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What Channels are on DStv Access?

Mother and and child watching a channels on DStv access

Not sure about what you’ll get when you pay for Access? We’ll show you. In this article, we are looking at the channels available on the DStv Access package by giving an overview of the list based on category. So you’ll get to see the offerings in each category and this will help you decide if this is the best package for you.

What does this mean for the customer who wishes to use this package? A lot of people have different needs when it comes to entertainment. By studying the categorized collection, it becomes easier to know which categories have more options when it comes to entertainment.

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Say, you have a love for fashion or you are a foodie, you can easily scroll down to the Documentary category and check out the options you have there. For a lover of fashion, the channel you will need is Spice TV (channel 190) and you can find it under Documentaries.

This is how categorizing makes it easier to know the kind of TV channels available on DStv Access. The first category we’ll look at is Movies and entertainment. Let’s go!

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