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Hassle-free Ways To Watch The FIFA World Cup On DStv

Watch FIFA World Cup (Qatar 2022) on DStv

DStv will be bringing all 64 FIFA World Cup matches to our homes, school, offices, and just about everywhere. Despite the recent clamor about DStv with regard to package prices, for most of us, DStv still remains the best option for a great FIFA World Cup experience.

That being said, to get this hassle-free experience, you need to know the packages that will bring you the matches and the TV channels showing these games.

So the World Cup kicks off on the 20th of November with a match between the controversial host nation, Qatar, and another looking to make history, Ecuador. The tournament will end on the 12th of December, which is also Qatar’s national day.

young people streaming live football match

Unfortunately, Senegal’s Sadio Mane will miss the tournament due to a knee injury he picked up in early November, a huge blow for his country and indeed the rest of Africa.

But football never lets you down. Top stars like Lionel Messi, Kevin DeBruyne, Harry Kane, and myriads of stars will be there to light up the now very famous Peninsula in the Middle East.

Watch Lionel Messi in FIFA World Cup
Lionel Messi of Argentina, right, challenges Marcelo Brozovic of Croatia in their match during the FIFA World Cup.
 — Photo by ChinaImages

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FIFA World Cup Packages on DStv

As you would expect, live games will only be available on the top three DStv packages, namely DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, and DStv Compact.

While you may get a little of the action from other cheaper packages, you’ll mostly have to settle for repeats and post-match highlights.

So, simple and short, you’ll need Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact to successfully watch the world cup on DStv.

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And if you’re running a business, you’ll want to make sure you know the price of these packages and make the subscription payment on time. Hopefully, DStv won’t change the pricing 2 hours before kick-off on the opening day.

SuperSport Channels for the World Cup on DStv

Knowing the channels that will air the world cup is also super important.

DStv has already introduced dedicated FIFA World Cup channels to whet the appetite of enthusiastic football fans while they wait frantically for the tournament to get underway.

But beyond that, these channels will air live World cup matches, with repeats and highlights, from the start of the tournament till the end.

To achieve this, 5 famous SuperSport channels were chosen to serve as exclusive World Cup stations throughout the duration of the tournament.

These TV channels were also renamed for the time being to enhance access and recognition.

Here are the SuperSport channels chosen by DStv to air the world cup and the new identifiers assigned:

  • 202 – WC Central
  • 203 – WC Extra
  • 204 – WC Select 1
  • 205 – WC Fan Zone
  • 206 – WC Select 2

So the next time you grab your remote before or during a live game, look out for a SuperSport channel with a WC attached to it and you’ll be fine.

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Teams in their respective groups
Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Teams in their respective groups.

How much are World Cup Packages on DStv?

The three recognized DStv packages for the 2022 FIFA World Cup are Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact.

At the moment, DStv Premium costs R839 per month, Compact Plus costs R549 p/m, and Compact now goes for R429 p/m.

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There have been some discrepancies with the price of the DStv Premium package and reports confirm that this is coming from DStv and not the fault of a third party.

Anyways, if the Premium ladder is too high for you to climb, you can always settle for Compact or Compact Plus.

If you’re using a currency different from the Rand, please visit the nearest DStv service center for the current price of the packages.

Watching the World Cup on the go

Life and surprises go hand in hand so you shouldn’t be shocked if the generator refuses to start 5 minutes before kick-off on the final day.

Sometimes it’s not the generator, your angry wife may decide to hide the remote to keep you from giving your attention to anything else in the world. Happens all the time.

So before you get stuck in traffic while the game is going on, there are alternatives to sitting in front of a TV set.

The illustrious alternative is the DStv Now App. It doesn’t matter if you’re underwater, as long as you have a device that can give you access to the internet, you can watch the world cup even while fighting off a crocodile.

Watch the FIFA World cup with a Smartphone
It doesn’t matter if you’re underwater, as long as you have a device that can give you access to the internet, you can watch the world cup even while fighting off a crocodile.

Well now that Samsung and Apple are behaving like angry second and first wives, you should have one of those.

One thing you need to know is that the number of devices you use simultaneously for one DStv account has been reduced to two. It may be higher or lower for some devices.

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This means you should make sure you’ll be one of those streaming on that account when the game goes live.

Free Alternatives to Watch to World Cup

Getting free TV stations that will allow you access to the world cup will be difficult. But there’s no harm in trying.

With most decoders, today you can turn your channels list into a sea of FTA channels if you know what you’re doing. If you’re not sure what to do, get a certified installer to set things up for you.

And if you have a DStv decoder, you can get free channels to help you follow the World Cup without having to graze the saving you made for Christmas.

So now that you’re sure of enjoying the World Cup in Qatar, what are your predictions? Do you fancy your country or you’re rooting for a neutral flag to lift the trophy? Have a good time.

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