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Free TV Channels and Easy Ways To Get Them

couple watching free TV channels

Whether you’re trying to cut down cable TV subscriptions or looking to expand your collection of TV channels, there are free TV channels to pick up where you are. The obvious question is: what are the free TV channels and how can you get them?

Due to the availability of satellites in orbit, there will always be lots of TV channels, both free and premium, for you to pick up. From National TV to foreign TV, the sky really is the access point.

Let’s discuss these TV channels and what you can do to start watching them.

Free TV is common knowledge to some people. Some only know about the National TV and there are still people who don’t even think about the availability of free TV channels.

It doesn’t matter which category you belong to, now that you’ve been exposed to this, you know free channels are available for you to watch no matter your location. We’ll start by revealing these TV channels before going on to discuss how you can get them.

Free TV channels in Guyana

Even if you pitch a tent in a forest or at the top of a mountain, you are bound to find a free channel there. In the land of many waters, free channels are also available to all TV lovers.

  • National Television Network (NTN): NTN is the National TV network managed by GNBA, the national broadcasting association. NTN is located in Stabroek, in the well-known Georgetown City.
  • National Communications Network (NCN): NCN TV is a state-owned broadcasting service well-known for TV and radio broadcasting services. They have 4 popular regional TV channels.
    NCN’s TV relays have always been received using analog antennae. But with recent developments in the area of TV broadcasting, NCN TV is now available on Cable TV networks as well.
  • E-Networks Channel 1: E-Network channels are owned and controlled by E-Networks, a popular cable TV provider in Guyana. We also call them ENet.
    Their cable TV service is offered via three subdivisions namely, DreamTV wireless (available in select regions), DreamTV satellite (available countrywide), and DreamTV OnFibre (a streaming service on Android and iOS).
    Apart from E-Networks Channel 1, ENet also controls E-Networks Channel 2 and 3. While channel 1 is free, you’ll need a subscription for 2 and 3.
  • Guyana Learning Channel: GLC is a TV broadcasting service that produces and distributes educational TV programs for citizens of Guyana and beyond. It has several subdivisions such as GLC Discover, Teen, Ah We, Junior, and more.
    Since Guyana runs a 12-year education system, the Learning Channel produces content for students of all grades. Educational content for the Learning Channels is managed by the Guyana Learning Channel Trust Production.
  • Guyana Learning Channel Ah We: A subdivision of the Guyana Learning Channel labeled “Ah We”.
  • Guyana Learning Channel Discover: A subdivision of the Guyana Learning Channel labeled “Discover”.
  • Guyana Learning Channel Elementary: A subdivision of the Guyana Learning Channel labeled “Elementary”.
  • Guyana Learning Channel Elevate: A subdivision of the Guyana Learning Channel labeled “Elevate”.
  • Guyana Learning Channel Junior: A subdivision of the Guyana Learning Channel labeled “Junior”.
  • Guyana Learning Channel Teen: A subdivision of the Guyana Learning Channel labeled “Teen”.
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Apart from the free channels in the list, which can easily be received by an analog TV receiver or a terrestrial TV product, there are many other free TV networks you can receive using a satellite dish and a receiver.

Let’s dive in and discuss in detail how you can receive Free TV channels in Guyana.

How to watch Free TV channels

First of all, you need to know that there are free channels as well as premium channels.

Premium channels are the ones you pay for on ENet’s DreamTV (for instance). Channels such as Disney Junior, ESPN, Flow Sports, CNN, FOX, and HBO — those are premium channels. You can’t get those for free. They are all encrypted and you will need to pay for them to gain access.

A man using a remote for free channels.

We also have free TV channels. The most popular free channels we know are national TV and state-owned TV services. Examples are NCN, NTN, and Guyana Learning channels. These familiar channels can be received with an analog antenna. Most people are familiar with these types of free channels.

But there are also Free to air channels also known as FTA channels. These are free channels made available to anyone with a compatible setup.

This means that you won’t need to pay to watch them. They are free and legal. All you need is a compatible setup such as a satellite dish and a set-top box to receive these channels and enjoy them.

How to Receive FTA Channels

If you’re interested in watching Free-To-Air channels, here are the steps to follow:

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1. Purchase the required items

You’ll need to get the required receiving devices. A TV set is a no-brainer here. Then you’ll get a satellite dish, an LNB (low noise block), coaxial cables, and a set-top box.

These items can come as a bundle or you can purchase them separately. Any decent satellite TV store should have them. Oh by the way, try to negotiate the price. They won’t shoot you.

2. Set up the items for FTA TV

Unless you’re an installer and you also have all the equipment needed, you won’t be able to set up your dish and TV for FTA channels. This is where I recommend you get an installer to fix things up for you.

All FTA channels are available on satellites. And for Guyana, there are satellites that relay FTA channels to the region. The first thing you have to do is to find out the free channels in your area and the parameters needed to receive them.

You can find free channels by locating the satellites that distribute channels in your area. Examples are ABS 3A and Eutelsat 65 West A.

You can use well-known satellite TV information sources to find the location of the satellite and the frequencies of the channels in your area.

Once you know these, use the location information to direct your dish and connect to the satellite, then enter the channel parameters (such as frequency, symbol rate, etc) into your receiver. Use these to scan for the channels and watch them.

If you are not familiar with how to set up satellite TV, simply hire an installer. They’ll set things up for you. Then you can enjoy FTA channels for free.

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Final word: Just like any other part of the world, you can get free channels in Guyana. They can be national TV channels or FTA channels. In any case, you can receive them for free with an FTA satellite TV setup.

This means you can enjoy National TV channels like NCN and lots of other FTA channels from around the world with a single setup.

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