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Your FTA Setup is Wasting? Do this to Make the Most of It

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Let’s talk about free-to-air setups. How do you make the most of them? How do you use them to get great local and international TV channels for free?

It’s no news that you can get free channels with a free-to-air decoder and a lot of people are already doing this.

Some people are not even using dedicated FTA decoders. They use branded decoders that allow them to edit the satellite settings.

Any kind of decoder or set-top box that allows you to modify the satellite settings is good enough. You can always turn that into an FTA decoder.

Are you making the most of your FTA Setup?

There is something that keeps happening when it comes to FTA setups.

Many TV lovers are still not getting the best channels. But why is it so?

A common issue is linking to the wrong satellite. It is one thing for you to get an FTA decoder and set it up. It is another thing for you to connect it to the right satellite.

Most of us just buy these things and set them up, everything looks easy. But when you look at the channels installed, you realize they are missing the good stuff.

How to get the best out of your FTA channels set up

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FTA TV channels are relayed by satellites from above. And there are lots of satellites up there relaying TV signals.

You are not limited to a particular kind of satellite. So whatever satellite you have in that region, you’re free to get it.

But some people just settle for just about any satellite they find.

They do not do research and they don’t ask the right questions. Questions like: 

  • What satellite should I connect to?
  • Which is best for me? 
  • What kind of free-to-air channels am I interested in?
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This is why they do not get the most out of the setups.

Define your needs

We all need to watch TV and relax but our entertainment needs vary.

Some people need free-to-air channels for their homes. Others need it for places like the bar.

Say, someone walks into your place to eat food, to get their hair done, to barb, to get their nails fixed or just to relax and talk business.

Most of us have satellite TV as the main option for entertainment.

Since you won’t have people who sit throughout the day in most of these places, you may not need a cable TV subscription to keep them entertained.

Imagine having to pay all that money to your provider every month to keep your guests entertained. 

When probably you could channel the money into something else like cleaning or maybe paying the gatekeeper or any of your staff.

A proper FTA setup can help such businesses. Their needs are different from what a home needs.

Do Proper Research

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Firstly, if you’re an installer, you have to be informed about whatever it is you’re doing.

Get good and updated information. For the business you’re doing, it’s not just one satellite in your space.

So how do you get good information about these satellites?

Simply search online. We have good TV portals online where you can check for the satellites in your area.

Two good satellite TV Portal you can use for FTA channel research are and

If you know this, you can connect to them and get top TV channels for your customers.

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If you can’t do online research or don’t understand what’s happening up there, you can always get information from fellow installers.

There are other places where you can get information about these satellites.

Students, especially those in high school, are a great resource for information like this. Sadly some people ignore students.

There you have these Physics students and others studying courses in electricity and computing.

A lot of those students will have good information about satellite TV and things like that. Get in there and get the information you need for your business.

Setup for FTA and conduct a Test

Once you have the information you need on satellite and TV channels, set up your FTA system and test it.

Check out the channels you can get. When you do this, document the information for future use.

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For an installer, what you have will become a good source of information for you to use with your customers.

When you have this in place, it becomes easier for you to sell custom-made services to your customers and they will love you more because of what you are offering them.

You can also make money from selling the same information to other installation experts. 

For the user, get information from your satellite TV installer if you are not good with these things. 

Speak to a satellite TV installer who actually knows what they are doing.

He will know the right solution for your entertainment needs no matter your location.

Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t get free channels. The only thing anyone can tell you is that maybe free-to-air decoders are not available. That is understood.

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And if that’s the case, get an FTA decoder on Amazon, or some other online store.

In today’s world, there are many satellite TV installers. Don’t just get stuck with one person who is making life difficult for you and just can’t quite meet your needs.

Get a professional installer who knows what they are doing.

They will get you the best decoder and install FTA channels for you and your business if you have one.


Many people don’t even know FTA channels exist. You can get them and watch them — free forever.

And the people who know about them don’t get the best out of their setups. This is what we came out to clear today.

You can always get good channels, whether local or international from your free-to-air decoder. The only group of channels you can’t get are premium channels because they are encrypted.

Don’t expect to get a channel like SuperSport, CNN, or NFL Network on an FTA decoder. 

But a good FTA setup will help your home and business.

You could use it to complement other paid TV setups like your DStv, DISH Network, DirecTV, or RiksTV.

Just connect your decoder and dish to the best satellite to start watching great channels for free for as long as you want.

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