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What Channels Are On DStv Family?

Viewing channels on DStv Family

Even when we work so hard to stand out in this busy world, we can’t underestimate the importance of spending quality time with our loved ones. This is something DStv can give on the Family package. But a lot of people don’t really know what channels they’ll get on a DStv Family subscription.

A breakdown of the DStv Family Package shows that it is made up of 19 movie channels, 6 sports channels, 9 music channels, 6 religious channels, 13 news channels, 9 teen channels, 9 documentary channels, and 12 free channels.

And you can have all of that at a price of R309 per month (that is, 30 days). If all you want is a streamlined list, please see DStv Family Channels 2022 for an itemised and updated collection.

In this article, we will thoroughly analyse all the categories and the entertainment options available in those sections. Based on your needs, this will make it easier for you to assess the offerings in each category and decide whether the package is a good fit for you.

Movie Channels on DStv Family

Whether you’re looking for drama, action, love, thrillers, or comedy, you’ll find them on DStv Family.

However, since this is a smaller bouquet compared to other premium packages, you should look at the list below to see if this package contains all the movie channels you want to have on your subscription.

You may want to use the DStv movie add-on feature. This feature adds top movie channels from premium to your current DStv family subscription at an additional cost of R99.

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Channels NameChannel Number
M-Net Movies 4108
Universal TV117
CBS Reality132
Discovery TLC Entertainment135
Discovery Family136
TNT Africa137
kykNET & Kie145
Africa Magic Epic152
AfricaMagic Family154
Real Time155
Moja Love157
Mzansi Wethu163
Mzansi Bioskop164
Novela Magic165
ZEE World166
Star Life167

Sports Channels on DStv Family

The family package also comes with lots of sports channels. But with the absence of stations like SuperSport Premier League, this may not be the best for football fans.

Take a good look at the list below. If you can’t find the channels you want, I suggest you go for bigger packages like Compact or Premium.

Channel NameChannel Number
SuperSport Premier Soccer League (PSL)202
SuperSport LA LIGA204
SuperSport FOOTBALL205
SuperSport VARIETY 4209
Activate free channels on DStv


Get yourself in the mood with top music videos. You’ll get all the gospel music you want on One Gospel and Trace Gospel.

Channel NameChannel Number
KyKNet Nou146
Channel O320
Mzansi Music321
MTV Base322
TRACE Urban325
TRACE Africa326
Sound City327
One Gospel331
Trace Gospel332

News Outlets

Here you’ll find all the top news channels in the world. But you need to be aware that the DStv Family package does not have CNN International. So if you are a CNN devotee, you’ll need to upgrade to DStv Compact.

Channel NameChannel Number
BBC World News400
eNews Channel Africa403
SABC News404
Newzroom Afrika405
Al Jazeera406
Russia Today407
Parliamentary Service408
CGTN News409
CNBC Africa410
Business Day TV412
NDTV 24×7413


Lift your faith with powerful messages and songs on the faith-based TV channels on this package. No matter where you are, you can watch live services, great sermons and teachings on DStv Family.

Channel NameChannel Number
Day Star342
TBN Africa343
iTV Networks347
Emmanuel TV390

Channels for Teenagers

There are certain channels you wouldn’t want your kids to see. This is why the family package comes with lots of safe and entertaining studios for your kids. Keep these open and block them from the TV channels that are only meant for adults.

Channel NameChannel Number
Cartoon Network301
Disney Junior309
PBS Kids313
Da Vinci318

Tourism and Documentaries

Do you miss seeing the lions, eagles, and gorillas? This package will give you all of that and more. In this category, you will find lots of documentary channels for travel, wildlife, technology, space, and other related TV content.

Channel NameChannel Number
The Home Channel176
Travel Channel179
People’s Weather180
National Geographic181
Nat Geo Wild182
Ignition TV189
Spice TV190

Free Channels on the Family Package

When you subscribe to the family bouquet, you also get lots of free channels at no extra cost. This category includes lots of local offerings and a few international TV stations.

Channel NameChannel Number
SABC 1191
SABC 2192
SABC 3193
Soweto TV251
Bay TV260
1 KZN261
Tshwane TV262
Cape Town TV263
NTA i299

Is Kyknet on DStv Family?

There are four Kyknet options on DStv but Family has only two of them and these are Kyknet Kie which can be found at station 145 and Kyknet Nou which can be found at station 146.

Downgrade and Upgrade

There are three packages above DStv Family that you can upgrade to. You can upgrade to compact at R409, you can go for Compact plus at R539, you can also go for Premium at R829.

If you are neither upgrading nor downgrading, you’ll only have to renew the package. Renewing your DStv package will be done at the same monthly price (each month). No more, no less.

Whenever you notice an unusual price increase, please contact DStv to sort it out on time so you don’t end up paying more than you have to.

For Downgrades, there are two packages under Family which you can get at a lesser price. You can downgrade to Access at R115 per month or Easyview at R29 per month. Suit yourself because, in the end, everything depends on your budget.

Showmax on DStv Family

With a DStv Family subscription, you may not get all the movie channels and documentary options you want. How about the latest shows the kids and teenagers are talking about?

This is where Showmax can help you out. It may be tempting to go for a Premium or Compact Plus plan which would respectively cost an additional R530 or R240. I wouldn’t do that.

The combined cost of a DStv Family subscription (R309) and Showmax (R99) is R408. Showmax gives you a huge range of entertainment options at R99, way lower than what you would pay if you went for one of the premium packages on DStv.

And for this, you will get wonderful kids shows and blockbuster movies for your DStv Explora and other smart devices.

Once you create a Showmax account (if you don’t already have one), you start watching great shows on your PC, smartphone, smart TV, tablet, iMac, Xbox and even on your PS4 console.

All you have to do is to connect your device to the internet, access Showmax, log into your account, and you’re good to go.

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