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2023-24 English Premier League Schedule on DStv: TV channels, Kick-off times, and Live Stream

live premier league match between tottenham and wolves

No football season can be replayed — we always have a new one. With DStv, you won’t miss out on the drama. As usual, DStv will bring you live matches, highlights, analysis, previews, and repeats on all SuperSport channels. Here is the broadcast schedule for EPL on DStv: TV channels, kick-off times, and live stream platforms.

The official Premier League channels on DStv are SuperSport Premier League, SuperSport Football Plus, SuperSport Football, SuperSport Variety 1, and SS Variety 2. Premier streaming platforms for live matches are Showmax and Amazon Prime Video.

The DStv packages you can watch the Premier League include DStv Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact. You can also get live games on the Family package but you are most likely going to be limited to one game per week.

English Premier League on DStv
Kevin De Bruyne #17 of Manchester City runs past Adam Smith #15 of Bournemouth — Photo by [email protected]

After all said and done, Manchester City retained the Premier League last season. This was a third successive Premier League trophy for the Mancunian Blues making them only the fifth team in English football history to achieve this feat.

And if they manage to get their hands on that trophy this season, Man City will become the first team in history to win the English Premier League four times in a row.

I bet no top team wants to see that happen. But seeing how high this team has raised the bar in the Premier League, stopping them from making history will still be a difficult task.

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Some stats for clarity: The last time City failed to win the Premier League was in 2020, but they still managed 81 points. They also scored 102 goals in just 38 games, 17 more than the winners Liverpool. So stopping City will be anything but easy.

But with the optimism in the Arsenal camp due to their overall performance last season and the arrival of top players like Declan Rice, and the fact that top teams like Man United, Liverpool, and Chelsea are expected to bounce back and do better this season, many EPL fans are positive about seeing a new champion this season.

Watch the English Premier League on DStv

Not sure where to watch a Premier League match? Here is the EPL schedule for SuperSport channels on DStv and other streaming platforms.

PL Schedule on DStv

Liverpool vs BournemouthTimeTV ChannelLive Stream
Liverpool vs BornemouthSaturday, August 19.
KO: 15:00 (WAT); 16:00 (CAT)
TBDShowmax; Amazon Prime Video
Tottenham vs Man UnitedSaturday, August 19.
KO: 17:30 (WAT); 18:30 (CAT)
TBDShowmax; Amazon Prime Video
Man City vs NewcastleSaturday, August 19.
KO: 20:00 (WAT); 21:00 (CAT)
TBDShowmax; Amazon Prime Video
West Ham vs ChelseaSunday, August 12.
KO: 16:30 (WAT); 17:30 (CAT)
TBDShowmax; Amazon Prime Video
Crystal Palace vs ArsenalSunday, August 20.
KO: 20:00 (WAT); 21:00 (CAT)
TBDShowmax; Amazon Prime Video
DStv Guide for live Premier League Matches

(TBD: To be decided.)

Can I watch the EPL on Compact?

Compact sits somewhere in the middle when we look at the lineup of DStv packages. It’s the most affordable for football fans. If you are looking to watch the EPL on DStv without spending your feeding allowance, Compact is your best bet.

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You can watch the EPL on DStv compact on SuperSport Premier League (DStv channel 203) and SuperSport Football (205). All you’ll have to pay to get all these is R429 every month.

The other football channels on Compact are Variety 3 and Variety 4 but they seldom show any live English Premier League matches.

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EPL on the go with DStv Now

The reality of modern life is that you’ll sometimes be busy or away from home when your favorite team is playing a live game. Other times when you are not engaged, you’ll most likely spend time with your family. This means you may not have the time to stay in front of a TV set.

This is where the DStv Stream app can help you out.

But wait, what’s a DStv Stream app? If you’re not sure what this means, it’s not a problem. That’s why we are here.

DStv Stream is an app (different from the MyDStv app) that allows you to link your DStv subscription to a smart device (such as a smartphone or smart TV) and stream your favorite channels using an internet connection.

Whether on a bus, train or at a family gathering, you can still watch your favorite Premier League team using the DStv Now app.

With DStv, you’re sure to watch all EPL matches anytime, anywhere, without any problems. Let the games begin!

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