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RiksTV Packages, Channels, and Pricing


In the entertainment world, nothing beats visual content. And there are many ways we get entertainment in the modern world. You can get it on TV, stream on mobile devices or watch the events live.

But if you’re from the Nordic region, most of the time you’ll want to get your entertainment on TV most times over the internet.

One popular way to do this is to procure the services of a prominent TV company known as RiksTV (mind the spelling).

You’ve probably heard about this Pay-TV company before and are wondering who they are and what they have to offer.

That’s what we do here. Let’s talk about RiksTV, its packages, pricing, and TV channels on offer.

Hold up a sec. You might be interested in getting free TV just to cut down the cost of TV time.

We have something for you. This article will work you through how to get top TV networks for free in the Scandinavian areas.

Apart from the free things, you’ll also learn an easy way to stop snow from collecting on your satellite dish once and for all.


Snapshot of  RiksTV homepage

RiksTV is a pay-TV company in Norway. Whether you need TV content over the internet or with the use of an antenna, they’ll get it for you.

So just in case you plan to have some special time, stay cozy, and watch TV where there’s no internet, all you need is a RiksTV subscription.

They have local and lots of foreign channels for you.

Everything, from news to sports to documentaries to cartoons. Even the retired folks are not left out.

RiksTV Packages

When it comes to TV packages on RiksTV, you have three solid options to choose from:

  1. The National Package (also known as Rikspakken)
  2. The Basis package
  3. Favorites package (also known as Favoritter)

Just before you make any decision to pay for a plan, let’s look into these packages, the pricing, and the TV channels you’ll get from each of them.

The National Package (RiksPakken)

Father mother and kid watching TV - The National Package

The National Package (RiksPakken) is the biggest plan on RiksTV. This plan has everything you need for quality entertainment: from movies to TV series to sports, even news.

Whether you need TV entertainment for personal use, for the family, or for business, RiksPakken is what you need.

With this package, you can watch movies, cartoons, culinary content, and top sporting events: female sports and men’s sports such as football, basketball, rugby, and lots more.

For news enthusiasts, you’ll get top news channels like BBC News, Sky News, Euronews, CNBC, and France24.

The National Package is obviously a great option. But how much does it cost?

The National Package (RiksPakken) cost NOK 709 per month. There’s a discount for new customers.

As a new customer, you’ll get this package at NOK 429 per month for 12 months if you’ll be streaming the content. But for antenna users, the price for the first 6 months is NOK 549.

As for Premium channels, you’ll need to check with your RiksTV installer to learn which Premium channels are free.

RiksTV Basis

RiksTV Basis: Family watching TV

With the Basis package, you’re guaranteed to watch over 45 TV channels.

The channels you’ll get on RiksTV Basis include Disney Jr, Nickelodeon, Heim TV, National Geographic, NRK (1, 2, and 3), Sky Sports, Sky News, CNN, Nordic+, Nordic BBC, ID, and lots of other great channels, even Discovery Science.

Just like the rest of the packages, you can watch RiksTV Basis over the internet or with the help of an antenna.

The RiksTV Basis package costs NOK 549 per month. That’s the regular monthly price.

If you’ll be using the package over the Internet, the price is NOK 349 for the first 12 months. But for antenna users, the price is NOK 449 for the first 6 months.

Note that this discount only works if you make a one-time payment for 12 months or 6 months.

After that, things return to normal.

RiksTV Favorites (Favoritter)

RiksTV Favorites: Young smiling lady watching TV eatin pop-corn

Favorites (also called Favoritter) is the cheapest of the three items on RiksTV. But it still packs a punch as far as quality entertainment is concerned.

Depending on your entertainment needs, it may just be the best package for you.

With RiksTV Favorites, you get top channels such as Travel Channel, Discovery Science, Sky News, CNN, CNBC, BBC Nordic, Nordic Family, and lots of other great channels.

But how much does it cost?

RiksTV Favorites (the one and only Favoritter) costs NOK 439 per month. That’s the regular price.

For new customers viewing over the internet, you’ll get it at NOK 249 for the first 12 months (on a one-time payment).

New customers who plan to watch through fiber or with the use of an antenna, the price for Favorites is NOK 449 for the first 6 months (one-time payment).

Sports Channels on RiksTV

A man enjoying sports but female companion is not happy - Sports on RiksTV

We all know sports is all the rage right now. Nearly everyone everywhere is interested in sports. Even when you’re not interested, you may have somebody who is.

So what sports channels do you have on RiksTV?

The sports channels on RiksTV are TV3+, TV2 Sport 3, TV2 Sport 3, V Sport+, V Sport 1, V Sport 2, V Sport 3, EuroSport 1, EuroSport N, EuroSport Plus 1-10, and TV4.

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How to Connect and Watch RiksTV

There are a ton of ways to do this. They’ve made it so easy you can watch anything you want at any time.

RiksTV: Technician connecting cable to TV set

Here are 6 good ways to watch RiksTV.

  • Power Box: The Power Box allows you to watch RiksTV over the Internet. It comes with streaming capabilities built-in. So all you’ll do is connect it to a TV to start watching.
  • Apple TV: If you’ve got an Apple TV, there is no point looking for other ways to watch RiksTV. Simply use the RiksTV Apple app to stream. Two people can stream at the same time using one subscription.
  • PC or MAC: If you have a PC, MAC, tablet, or any other compatible mobile device, you can stream seamlessly. Simply visit  and log in with your details to start streaming.
  • Smart Box: This is the guy that will allow you to get RiksTV over the internet and with the use of an antenna as well. If you plan to use an antenna, get the Smart Box III.
  • Card Reader: This is just what you need if you don’t want to use any of the TV boxes or an antenna. With a card reader, you’ll be able to receive TV channels directly to your TV without a decoder or antenna. All you need is an integrated digital TV set (IDTV).

    These types of TV sets come with built-in digital receivers, which means you won’t need a decoder to view channels. It will allow you to get pictures in SD as well as in HD, so nothing to worry about. It’s a wonderful choice if you’re going camping.

    Go here to check for RiksTV’s approved IDTVs. Don’t fret! They have over 2000 approved models.
  • Chrome Cast: You can stream RiksTV channels with Chrome Cast. Two people can stream on one package at the same time.

Conclusion: There is no one size fits all package when it comes to entertainment. RiksTV has three good packages you can choose from.

They have the National Package, Basis, and Favorites. The biggest is the National Package and the smallest is the Favorites package.

But don’t ever pick a package based on size. Check out the channels and pricing first.

The cheapest and smallest package may be just what you need.

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