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The DStv Compact Channels List 2023

DStv Compact Channels list

The DStv Compact package offers a wide variety of channels. Whether you want to watch sports, movies, TV series, music videos, documentaries, children’s programming, news, lifestyle or even local events, DStv Compact has it covered. What is this package? What will you get when you sign up for the package?

PackageDStv Compact
PriceR449 per month
Number of Channels215 channels
CountrySouth Africa

The first thing you need to know is that if you are not using any add-ons, the base price for DStv Compact is R449 per month. There are 215 channels on DStv Compact, including audio and radio stations.

You’ll find the complete DStv compact channels list below. This list is for people living in South Africa only.

DStv Compact Channels List

Compact ChannelsChannel Number
M-Net Movies 3107
M-Net Movies 4108
Studio Universal112
Universal TV117
BBC Brit120
E! Entertainment Television124
Ginx eSports127
CBS Reality132
Discovery TLC Entertainment135
Discovery Family136
TNT Africa137
Maisha Magic Movies141
kykNET & Kie145
Africa Magic Epic152
AfricaMagic Family154
Real Time155
Moja Love157
Mzansi Magic161
Mzansi Wethu163
Mzansi Bioskop164
Novela Magic165
ZEE World166
Star Life167
Annual Nigerian Festivals198
TV Record515
Discovery ID171
BBC Lifestyle174
Food Network175
The Home Channel176
Travel Channel179
People’s Weather180
National Geographic181
Nat Geo Wild182
Ignition TV189
Spice TV190
SABC 1191
SABC 2192
SABC 3193
Soweto TV251
Bay TV260
1 KZN261
Tshwane TV262
Cape Town TV263
Lesotho TV292
NTA i299
TV Mozambique Internacional701
SuperSport BLITZ200
SuperSport Premier Soccer League202
SuperSport Premier League203
SuperSport LA LIGA204
SuperSport FOOTBALL205
SuperSport VARIETY 3208
SuperSport VARIETY 4209
ESPN 2219
WWE Channel236
Cartoon Network301
Disney Junior309
PBS Kids313
Da Vinci318
KyKNet Nou146
Channel O320
Mzansi Music321
MTV Base322
TRACE Urban325
TRACE Africa326
Sound City327
One Gospel331
Trace Gospel332
Day Star342
TBN Africa343
iTV Networks347
Emmanuel TV390
BBC World News400
CNN International401
eNews Channel Africa403
SABC News404
Newzroom Afrika405
Al Jazeera406
Russia Today407
Parliamentary Service408
CGTN News409
CNBC Africa410
Business Day TV412
NDTV 24×7413
RAI Italia430
Beste van Nederlands431
TV5 Monde Afrique437
Deutsche Welle446
CCTV 4447

Channel Updates: Two new channels have been added to the Compact package. The first is ESPN 2 (channel 219), a sports channel that covers a lot of NBA games and American Football. The second addition is the SWTICH’D ON channel (number 109). This channel was added to replay TV shows missed during load shedding.

DStv compact package and channels infographic

DSTV Compact Channels list in PDF

Would you prefer a PDF version of the channel list? Having a PDF version of the Channel List allows you to view your Channels List offline for as long as you’d like, any time you’d like.

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To get the full version of the list in PDF, click the link below to open the PDF file. Then, from the menu bar at the top of the page, choose “Save As” or use the download button to save the document to your computer.

If you have any queries or issues with this procedure, please get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to assist you.

2022/23 UEFA Champions League on Compact

Besides the world cup, the UEFA Champions League is the most exciting soccer tournament on the planet. With DStv Compact, you’ll get over 70% of the top sports channels available on DStv.

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most prestigious club competitions in the world. With a minimum of €80m to be taken by whoever wins the competition, there are plenty of reasons why fans around the globe tune into every match.

And now you can watch the action live on DStv Compact channels 202, 203, 204, 205, and more.

Many subscribers on Compact are not sure if they can watch the Champions League semi-final matches. Here’s what we’ve learned.

The Champions League semi-final games will be live on the DStv Compact package. Please note that TV programming details may vary depending on your location.

This means that subscribers outside South Africa will not have access to live semi-final matches on DStv Compact.

Get more information on DStv’s UCL program.

DStv Compact channels on Sports

Because broadcasters like SuperSport still shell out big bucks for live sports coverage, you might need to be on the expensive packages to get the best sports content.

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However, DStv Compact customers will still be able to enjoy good sports content from the likes of BLITZ, SS Premier League, SS Football, SS Variety 3, SS Variety 4, ESPN, ESPN 2, WWE, and TellyTrack among others.

This is one of the DStv packages that bring you superior football coverage, big enough to allow you to watch your favorite soccer teams from Serie A, the Europa League, UCL, EPL, LaLiga, and more.

SuperSport Channels

Top SuperSports channels available on the Compact channels are listed below.

  • 202 SuperSport Premier Soccer League (PSL)
  • 203 – SuperSport Premier League
  • 204 – SuperSport La Liga
  • 205 – SuperSport Football
  • 208 – SuperSport Variety 3
  • 209 – SuperSport Variety 4

Movie Channels on DStv Compact

While some of the movie channels can only be viewed on Premium and Compact Plus. There are still a lot of options for users on this package.

Customers on Compact will get HD movie channels such as M-Net Movies 3, M-Net Movies 4, Studio Universal, ITH, M-Net, Vuzu, Universal Plus, Universal Channel, Telemundo, BBC Brit, E! Entertainment Television, FOX, Ginx eSports, BET, MTV, Lifetime, CBS Reality, TLNovelas, Discovery TLC Entertainment, Discovery Family, TNT Africa, eMovies, eMovies Extra, kykNET & Kie, Africa Magic Epic, AfricaMagic Family, Real Time, Moja Love, Mzansi Magic, Mzansi Wethu, Mzansi Bioskop, Novela Magic, ZEE World, Star Life, ROK, e.TV Extra, M-Net City, Annual African Festivals, SET Asia, B4U Movies, ZeeTV, Star Plus, Sun TV, Star Vijay, Colors, SET Max, and TV Record.

For more entertainment options, go for ShowMax. Those two items will give you more movies and TV shows for your family and business. BoxOffice is also a great complement to the Compact package if you are using DStv Explora or a PVR decoder.

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Current DStv Compact Price 2023

Prices keep rising for everything from clothing to TVs, but they’re not just increasing for things we buy at stores; they’re also rising for services we use every day.

While some good local TV stations are being removed from the bouquets, the price increases for DStv subscriptions have become a norm despite the massive uproar by subscribers.

For both existing and new DStv Compact subscribers, the new price is R449 per month.

Using DStv Compact with XtraView

You can get the most out of your Compact package by using it with XtraView. This makes a lot of sense if you plan to use it on multiple TV screens. You don’t need to pay a separate DStv Compact fee for every decoder you own. All you need to do is pay a single XtraView fee.

Using Compact with XtraView will cost you a total of R549 per month. The total cost for this setup is gotten by summing up the price of the Compact Subscription (R449 per month), with the XtraView Access fee (R115 per month).

People ask questions about the channels they will get on DStv compact with XtraView. The truth is: there are no additional channels on XtraView. What you get with XtraView is the ability to watch DStv on different TV screens using independent decoders under one DStv Compact subscription. To learn more, see the article on XtraView.

Radio/Audio Channels

Adult Contemporary751
Today’s Hits752
Hot Traxx753
70’s Hits754
80’s Hits755
Familiar Favourites756
Soft Hits757
Love Songs758
Metro Blends759
Groove Lounge761
House Party762
Power Hits763
Trots Afrikaans765
Campus Rock766
Alternate Rock767
Hard Rock768
Classic Rock769
Golden Oldies770
90’s Hits771
Classic R & B772
Urban Adult Contemporary773
Urban Beat774
Modern Country776
Traditional Country777
African Rhythm779
Italian Contemporary780
Smooth Jazz781
Classic Jazz782
Beautiful Instrumentals784
Contemporary Instrumental785
New Age786
Light Classical787
Arias And Overtures788
Chamber Music789
Metro FM801
Channel Africa802
Good Hope803
Lesedi FM806
Lotus FM808
Motsweding FM809
Munghana Lonene FM810
Phalaphala FM811
Radio 2000812
Thobela FM815
Ukhozi FM817
Umhlobo Wenene FM818
X-K FM819
Groot FM820
LM Radio821
Hot 91.9 FM822
Mix 93.8 FM823
Channel 7825
Radio Islam826
BBC World Service English850
BBC Afrique en Français851
BBC African Languages852
Voice Of America853
World Radio Network854
Trans World Radio855
Talk Radio 702856
Classic FM857
Jacaranda FM858
Chinese Radio International860
Kaya FM861
Channel Islam International865
Radio France Internationale866
Radio Wave867
Radio Energy868
1485AM Radio869
Radio Veritas870
Radio Vlaanderen internationaal871
TransAfrica Radio872
Link FM875
Radio Kosmos876
Jozi FM878
94.7 Highveld Stereo879
94.5 Kfm880
Radio Pulpit882
Capricorn FM884
Cape Talk885
Pretoria FM887
Radio Pretoria887
Ubuntu Radio888
Power FM889

What channels are on DStv Compact?

Compact is the perfect way to enjoy exclusive sports, dramas, music and movies. Included in the package are top TV networks such as CNN International, BBC World News, CNBC Africa, National Geographic Channel, Fox Sports 2, Eurosport, ESPN Classic, Eurosport 2, Sky Sport, TLC, Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet, History Channel, Food Network, Discovery Channel, Universal Plus, TLNovelas, SuperSport Laliga, SuperSport Premier League, SuperSport Football, Supersport Variety, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Trace Gospel, TBN, SABC, Newzroom, Sky News, Universal channel and many more.

How much is DStv Compact per month in 2023?

The current price for the Compact package is R449 per month. It’s a good deal at best. Nevertheless, we think that it will be very popular among DStv customers.

What is the difference between DStv Compact and DStv Compact Plus?

The main difference between these two DStv packages is that when it comes to movies, Compact Plus has more content and is therefore larger than Compact.

As a result, you can only upgrade from compact to Compact Plus; you cannot upgrade from Compact to Compact Plus.

For pricing, Compact Plus goes for R579 p/m which is more expensive than Compact which costs R449 p/m.

How many channels does DStv Compact 2023 have?

There are 215 channels on DStv Compact, including audio and radio stations.

How do I pay for DStv Compact?

The simplest and most reliable way — which I always recommend – is to use the MyDStv App for your payments. With this app, you’ll be able to make payments using your debit or credit card.

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