DStv now app

The DStv Now App is one of the best things introduced by DStv. This application can be a lifesaver if you’re stranded. But you’ve probably experienced that moment when you try to launch your DStv app but for some reason, it just won’t start. Other times it will start properly but just won’t load the channel you want to watch.

We know how frustrating this can be especially when you have a live event you would want to watch. In the heat and frustration, it can be tough to figure out a solution to this problem.

Luckily, there are solutions created already that you can try to get your DStv Now app up and running again.

What’s Wrong with my DStv App?

A DStv app can malfunction in many ways. It could refuse to play channels because of an error. When this happens, you’ll find an error code on the screen describing what the problem is, although most times you’ll have a hard time decoding an error code from DStv Now.

Sometimes, it will refuse to load your channels. It’s common for most people to assume this is because of an unpaid bill. Most times they’ll be wrong.

If you have not paid for a subscription, you will see at least one free channel (most likely channel 100 and a few others) on the channels tab. If the channels section is completely blank when you have an active subscription, then there is a problem.

On other occasions, your DStv app can decide not to launch at all. This has happened many times and all you’ll see is the DStv logo, nothing else.

Blank DStv now app on a smartphone
On other occasions, your DStv app can decide not to launch at all. This has happened many times and all you’ll see is the DStv logo, nothing else.

And in situations where millions of users are trying to stream an event, like the World Cup, Olympics, or a presidential election, there’s a chance you’ll open your DStv app, load a channel and it will give you a spinning semi-circle to watch for several minutes.

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Sometimes you’ll be lucky to get in. On other occasions, it will spin forever.

Do these to Fix Your DStv Now App

The DStv Now App is software just like any other application on your device. As such, most conventional solutions you’d use for any software will work on it.

Here are the things you can do to fix the app.

Fixing errors on DStv Now app

Close and Relaunch the app:

Many times this will fix things for you. What you’ll need to know is that for all devices, there are different ways to close an application. Simply minimizing it will not have any effect on the app.

Make sure the app is closed, try to relaunch it and check if it is fixed.

Force close the app:

If you’re using a smart device with a common operating system like Android or iOS, try to force-close the app. You can do this by accessing the DStv Now apps, settings area on the phone. Force-close the app, then relaunch it.

Follow these resources to learn how to close apps on Android and iOS.

Log out of the App:

Another solution that can change things is logging out of the application completely. This is why you need to know your password. For most people, passwords are saved on the device already so they won’t have any problem logging in and out.

If you cannot remember you’re password, you can always reset it.

Try to log in and out of the app. Once you’re out, close the app the conventional way, or use the force-close option. Then reopen it and log in again with your credentials. This has worked many times.

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Log out of other devices:

DStv recently reduced the number of simultaneous logins for its app to 2. Depending on your location, this number may be different.

DStv streaming app device sharing settings

So if you’re logged into more than 2 devices, your app could get pissed and decide to disobey you. You can’t blame the poor thing. It’s DStv’s doing.

So try to log out of other devices. If another person is using your account on their device, you could get them to log out for the time being so you can use the app on your device.

If the solutions don’t work, there’s a chance the problem is from DStv’s end and not from the app or the device you’re using.

Important things you must check

Keeping components of a system in good condition is essential if that system must function properly. Even with a DStv app, there are components of your device you can check to be sure things are running smoothly.

1. Subscription

Your app will most likely disappoint if you do not have an active subscription for any of the DStv packages. If you launch the app without a subscription, all the channels will disappear, leaving you with a blank list to look at.

With the MyDStv app, you can check for active subs and also buy a plan instantly if you don’t have one.

If you have subscribed but have yet to get it activated, you’ll have the same problem. Check for these issues and fix them. For reactivation, you can always get a DStv customer care agent to update your account.

Once this is done you will get your channels back.

2. Phone

At times the problem may have absolutely nothing to do with the app. It can be a problem with the phone. It could be that your phone’s internet has gone bad. Check if your internet connection is active and also stable.

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If the internet’s bad, you won’t be able to use the app. Be sure you have an active internet bundle and a good connection.

Your phone may be hanging too. The DStv Now app is software that will put some load on your phone. Any smartphone with 4GB of RAM will do very well with the app.

In any case, if your phone is loaded with too many apps and files, there’s a chance will go numb occasionally. This has little to do with the app.

Many people try to force the phone to respond, forcing in too many commands at that point. Every time you tap that device or press a button while it’s hanging a new command is introduced. This will aggravate the problem because the device now has more commands to process than when it started hanging.

Instead, allow the device a little time to sort itself out. If it’s really bad, restart it and find ways to speed it up.

3. App update

You should also make sure you’re using the latest version of the DStv Now app. New app versions are sometimes released to fix bugs in the previous model.

If the app is giving trouble, update it and the problem may just vanish.

Now that you’ve had a ton of solutions to try we believe your DStv app is now working smoothly. Have a great time.

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