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Stay on Top of Your Goals With a Task Tracker

Task trackers can save both time and effort for employees while helping them remain productive and achieve goals more easily. To maximize productivity and achieve their desired goals, however, employees should use one that is intuitive and customizable.

Organise your task list using filters and views to see only what matters to you most, re-assign tasks with ease, or change tasks quickly and effortlessly. You can also try Mogu for that.

Assigning Deadlines

Task trackers are productivity tools that go beyond simply being digital to-do lists. Users can prioritize tasks, assign projects and track project’s progress and budget – as well as use this software to create dependencies and schedules for task completion.

Keep in mind that not all tasks can be completed within their deadlines, and therefore set realistic expectations when creating your schedule and utilize tools like Gantt charts or Kanban boards to visualize project workflow.

Utilizing the Filters modal of Task Tracker can also help you filter only relevant information for viewing. By filtering, any combination of chosen elements can be saved as a Shared View and you’ll have easy access to what matters most to you and your team members. In addition, use Resource Estimates column quickly view estimated time needed per task.

Providing More Detail

A daily task tracker can help you form more detailed plans and keep them under control. They also equip your team members with tools they need to reach their goals more easily while inspiring small victories that build morale.

Many task trackers feature Gantt chart templates to provide an easily understandable visual of project timeline and dependencies, and can also include risk registers to track potential risks holistically and devise solutions to mitigate them.

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Kantata’s task tracker offers multiple tools for organizing information, such as Sort by Start Date or Due Date and Customise Task Tracker Columns, in an easily navigable table view. Saved Views allow easy access at any time; just be aware that visibility/read/write permission settings on custom fields could restrict what data appears as displayed.

Adding Task Dependencies

Task dependencies help you track which tasks must be accomplished for other activities to occur, for instance a new campaign consists of scripting, cinematography, budgeting and editing tasks which can all be managed easily via one central tracker.

Create dependencies quickly and effortlessly by using the /Slash Commands in comments or descriptions. Simply type /blocking, /waiting on or /link to to establish relationships between tasks.

Changes to task start or due dates automatically cascade down through its dependencies, while using the Organize button allows you to reorganize their positions within your hierarchy. This feature can be especially beneficial when there are numerous tasks needing done at once – using it will enable you to prioritize and focus first on those that matter the most before continuing work on other ones once completed.

Using a Tracker App

Task trackers provide an effective solution for planning and organizing daily tasks, project work, and workflows. They enable users to set goals, set reminders for every task taken on, track time taken per task taken on, automate reporting features and collaborate across teams more easily.

The top task trackers allow you to easily break your goals down into manageable targets that are more attainable, encouraging greater mindfulness by showing real-time progress reports and showing you your progress in real-time. They also feature features to keep you focused and increase productivity such as to-do lists, SMART goal setting, and reminders; all designed to ensure more can get done each day and you reach milestones more efficiently while helping reduce workplace burnout – something many employees struggle with on an everyday basis.

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